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In some previous blog posts (here and here) I talked about some little-known features of the search engine that I find really useful.

Here’s another one: currency conversion. I don’t know about you but I’m always searching for currency conversion websites but actually you can do it right from the search box. Try typing “3000 south african rands in british pounds” to get….well, SA rands converted to British pounds:


Or if you don’t want to type that much, try the currency abbreviation symbols such as GBP for sterling and USD for US Dollars:


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  1. Forex says:

    I had no idea this was possible, I like it 🙂  Hope it doesn’t keep folks from using my convertor though! lol

  2. JWolfe says:

    This is a very cool feature, better than having to go to all the time! I see the same thing happens if you type it into Google, who had it first …

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