Mix in the UK

If you currently subscribe to the UK MSDN Flash newsletter (and why wouldn't you?), you may have noticed that the feature article in the latest edition - written mostly by a certain ianm - mentions a UK ReMix event that "will most likely happen in September".

Eagle-eyed readers of this blog may recall a recent post where I suggested we may be running such an event in June and made no mention of September. Well, that was just me jumping the gun and telling you stuff too early, because we decided to move it back a few months to ensure we put together something really compelling and differentiated from the US Mix event.

I'll say no more at this stage but as soon as I have details that we can actually talk about I'll let you all know. Until then sorry for misleading everyone, my enthusiasm to share information got the better of me...

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  1. David Hearn says:

    Aha – I did wonder how the dates you suggested fitted in with the other events scheduled around that date.  September might be ‘interesting’ for me as we’re expecting our 2nd child slap in the middle of that month, and as a result, being more than 10 minutes away from home is likely to be vetoed – just in case!  😉

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