Video tutorial on Silverlight Streaming

[UPDATE: We have since published a plug in to Expression Encoder that makes it much, much easier to publish your videos to the web. See this post for more details. I have removed the links to the original tutorial below as it is no longer relevant] 

I decided to record a short video tutorial on Silverlight Streaming (using the 1.0 beta). The scenario is this: you have a video file on your hard drive and you want to get it up on the web and streaming. You want a high bitrate, no advertising, no third party branding, and need to have the ability to scale to a large number of users. And of course you don't want to incur big bandwidth charges from your ISP if your video is really popular.

Silverlight Streaming has got to be the answer. But how do you do it? This video shows you how. Actually it's pretty simple but like most things until you've walked through the process once it can appear tricky.

Anyhow, hopefully it's of use, take a look and let me know what you think: 

I should also point out that it's based on advice from the very excellent Mr Tim Sneath in this blog post. Thanks Tim.


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  1. WynApse says:

    Silverlight Cream for June 17, 2007

  2. I’ve only had the one little play around with Silverlight Streaming but I noticed that IanM has…

  3. I recently posted a couple of entries ( here and here ) with tutorials regarding Silverlight. If you’re

  4. By Ian Moulster, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Ltd. One of the great things about the internet is

  5. By Ian Moulster, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Ltd. One of the great things about the internet is

  6. Microsoft Slave says:

    Why do silverlight video’s and links never work for me? I downloaded the plugin  open the page in both firefox 2 and IE 7 and still get the stupid icon to install the beta for silverlight. And yes I did restart both browsers! Imagine if it’s this hard for me why would anyone else switch from flash to this!

  7. Ian Moulster says:

    Actually this is entirely my fault 🙁

    Now that Silverlight has moved to the release candidate (RC) version, I need to update my video accordingly as it’s still using the beta.

    When Silverlight releases for real (v soon) all of these issues will go away. Any updates will happen seamlessly in the background. The pain at the moment is due to the fact that it’s still in beta.

    All that aside, my apologies for the frustration you’re feeling! I’ll set some time aside to update the video.

  8. says:

    Hi friends…

                       i am looking for how to read RSS feeds in silverlight and to play the video from live feeds ….looking for positive response….

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