trueSpace 7.6 now a free download

In case you missed it, Chris Pendleton announced in his blog post yesterday we are now providing the full trueSpace 7.6 3D tool as a free download.

This is really cool for a number of reasons, not least because a) trueSpace is a serious 3D tool that has previously retailed at hundreds of dollars and b) because you can upload your creations into Virtual Earth for all to see.

It's interesting to do a few Internet searches for trueSpace to see what it used to cost and how well regarded it is. I've seen version 6 (ie an old version) listed at £569.88 - incredible that you can now get the absolute latest version for nothing.

UPDATE: Looks like some people are having trouble finding the download link, here it is:

You'll need to register, then you'll get some download links for the full product (130MB), the PDF manual (51MB) and a collection of videos (132MB).

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  1. Prodigy says:

    Yeap.. Crazy! but true.. 😀

    It bother me a bit see how a software that we paid for now is a free app.. sometimes you win other you loose..

    In that aspect we loose, but many others win..


  2. david says:


    when i saw the news of the free version (at i was really eskeptical, thought the webpage had been hacked or something XD

    but now the the word`s spread i feel i can safely download the software, i`m currently using truespace 3.2 it`s going to be a giant step =)

  3. John says:

    free Yes But it requires an encoder to use the best features otherwise it is not to much better than my current TS5

  4. john says:

    "free Yes But it requires an encoder to use the best features otherwise it is not to much better than my current TS5"

    Not true. This is a complete, unrestricted copy of TS. I’ve been using this program for a number of years, including the last version, which had a $600.00 price tag (a bargain, seeing as other 3D apps cost more than twice that amount).

    Now that it is possible to get the program for free, you would be dumb to miss out on such a great opportunity.

  5. randall flagg says:

    it doesn’t seem to have a renderer built in which all previous versions did. they are selling the vray renderer for 299 is that the kicker with this *free* version?

  6. mrbones says:

    Howdy Folks,

    Try some of the Free TrueBones BVH animations that come with TrueSpace 7.6.


  7. Ian Moulster says:

    I wanted to correct the point made above about the supposed lack of a renderer in Truespace (and thanks to my colleague Thomas Grimes for the details).

    There are three render engines provided with trueSpace7.6. The first is the real-time engine, which is used from the workspace side. The Render To File icon (smaller toolbar, bottom right in a default layout) will save either a single image or an image sequence for animation to file using the real-time engine.

    The other two are offline render engines, and are accessed from the Model side only.

    The default engine on the Model side is Lightworks, which features raytracing, HDRI, and radiosity amongst many other features. This can be swapped for Virtualight, which offers Global Illumination and Caustics as the main difference between it and Lightworks.

    So…this is definitely a fully functional free product. I know it’s tempting to try to find the "catch" but frankly there isn’t one.

  8. io says:

    Those excuses are so lame. Setup to make you all give them the traffic. Just goto the truespace website and you will find out the info you need.

  9. Klix says:

    How do I download the 'Model Side" of trueSpace? I downloaded the complete file per the link…but only have the workspace side? Could someone provide the link for me please? Thanks in advance

  10. YEHmAn says:

    Yeh why didnt you answer about the model side its extremely  umpity and i just want 3.2 again anyone

    got 3.2 that i can get?

  11. anonymous says:

    link  broken!

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