A worthy cause this Christmas

My colleague Chris Adams has just told me about a campaign we’re running in the UK this Christmas to help raise money for the Child’s Voice Appeal – the latest fundraising initiative from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The initiative raises money for Childline and NSPCC’s help lines, which…


Skydrive to offer 25GB online space for free

You may have noticed a whole ton of announcements about Windows Live yesterday. There is plenty of very cool stuff – I love the new groups feature for example, pop aggregation on hotmail, the great new home page, having video preview pics and videos/picture linked to emoticons…..and lots more. But one thing I want to…


Windows Azure Live Services Platform – free classroom-based training

When I posted this entry before the PDC I couldn’t – for obvious reasons – say that this training is actually for Windows Azure, and includes a developer key to Live Services. What does this mean? It means that if you attend the training you’ll be able to develop using the Live Services CTP, something…


Watch the PDC keynote live

As you may know we have some big announcements to make today at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles. However even if you’re not there you can get a front row seat by watching the video streamed live from http://microsoftpdc.com/ It starts at 8.30am Pacific, which should be 3.30pm UK time (assuming I’ve…


Free training on Live Mesh and the Live Platform

Yes it’s true. This training is not only free but it’s classroom-based training. You’ll get the inside track on how to build on Live Mesh and the Live Platform. In addition to getting training on these technologies ie you get trained on the existing APIs and the upcoming ones, all attendees will get access to…


The Zune In-Car Kit

It’s pretty rare these days that I’m pleasantly surprised by something. However, it happened recently when I bought an in-car kit for my Zune player. Frankly, my expectation levels weren’t that high. Not because I suspected there would be anything wrong with it per se, but rather because I have used these kind of gadgets…


Blogging awards congratulations

Huge congratulations to some of my colleagues who have just won recognition from the Computer Weekly Blog Awards. These are: Steve Clayton’s “Geek in Disguise” blog won the “Company Blogs” category Jason Langridge’s “Mr Mobile” blog won the “Wireless and Mobile Blogs” category Mike Taulty’s “Bits and Bytes” blog won the “Programming and Technical Blogs”…


Nice new Silverlight components from Intersoft Solutions

Take a look at http://sirius2.intersoftpt.com/, some nice new Silverlight components. It’s worth viewing the source code if you’re a dev, it’s incredibly easy to use this stuff. Looking forward to seeing this being used widely.


Different background pictures on dual monitor setups

I’ve been running with dual monitors for some time and find it’s a really useful way to work, whether you’re writing code or writing a letter. And with monitors getting to reasonable price points these days it has become increasingly common to see this kind of setup. However, unless you’re prepared to spend time with…


Birds’ Nest on Live.com

Those of you who read my earlier blog post and set your homepage to http://www.live.com/?mkt=en-us will have been enjoying the twice-daily updates of photos from the Olympics as the backdrop. However Microsoft China decided to go one better and have a full page backdrop of the Birds’ Nest stadium on their page (see http://www.live.com/?mkt=en-cn). Very…