Skydrive to offer 25GB online space for free

You may have noticed a whole ton of announcements about Windows Live yesterday. There is plenty of very cool stuff - I love the new groups feature for example, pop aggregation on hotmail, the great new home page, having video preview pics and videos/picture linked to emoticons.....and lots more.

But one thing I want to call out is that Windows Live Skydrive ( now provides a massive 25GB of free storage space.


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  1. JamesB says:

    Not on my account anyway. Just checked, 5GB. Granted I am more interested in WebDav or other integration with my Desktop vs. space available.

  2. Ian Moulster says:

    Yeah good point JamesB. I should have made it clear that this is coming, not quite here yet. But soon.

    As for desktop integration I would point you to windows azure, with mesh being an obvious area to explore. At the moment only PDC attendees have the relevant developer keys to explore azure / mesh but it’s definitely an area to watch. The whole concept of mesh is that you’ll be able to build applications that run on the web and on your desktop, and store data etc. Definitely coming soon.

  3. Mohammad says:

    Please read it carefully and investigate problems

    Win XP SP2




    1.There is no help associated with Video Acceleration Settings Dialog in Performance tab of Options dialog for Media Player so how users understand about function of this options and customize it for their own use?

    2.What is the function of Change default display to this taskpad view for these tree items Check box in New Taskpad View Wizard I didn’t understand by reading it’s help and when i uncheck it in Taskpad Option and then return back it is still checked and i can’t remove it’s check?.

    3.When user account is removed from MMC in Users and Groups folder it’s associated folders and

    files is not removed in addition to registry entries

    4.In Help Menu of OE6 there is a selection named Send Feedback but when i click on it and a webpage opens after a while i receive the page cannot be displayed error User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesWindows ComponentsWindows ExplorerCommon Open File Dialog of gpedit.msc dialog there is an Item with Items displayed in Places Bar description .when i specify some folders for example My Documents and My Computer and Enable it when i click open from any program i see Three other folders with yellow Icons that there is no reason that while I just specified two Items in gpedit it puts three yellow Icons that are of no use instead of hiding the rest of icons in open dialog.This is another drawback and poor programming of few parts of windows that i mentioned

    6.There is no help associated with Enable Integrated Windows Authentication check in Internet Option

    7.skydrive for windows live is not compatible with webdav and it is impossible using Add a Network Place Wizard to upload files to skydrive

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