The SkyDrive app in Windows 8.1: Two apps in one

Most of the blog entries I write are based on a number of people seeming not to know something that I find useful. And this one is no exception. Windows 8.1 brings a whole host of new features but also brings a number of great updates to some of the core apps that come preinstalled….


Protecting yourself with 2-Step Verification

Not many people seem to use 2-step verification, probably because it generally requires you to…well…do something. I don’t want to imply everyone is lazy (heaven forbid) but I guess we all have busy lives and frankly something called “2-step verification” sounds like it’s going to be painful. Or maybe a dance. Actually, it’s really, really…


Round-up of my favourite Windows 8 apps

I haven’t done a wrap up of my favourite Windows 8 apps for a while so I thought it worth sharing the list of apps I use the most as a consumer. That is, in a non-work environment. As always this list is personal to my tastes – you may find that it doesn’t match…