Using any email address for your Windows Live ID

Did you know that you can use any email address to sign up for a Windows Live ID? Which means you can use any email address to access Hotmail or Messenger for example, or SkyDrive or Spaces or any other Windows Live Service.

So if I have an existing email address such as then I can use that as my Windows Live ID.

Simply visit this link to sign up using your own email address

Or if you don’t need to use email with your Windows Live ID ie you don’t need access to Hotmail, perhaps because you already have an email service, you can sign up for a limited Windows Live ID. This works just like any other Windows Live ID except you can’t use Hotmail with it. The signup process is somewhat simplified as a result.

Use this link to sign up for a limited account (you’ll get an “” account but remember this can’t be used for Hotmail).

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  1. Desu says:

    Incredible ^^

    You’ve helped me ALOT with this, now i won’t get spammed xD

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