What services can I use with my Windows Live ID?

I've been trying to compile a list of all of the services that are available (ignoring geographical restrictions) once you have a Windows Live ID. I thought it would be a useful exercise to start listing out the services and see how far I got.

But before I really got started I found a couple of lists that already go some way towards what I'm looking for. For example the good people at Liveside.net have this list of Windows Live Services. And the Wikipedia entry for Live ID lists quite a few too.

But of course a Live ID extends beyond just Windows Live - think of Popfly for example. Then are are MSN services like soapbox, or the country-specific MSN home page eg www.msn.com or www.msn.co.uk both of which provide an increased range of services and information if you sign in with your Live ID.

Or even the customised Live page at my.live.com.

And not forgetting a whole range of external sites that use Live IDs eg Expedia.

It's one of those topics where as soon as you think you have them all, you find some more.

So my challenge is this:

  1. Is anyone aware of a list of services that use a Live ID? I don't think this list actually exists but I'm prepared to be proved wrong
  2. Can anyone add some additional services that aren't listed either on this blog post, or the Liveside link, or the Wikipedia link?

I realise this is a moving target as new services appear all the time, and keeping track of 3rd party sites is always going to be a challenge, but it feels like a useful list to have. If nothing else, you're almost bound to find something in this list that you didn't know was available.

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  1. ScottIsAFool says:

    I think it’s safe to say pretty much every site associated with Microsoft (zune, xbox live, msdn, etc). You could always ask internally at Microsoft about 3rd party sites as they have to register their site at http://msm.live.com/ so there will be a list (db or otherwise) somewhere. Of course whether you can publish said list is a different matter… 😉 (LiveSide will be on that list though ;))

  2. Ian Moulster says:

    Fair points, thanks Scott. What I want is a list that shows that when you sign up for a Live ID, here’s what you get access to.

    As a simple example (that presumably many readers of this blog will know) is signing up to a Live ID gives you 5GB of skydrive storage space, another 5GB of hotmail storage space, another 500MB of Office Live Workspace storage space etc. And of course, there’s more on offer than just storage space. I’m driven to do this because so many people are unaware of just how extensive the list is of "stuff" you get for free with your live id. And I would count myself as one of those people – although I know a fair amount of what’s available I’m pretty sure I don’t know it all…

  3. I was chatting with Ian Moulster who works in the Windows Live team the other day over lunch about all

  4. LiveSide just updated their list and have made it much more comprehensive (and have promised to keep it up to date) here:


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