Mix:UK session videos now available

We recorded most of the sessions at the recent Mix:UK event and have now made them available online for you to view / download.

They're available at http://www.microsoft.com/uk/mix07/agenda.aspx, and worth a look.

The Scott Guthrie sessions are particularly good, and the Windows Live sessions are some of the best I've seen to get you up to speed with the developer capabilities of Windows Live.

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  1. The praise from Ian Moulster isn’t the cool part… the cool part is (the late) Danny Thorpe and I were

  2. Jason Dean says:

    Great to seem them available. Is there any chance that the Microsoft Research Talk in the Sneak Peeks section could be made available?

  3. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Jason, we’re not able to release the sneak peeks video unfortunately. I’ll enquire as to whether we could just release the MSR talk but the word I’ve had to date is that we cannot show the sneak peeks session.

  4. Like many people…well, most actually missed the cool event which was Mix:UK in September. Ian Moulster

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