now uses Virtual Earth

Great to see that has done the right thing and adopted the best mapping solution available on the web. See


And of course multimap ( now has VE's bird's eye view images - hardly surprising since we acquired them a while ago. However I have recently overheard a couple of people saying "have you seen the cool new bird's eye view" feature on Multimap?". Not realising of course that this is a feature of Virtual Earth that has been around for a while :-).

Actually I don't care whether they use the feature on, on, or - it's the same feature, as long as they're using it (and aware of it).

Comments (3)

  1. ScottIsAFool says:

    There was someone at the BBC Mashed 08 event that also said about how "Mulitmaps has this cool new imagery." I just thought "hey ho".

  2. Jamey Lund says:

    This blog is really unreadable. But it’s cool that Microsoft gets its products spread worldwide.


  3. Ian Moulster says:

    Unreadable? Are you talking about the colours or something else?


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