Managing your email with Hotmail

Plenty has been written about how to keep control of email. Or at least, to try to keep on top of the seemingly ever-increasing tidal-wave of email that hits us every day. There is certainly no shortage of advice of how to do so, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s an email newsletter with…


Hotmail: Flagging done right

Continuing my short series on the great new Hotmail features, I will be taking a look at how Hotmail handles flagging. Flags are a great way of highlighting emails that are important or require action. Flagging and un-flagging emails is really easy using the new Instant Actions feature (which I’ll cover in a later post):…


New categories feature in Hotmail

Hotmail has a great new categorisation feature that really helps you to find information and emails more quickly and keep your inbox organised. It’s worth spending a little time reviewing the various ways in which this new feature works so I’ll delve into it in this blog post. I’ll cover some of the other new…


How to make your passwords secure

With the recent news of email accounts being hacked there seems to be plenty of advice floating around for avoiding falling victim to scams and other attacks. One of the pieces of advice is to use a strong password .Even though there’s no evidence that would have helped in the recently-reported instances a strong password…


Searching your Hotmail inbox

I didn’t realise until recently that you could search your hotmail inbox using keywords to narrow the search. I’m talking about the web version of Hotmail, not when you’re accessing it via a client application like Outlook. For example, let’s say you wanted to find an email from your friend John Lyons, that will have…


10,000 Unread Hotmail Emails

I’m approaching 10,000 unread emails in my hotmail inbox. And amazingly there is not much spam in that (hotmail seems pretty efficient at removing my spam), it’s just the result of having the same email address for 10 years and not bothering to delete anything. So here’s a little quiz for you: How much storage…


Hotmail problems solved

Do you have questions on any of these topics: Account Problems Hotmail Sending Limits How can I stop receiving spam? I can’t send attachments I forgot my password Mail and Settings Mail Clients WebIM These any many more questions answered on the Hotmail Online Solutions Centre. Actually I didn’t know this site existed until today…


Should I use SkyDrive or Office Live Workspace to store files online?

It’s a question I’ve come across a few times recently: We provide a number of ways for you to store documents online: Windows Live SkyDrive gives you 5GB of storage for free Office Live Workspace gives you a further 500MB of free storage Live Mesh gives you yet another free 5GB Hotmail gives you…yet another…


7 years of Hotmail

According to my account summary page I’m at my 7 year anniversary as a user of Hotmail – I first registered way back in December 2000. So I feel like I’m an old hand but I bet there are plenty of people who have been with Hotmail longer. Who can beat 7 years?


Want to learn more about Windows Live?

For a developer, Windows Live offers a huge amount of potential, particularly for taking advantage of the success we’ve had with Hotmail and Messenger contacts (billions of records), and Windows Live Spaces. Plus the terrific service from Silverlight Streaming and how you can use our bandwidth to stream video and other content to your site….