Disabling Add-Ons in IE8

It’s easy to lose track of how many add-ons you’re running in IE8 and how they can slow things down. An interesting experiment is to use the “-extoff” flag to disable all add-ons and see how zippy IE8 becomes. To do this, create an icon for IE on your desktop (usually "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe") and…


Using the radio on Zune HD in the UK

I’ve been playing around with my Zune HD and having great fun with it. I was interested to see how well the radio would work in the UK and the answer is “not too bad”. Assuming you adjust the radio options in the settings menu to “Europe”, you get reasonable reception with a couple of…


Track eBay Daily Deals Via IE8 Web Slice

Ebay have just published a new IE8 web slice that I really like. Why? Because it’s a great example of what a web slice should be (if you need more info on web slices read here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/features/easier.aspx?tab=0). Every day eBay publish a special price for an item called, appropriately, the “daily deal”. Now, instead of…


How to make your passwords secure

With the recent news of email accounts being hacked there seems to be plenty of advice floating around for avoiding falling victim to scams and other attacks. One of the pieces of advice is to use a strong password .Even though there’s no evidence that would have helped in the recently-reported instances a strong password…


Searching your Hotmail inbox

I didn’t realise until recently that you could search your hotmail inbox using keywords to narrow the search. I’m talking about the web version of Hotmail, not when you’re accessing it via a client application like Outlook. For example, let’s say you wanted to find an email from your friend John Lyons, that will have…


Controlling the new Zune player from the Windows 7 Taskbar Preview

The latest Zune player has been reviewed in great depth elsewhere so I’m not going to go into it in huge depth here, other than to say it’s not just a pleasure to use but is very, very cool and aesthetically pleasing too. But I did want to point out a tiny feature that I…


Great List of Windows 7 ISV Compatibility Resources

Over at the UK ISV blog they have just posted a really useful list of resources relating to Windows 7 application compatibility. If you’re an ISV it’s well worth a look: http://blogs.msdn.com/ukisvdev/archive/2009/09/23/windows-7-application-compatibility-resources.aspx


Changing Windows 7’s XP Mode memory size

I’ve been using XP mode on Windows 7 for a while and it has been proving useful to have an old XP copy available for things like compatibility testing. One issue I had is that it comes configured with only 256MB of RAM available to the virtual machine which tends to make it limp along somewhat…


.NET Awards

This year, once again, I have the honour of being a judge in .NET Magazine’s awards. I’m sure you know .NET magazine – nothing to do with Microsoft .NET, the name is just a coincidence – as a world-class web developer magazine. Voting is open now so take a look at the nominations and let…


Which Windows 7 Build Am I On?

Someone asked me how they could tell which build of Windows 7 there were on, as they “inherited” a machine from a colleague and weren’t sure if they were still on beta, RC or RTM. You can find out via the registry, so click the orb in the bottom left of the screen, type “regedit”…