What are we giving away at Mix:UK?


People have been asking me what sort of give-aways there’ll be at the Mix:UK event. Well, I've been told I can't really say anything and will be shot if I do.

However, I am allowed to be vague...so all I'll say is that attendees may be getting full retail versions of a couple of mainstream Microsoft software products, may be getting some kind of t-shirt shaped clothing, may be getting some kind of handy pocket-sized storage device, and may get some other bits and pieces.

And of course we may also have some cool prizes at the event for attendees, which could involve games consoles and other stuff.

But then, we may not do any of this. And of course if you don't actually turn up on the day, or disappear off before we hand it out, you won't get it even if you're a registered delegate.

Hopefully that's vague enough to allow me to keep my job.

[UPDATE: It looks like we may sell out over the bank holiday weekend, it's getting pretty close now. So if you want to come, please book soon!]

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  3. There really are a very limited number of tickets for Mix:UK remaining. I know because I’m having to

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