It’s Alive!

Get Internet Explorer 8 final version (RTW or “Release to Web”) here:

Flight Status from has a cool feature that allows you to look up your flight status really easily. If you know your flight just enter “flight status” along with your flight number into the search box, eg if I was meeting someone from British Airways flight BA10 I could enter as follows: Other search engines (which shall…


Office Live Workspace now has 5GB storage, folders, and other enhancements

This is great news: Office Live Workspace, the free online collaboration tool has had some cool updates including: Storage space increased to 5GB Folders: The ability to create folders in your workspaces for your documents and files Cut/Copy/Paste your docs and files between folders and workspaces Eight new languages supported The first two of these…


Free ebook on Windows Vista

Always on the scrounge for anything free, I was pleased to find this huge book, weighing in at 1712 pages, being offered as a free download. The “Windows Vista Resource Kit” is described as follows: “In-depth, comprehensive, and fully updated for Service Pack 1, this Resource Kit delivers the information you need to administer Windows…


Enterprise mashups with WPF and Silverlight

The Patterns and Practices team have just released a whole load of information on how to build so-called “composite applications” (which I think of as enterprise mashups) using WPF and Silverlight. Download from here.


Windows Mobile 6.5

There is plenty to like in the Windows Mobile 6.5 but one of the things that really appeals to me is incredibly simple: In order to make the touch screen easier to use, especially for people with stubby fingers like me, the icons are arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This means that there is more…


Manic Miner in Silverlight

If you were around in the 1980s you may have had (or had access to) a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. What a terrific little machine it was too. And one of the most addictive games of the era was Manic Miner, a simple 2D platform game that took Spectrum owners by storm. Well the very excellent…