Blogging awards congratulations

Huge congratulations to some of my colleagues who have just won recognition from the Computer Weekly Blog Awards.

These are:

  • Steve Clayton’s “Geek in Disguise” blog won the “Company Blogs” category
  • Jason Langridge’s “Mr Mobile” blog won the “Wireless and Mobile Blogs” category
  • Mike Taulty’s “Bits and Bytes” blog won the “Programming and Technical Blogs” category
  • Ray Fleming’s “UK Schools” blog won the “Public Sector Blogs” category

Fantastic job. All of these blogs are well worth reading, but a special call out for Steve Clayton who won the Company Blog award - a terrific achievement and well deserved, his blog is an excellent read.

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  1. Satisfy Me says:

    Late on a Friday, the kids are finally in bed and I just burned through the rest of my mail and feeds

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