Saving an attached document from Hotmail to SkyDrive without having to download it

I got asked recently about this situation: You receive an email in your Hotmail inbox that has an Office document (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) attached to it. To store it on SkyDrive, do you need to first save it to your hard drive then upload it to SkyDrive? Or can you bypass the “save to hard drive / upload” route and instead save it straight to your SkyDrive account?

The answer to the latter question is yes you can, here’s how:

  • Open the email in Hotmail and click the “View online” link:



  • The document will open in the appropriate Office Web App viewer. Click the “Edit in Browser” option:

    Edit in browser


  • The document will automatically be saved in your “My Documents” folder on SkyDrive


That’s it, you have now saved your document on SkyDrive without having to download / upload.

Comments (5)

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you!

  2. satish says:

    how to we do this if the attachement is a picture?

  3. sunshinedahal says:

    wat abt the .rar or zip files?

  4. Duncan paul says:

    Or if pdf on an iPad

  5. mazman says:

    shouldn't MS enable direct saving of attachments to skydive without downloading?  I'd find that really useful.

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