Popfly game creator

We have just released an alpha version of a great new feature of popfly - the popfly game creator. If you've used popfly before (and if you've been reading this blog it's probable that you would have) you'll know that it is generally aimed at the non-developer end-user, letting them build mashups and webpages in a nice simple click/drag/drop style.

So it will be no surprise to hear that the new game creator feature makes it pretty simple for people to make their own games with a bit of clicking, dragging and dropping. I'm oversimplifying slightly, you can actually dig in and write some code if you like but you can do some pretty impressive stuff very quickly and easily. And of course the whole thing runs in Silverlight.

It's worth taking a look at this soapbox video that walks you through one of the sample games.

And once you've created your game, you can share it in the usual ways - eg save it as a Vista gadget that runs on your desktop on your sidebar, or publish to Facebook, or email, etc.

This is very very cool stuff. Head on over to http://www.popfly.com/ to try it out.


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