Office prizes sent (UK developer launch)

This may be passé now but just to make sure everyone is aware: the Office prizes did indeed get sent out yesterday. I wanted to get a confirmation from the distribution centre before posting this entry and I now have that, so we’re nearing the end of this story! Hooray I hear you all say.

One point of clarification: I’ve had an email from someone who said they were expecting the Professional version of Office and were disturbed because the packaging only says “Office”. Worry not, this is definitely the professional version.

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  1. Danny says:

    I received my copy today and im very excited!!

    However, I’m not complaining, but i thought that it was the Ultimate Version of Office.

  2. Kevin P. says:

    Just got my copy of Office this morning, just would like to say thanks for all your effort that you have put into this. Thanks again.

  3. Steve says:

    Hi Ian. I received my Office 2007 Pro this morning. I was wondering, is this the full retail licence? The packaging is different to the shop version and before I open/install it I’d just like to be sure what the licence is for this version. Thanks in advance.

  4. Ian Moulster says:

    Steve – this is a "not for resale" licence, but the product is a full version of Office Professional 2007. So you are not permitted to sell it to anyone, other than that it’s the full version and you’re fully licensed to use it.

  5. Max Shanly says:

    IT ARRIVED! w00t!

    — Max

  6. Adrian Miller says:

    Well my copy of Office has arrived in the post today.

    I really can’t wait till I get home tonight so I can get on with the install.

    Thanks Ian and everyone else involved with the launch.


  7. Steve says:

    Yay! got my copy also and can not wait to install as the trial ran out 2 weeks ago 🙁

    Just a point however – it does not say "Not for resale" on it anywhere.

  8. the andyman says:

    My copy of Office arrived this morning. Thanks again to Microsoft for organising both competitions but especially thanks to Ian. Without you I would’ve given up all hope of receiving my prizes – thanks for single-handedly keeping us informed throughout, hope you enjoy Vegas!

  9. Jake says:

    Received my copy this morning, very pleased with it.

    Many Thanks,


  10. Ian Moulster says:

    Steve – it’s printed on the disc itself.

    Andyman – thanks, but Vegas isn’t a holiday. No really. It’s work, work, work. Really.

  11. FraserGJ says:

    My copy of Office arrived today also, very pleased and thanks to all.

    I did note that the disc has "Disc 1" printed on it which implies that there may be a 2nd or 3rd disc. Can you confirm that there is only 1 disc in the package?

    Ian, you must have patience of a saint with all you’ve had to put up with on here in the last month or two.

    Once again very pleased and many thanks 🙂

  12. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi FraserGJ – that’s a good point re "disc 1" but I wouldn’t read too much into it. It probably should read "Disc 1 of 1". There is nothing else on the way! Everything should be on the single disc.

  13. Steve says:

    RE: Not For Resale,

    See it bold and proud now ive opened the box for install 🙂 You can not miss it!

  14. FraserGJ says:

    Hi Ian,

    Re: Disc 1

    Thanks for clearing that up. I always find it strange to see "Disc 1" on single disc sets etc, very strange.

    I fired up the disc though and everything looks good. I did see some dodgy looking text in the setup title bar while setup is loading though – "2007 Microsoft Office system"?

    In any case, cheers and thanks again 🙂

  15. mbrown says:

    Received my office this morning.  Thanks ian for all your help.  

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to swap there vista (unopened) for my office (unopened).

    email me to



  16. Ian Buckingham says:

    Received my copy of Office 2007 this morning and would like to say thanks for all at Microsoft for the opportunity to win it.  Having already upgraded our company PCs and my personal laptop to Office 2007 I have been waiting to upgrade my main home PC with this copy.  From my experience with the beta and the release it has been well worth the understandable wait. Again many thanks.

  17. Ed says:

    Received mine too today, much improved on the Office 2000 I was previously using – many thanks!

  18. Greg says:

    Hi Ian,

    I did shout and say YES! yesterday when i checked the recent posts on this website. And found out that the prizes has been posted. I receive mine yesterday and i have installed it. Great application!!

    Would like to thank you and your team on making this happen.


  19. Stephen says:

    As in the my other comment, got mine yesterday. Really enjoy using office with 2007!

    Curious though, how many machines will it let me install and activate my copy on? only I have two machines I use often.

  20. John says:

    Got mine yesterday and converted my trial to full version.  Painless.

    Thanks again to all at Microsoft, especially Ian for putting up with us all.


  21. Alastair says:

    Received mine yesterday 🙂 Many thanks again Ian 🙂

  22. Jon Baldwin says:

    Thanks for all your help Ian.

    Does anybody know if this version of office can be installed on two computers (say, my desktop and my laptop)? I think the home and student version, for example, is valid for up to three installs.


  23. dasunnyman says:

    Hey Ian

    Just got my copy in the post today…Well basically they used the address they had before…WEll thanks..about to install mine….Thanks Microsoft, and Ian…



  24. dasunnyman says:

    Hey Ian

    I was just about to open mine..when i realized the seal was broken a bit…Does that matter..Pls tell me before I go any further…The seal I a talking about is the authenticacy seal…!!



  25. wiggly1 says:

    Does the "not for resale" licence terms apply if you’ve neither opened or installed the product? What if I wanted to sell this whilst it’s still sealed in the box? I realise of course that the "not for resale" licence would apply to the buyer, but would it still prevent me from selling the product? Whilst I would love to keep this prize and use it for myself circumstances may force me to sell it (if permitted). A clear and definitive answer to this would be much appreciated. You’d have to open the box to read the "not for resale" licence terms. Mine remains sealed so surely I am not bound by the terms of the licence?

  26. dasunnyman says:


    Cant wait for a reply..So i am gonna have to open it like that..and will tell you if anything is damaged…

    thanks ian..!!



  27. Tim says:

    I received mine yesterday too, I’m over the moon about it! Thank you so much to Microsoft and Ian (you’re a credit to your company!)

    Hope you have a good trip.

  28. Barry says:

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your work on this. My Office disk has arrived and I’m delighted 🙂

  29. MattH says:

    Hi Ian, I’ve also received my copy of office (thanks!).

    Just to clarify on the licence – can you confirm it is a full retail licence i.e. can be installed on a desktop and also a laptop (as per section 2a & 2b of the "1. RETAIL LICENSE TERMS" section of the EULA)?

  30. Adam Rapley says:

    Recieved my copy yesterday!!!

    Thanks to Ian and everyone else who has been pushing to try and get this though quicker!

  31. dasunnyman says:

    Hey Ian

    You need to check those links out….THe people selling it are devaluing the items and people are actually about to buy it..Some guy is about to sell it for a £100….You need to take a look at those links now and tell ebay….Just being concerned..!



  32. Ian Moulster says:

    Thanks Paul and dasunnyman – I have passed these on as a matter of urgency.

  33. Steve says:

    What’s the big deal about people selling this prize on eBay or anywhere else for that matter? If the buyer understands the terms of the licence and is happy with the price then what’s the problem as long as they know exactly what they’re buying? If the "not for resale" licence applies only once the item has been opened and/or used then selling a sealed copy is fair and reasonable is it not? As for the pricing, that’s surely between buyer and seller and has nothing to do with anybody else, or are we saying here that MS have the right to prevent sales of their software below a certain price for fear of undermining the market?!?!

  34. mbrown says:


    I agree with you to some degree.  If microsoft didn’t want the product to be resold then they should have put "not for resale" on the packaging and not just the CD.  However, those people who have put their copy on Ebay, and have opened the box and they have images of the cd etc – then there is no doubt that they know the item is "not for resale" and therefore should not be selling it.

    Afterall the competition was for people to win a copy presumably because they wanted to use the copy for their own personal use.  However, it is obvious to me and others that they have entered the competition for one reason only – financial gain.  And because of this I don’t think they should be allowed to sell it on Ebay.

    However, I do think Microsoft should have labelled the packaging with "not for resale" yet I do think people shouldn’t have entered the competition if they didn’t want the item for personal so that those who did had a better chance of winning.

  35. Steve says:


    I imagine a great many people enter competitions with a view to selling the winnings but I don’t have an issue with that. I drive a clapped out old car worth less than $500 but if I won a brand new car I’d probably still sell it simply because I could put the money to better use. That’s not so terrible is it? Suggesting what people should do with their prizes is not so far removed from judging people on what they spend their lottery fortunes on. It’s nobody’s business as long as it’s lawful. Whilst eBay does put these things into the public domain, to all intents and purposes its transactions are private and between buyer and seller only. As long as no laws or rules have been broken that really should be the end of the matter. Making a moral issue about this is not fair because everybody’s personal and financial circumstances are different.

  36. FraserGJ says:

    In some ways, while I dislike those who enter competitions with the intention of selling their prizes should they win, I can understand why they would think that they could.

    I was under the impression that should I win, I would recieve the retail version of the product and all the license restrictions/retail packaging that came with it. It was only until a few weeks after I was notified that I had won, that I realised that the item was not  infact the retail version and was an NFR release. I’m not especially bothered at that fact since I didn’t have any intention of selling it anyway (although the retail packaging is nice).

    I was aware that the T&C said something about not reselling the item but I had assumed (as I have seen in other competition T&Cs) that this was a direction to the winner indicating that he/she cannot sell the retail package that he/she had won while others who had the purchased the same retail item could.

    Besides this, I’m very happy with my copy of Office 🙂

  37. mbrown says:


    Yeah that is true.  But laws are being broken as the Office is stated "Not for resale".  Most people selling it on ebay have opened the package and would have noticed this on the DVD.  Fair enough if the user has not opened the DVD case and they genuinely haven’t got a clue your aren’t meant to sell it – they are not at fault.  However, if the person knows that it is not for resale and they are selling it on ebay – they are breaking the law and should not be allowed to sell it on ebay.

    I also agree, if the item was not marked – not for resale I would also be selling my copy on ebay so that I could buy Vista (as I am currently running a technet vista key and I would like retail).

    However, instead, I have put it on ebay but with SWAP in the item name to see if anyone would like to swap it for vista as selling it would be illegal.

  38. N.D. says:

    I still haven’t got mine yet, what do I do?

  39. Daniel says:

    All eBay listings have now been removed, pretty quick for eBay that

  40. Steve says:

    Anyone care to give me a moral (as opposed to financial or political) argument as to why removing those eBay listings is a good thing? I actually see it as very sad. It reflects badly on Microsoft at a time when they really should be thinking differently.

  41. Daniel says:

    Its a good thing because selling the product breaks the law due to the not for retail license.

  42. Ian Moulster says:

    Steve – I’m going to make a couple of comments on your point that are my opinion rather than official Microsoft comment.

    The competition was run with a specific aim: Get Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 into the hands of developers so that they can start using these products to develop solutions. What it wasn’t meant to be is a way of just giving hundreds of pounds worth of software to random people who never have any intention of using them for development projects.

    One way we did that was to ensure that people needed to view the webcasts in order to answer the competition questions correctly – it doesn’t guarantee that people taking part are developers, but it’s likely that most non-developers wouldn’t be prepared to do this.

    Another way is to make these products not for resale because, once again, I want the people who receive them to use them, hopefully for development work. And what I don’t want is non-developers and other people to simply treat this as a competition they might have entered to win a new camera or plasma TV.

    Hopefully that helps explain the rationale. In all of these things where there are a lot of winners, some valid developers will get "caught" by this for example if they win a copy of Windows Vista but for some very valid reason have no use for it as their circumstances may have changed. However in the main I think the approach we are using is reasonable.

  43. Jeremy says:


    Yes, I can.  The moral reasons I used to justify to myself why reporting the Vista copies I saw on eBay was the correct thing to do were:

    (a) They were almost exclusively being advertised as "Full Retail" which is plain dishonest.  Full yes, retail definitely not.  Saying they were retail made assertions about the licence which were untrue, leading me on to…

    (b) When I buy something, I *should* have the to right to resell it myself should I want/need to.  And if the product I wanted to buy is strictly NFR, I would want to know before I parted with my cash.  Obviously the people who put them up on eBay did not specify that they’re NFR otherwise nobody would have bid on them.  If I had been unaware of this competition and bought one of the copies unaware of the restrictions, got it out of the box and found it to be NFR, I would have been very, very cheesed off and felt thoroughly conned.  Especially since the New Dawn copies were changing hands for almost the same price as the genuine full retail copies.

    And that is why I reported some.

  44. AB says:

    I haven’t got mine yet either, any idea where they could be? With all the problems Microsoft had in delaying the Office shipping dates, maybe not all of the Offices were posted? Ian, can you please ask the dispatch teams to double check they were all sent out, and none were left out by mistake? I know one of my friends didn’t get his copy yet either, and someone else has posted a comment here too saying not received.


  45. Steve says:


    Well mine was listed as sealed with the NFR licence clearly mentioned in the listing. At no point did I describe it as "full retail". It was one of the last ones to be listed before eBay pulled the listings so maybe you didn’t see it (or report it). Anyway, the point is eBay still removed my listing and to be honest I still don’t see the justification.


    I didn’t realise the competition was squarely aimed at developers. I’m not sure you could ever hope to exclude all other entrants. As for the NFR licence, this wasn’t stated on the OUTER packaging or in the accompanying letter. Perhaps it should have been as it would have saved confusion, otherwise one might be forgiven for assuming that the NFR terms only applied once the item had been opened/used.

    I’m genuinely shocked that Microsoft adopted such a heavy-handed approach to this.

  46. stenaylor says:

    And thanks to Jeremy the world is now a better place .

  47. Matt. Davies says:

    Sorry to be the first one to say this, but I live in Reading and I haven’t received my expected copy from the developer launch yet.

    How long should I wait before thinking that I have been missed off in some way?

    It has been 5 postal days.

  48. AB says:

    Matt, it seems Microsoft isn’t willing to do anything for those people that didn’t receive their copy. This must be breaking some competition law surely. What proof do Microsoft have that they posted all of the copies, and not just a few?

  49. David Hearn says:

    Thing to remember is that these DVDs (both Vista and Office) aren’t exclusive to the competition.  They were also made available to people attending the Vista/Office launches in person.  In these cases, there were no T&C’s applied to the supply (just fill in whether you wanted Vista or Office in your appraisal form).

  50. Ian Moulster says:

    AB – I’m really keen to make sure people have a good experience from this, but also need to protect us from the few people who might try to take advantage of a situation.

    Please bear with me, it will get sorted out. We just need to ensure for example that keys that have been issued via posted prizes reported as not received have not been activated, along with other precautions, including working with the Post Office and the distribution agent to pick up on fraudulent claims.

    I know that most people who tell me they haven’t received their prizes are genuine, however it does drive me crazy (and I probably shouldn’t let it bother me so much) when people make false claims. My apologies for the innocent people who are getting caught up in delays as a result. I know you’re in the vast majority – it will be sorted out as soon as possible.

  51. Dasunnyman says:

    Hey Ian

    You haven’t answered MattH’s question on the EULA License-


    MattH said:  

    Hi Ian, I’ve also received my copy of office (thanks!).

    Just to clarify on the licence – can you confirm it is a full retail licence i.e. can be installed on a desktop and also a laptop (as per section 2a & 2b of the "1. RETAIL LICENSE TERMS" section of the EULA)?


    What do you say because I would like to  know aswell…!!

  52. Ian says:

    I am still waiting for the copy of vista that I won

  53. Sasq says:

    Im not sure anyone could really be in doubt that MS was trying to get these into developers hands, and they should be applauded for that. Me hopes they do the same Orcas as without a compo such as this theres no way i could get my hands onto the software to develop at home. The free versions generally dont cut it when you work all day with the full versions..

    Considering the vista prize ran out in an hour and the office price took several days im guessing that a lot of none developers probably were in it just to get a copy of vista.

    That said – does anyone have a copy of the NFR Vista (unopened) that they would want to swap with an (unopened) Office? I know its a lot to ask.

  54. Matt. Davies says:

    I am an honest person and to be honest I don’t really need the copy of Office any more anyway, as I have 5 licences for it now. It would have been nice to get an early view of it at or around the launch date, but now it wouldn’t do me much good.

    Please feel free to chase up the distributors and the post office, and check into my background if you need to, I am  Microsoft Partner number is 1742016 and my company name is Starskill Limited.

    I know it must annoy you that there are some unscrupulous people out there claiming not to have received their copy, but just imagine what it is like for a genuine honest person like myself to be told by one of the biggest and richest companies in the world that they will be getting a copy of their software, and then being told for months that it can’t be sent out or is the distributors fault. I know it is not down to you, but come on, there must be someone in Microsoft that can sort this out. To remove this thorn from your side….?

  55. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Matt – I have been imagining exactly that and it pains me greatly. I took something of a risk at posting the comments that I did as I realised it may offend, or even infuriate, the vast majority of people who are completely honest and genuine and who haven’t received their copy through no fault of their own. But I did want to explain that we can’t just send out replacement copies without question, simply because it’s likely that we’d have a surge of false requests for replacements if we did.

    So my intention was to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing, and hope that the honest people didn’t take it as a personal slur against them, but instead recognised that there are people out there who make it difficult for everyone by taking advantage of these kind of situations.

    Don’t know if it had that effect or not – in your case it doesn’t sound like it did.

    Anyway: Please drop me an email and I’ll make sure that it gets followed up.

  56. Lins says:

    I bought a copy of "Ready for a Brand New Day" on Ebay for £60.  It was withdrawn from Ebay shortly after I purchased it!!  Having bought it I realise it should not have been sold and I am now in the position of not knowing whether it is in fact a full licensed version of Office 2007??  If anyone can help I’d be grateful.  Thank you.

  57. mbrown says:

    It is the full retail license.  The only restriction is that it is marked not for resale.

    Well done thought – you got yourself a bargain!

  58. dasunnyman says:

    Lucky Guy Lins..It was the one you bought I was watching..That I told Ian about….!!!You should say who u bought it from so he can be sued really..This just goes against the rules…!!

  59. mbrown says:

    I think it would be a little extreme to sue him!  There are bigger fish out there that need to be battered on the head.

    I think we should all just forget about it and move on now.  Hopefully there will be more competitions like this one and we will be in with the chance of getting something else for free!

    Next time, I am sure MS will do many things differently, resulting in many of the problems we have had with this competition not being an issue next time.

    Fingers crossed!

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