List of winners, and update on the Office delivery date (UK Developer Launch)

Some day I'll be able to stop blogging about this competition and get back to blogging about other things, that is assuming I have anyone left who reads my blog besides you competition folks. In the interim....

Two pieces of news:

1) After much thought we have decided to make the winner list available to people who request it rather than posting it on a public website. So if you want a list of winners please email with a subject of "Winner list" and be specific about which you want (Office winners, Vista winners, or both).

2) We've had some bad news on the Office prize shipping date: It appears that there have been some supply problems which means we will not get the Microsoft Office prizes until 30 March at the earliest. The Windows Vista prizes are still on track to arrive with us at the end of this week so we're still hoping to ship these out very soon. As always I'll keep you updated as I hear more.

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  1. JamesR says:

    Let me see if i understand this right…

    You wont send me an email telling me if i won a competition I chose to enter, because of privacy concerns. But you will send a complete list of all the winners( including my name) to anyone that wants to see it.

    That kind of bizare logic makes my head hurt!

    Never mind thou – thanks for the competition and the free vista.

  2. mbrown says:


    Thats a good point – doesn’t bother me though..

  3. Ian Moulster says:

    If I was being really picky I’d change your first sentence to "You won’t send me an email telling me if I won a competition because I have chosen not to receive email from Microsoft".

    But I’ll resist the temptation and won’t say anything πŸ™‚

  4. John says:

    30th March!! That’s my birthday!?!.

    All I need to do now is send a mail to find out if I’m a winner as…"I have chosen not to receive email from Microsoft"


    Thanks for the update Ian.

  5. Njum says:

    That news that the prize copies of office have been delayed by a month is a shame as I was hopping to use the copy of office 07 that I won before the beta ran out , which it has. I wanted to ask if you had any indication of when in april we should get copies of office?


  6. Paul Smith says:

    Since 30th March is getting close to the 60 days, any idea what the fallback solution will be if an substitute product is to be provided?

  7. Matt Lacey says:

    What about copies for people who attended the event in person.  Am I not to get my copy of Office until after the end of March?

    That means my B2TR version will expire and I’ll have to go back to using 2003, until it comes.


  8. Wael says:

    Do we include "(Office winners, Vista winners, or both)." in the subject as well?

  9. Ian Moulster says:

    Matt: Yes it’s the same for people who attended the event unfortunately.

    Wael: Just put "Winner List" in the subject and specify that you want both in the body.

  10. Ian Moulster says:

    Matt: I should have added that you can download a trial of the full product from, which should see you over until the prize arrives.

  11. Paul says:

    Is the winner list automated? Because I sent an email this morning and it hasn’t been replied to yet. Or are you using real people in which case I’m happy to wait before sending another request

  12. Alex says:

    once we sent the email do you know how long it will take to get the list back?

  13. Ian Moulster says:

    Yes it’s using "real" people – and not me I’m pleased to say! I’ll ask them when they’re likely to start replying.

  14. Andy says:

    Just got the email. I won a copy of Vista, but not a copy of Office.


  15. Matt87 says:

    I have just recieved the email notifying me that i have won both versions πŸ™‚ Thanks for listening to everyone and thanks for all the work that you guys have put into all of this.

  16. Matt Eason says:

    Woohoo! Just got the list and I gots me some Vista.

    Thanks for all your hard work on this, Ian.

  17. Damien says:

    Christ on a bike!! I actually won, my name is in the list of winners!

    I entered half and hour into the competition so I think alot of people who didn’t recieve emails may still have hope!

  18. ALesser says:

    Well, I just got the email with the list, and I didn’t win. Oh great. You have no idea how good I feel right now. Well, I won’t be here anymore. Goodbye.

  19. JackieF says:

    Just got the list and i’m glad to see that i’m on it. Thank you for making it available to us Ian.

  20. Thanks says:

    Thanks for the help, just received an email and I won.

  21. Dan says:

    I just thought i’d leave a post to say thank-you to ian and microsoft for arranging the competition and especially to ian who has obviously dedicated a lot of time to provide feedback and has had massive patience throughtout the last months.


  22. John says:

    Woo hoo!!

    I’ve won a copy of both!!

    Can’t wait til next week (hopefully) for Vista to arrive.

    And Office can be my birthday present to me.

    Thanks Ian and all at Microsoft.

  23. Paul says:

    Can I ask what details of winners you’re handing over to people that email?  Doesn’t the data protection act stop companies revealing personal details?  The TOC states:

    ‘Personal data which you provide when you participate in this promotion will be used by Microsoft Limited and its representatives for the purposes of this promotion only’

  24. Ian Moulster says:

    Paul – the list shows first name, surname and post town

  25. Paul says:

    Perhaps we can have a new checkbox in our MSDN profile then – ‘Don’t publish my details to anyone who want them’ πŸ™‚

    It might have been a bit better to just let the (likely) relatively few people who wanted to confirm whether they’ve won email with their name/town to ask!  Rather than give anyone with an email account on the internet the chance to get a list of 1000 software developers in the UK.

  26. mbrown says:

    Paul:  What does it matter, worst case scenario you get some work out of it? πŸ˜€

  27. Heather says:

    Will the prizes be sent recorded/special delivery?

    They are too valuble prizes to be sent first class.

  28. Adam says:

    @Paul:  I’m kind of surprised Microsoft can reveal two lists of 1000 names and towns also, when the Microsoft Online Provacy Statement ( says "Except as described in this statement, we will not disclose your personal information outside Microsoft and its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates without your consent.".  I don’t remember agreeing for my first name, last name and town to be emailed to anyone who asks.  I’m not that bothered, more just surprised that the terms allow them to do this.  

    Anyway I’d like to add my thanks to Ian for keeping us all up to speed on the competition and answering people’s questions, and Microsoft for running a competition with great prizes.  

  29. Carl M says:

    I understand some people’s reservations about their details being handed out to people, and I agree that it probably isn’t the most sensible route – but it is the quickest and most hastle-free way for Ian and his co-workers. Give them a rest. They’ve just launched a new product – 2 new products in fact – and the fact that they’ve run this competition is a big step for Microsoft.

    Oh, and a note to those disgruntled people who have fled Ian’s blog just because they didn’t win – this blog is a nice resource to keep up with Microsoft news and projects with a more personal feel. If your attitute is to ignore something because you didn’t get what you want, you didn’t deserve it anyway.

    Again, cheers Ian.

  30. ? says:

    I sent the email to volaunch too, but I was never sent the winner’s list. Do I have to send this email from the account I used to enter the competition?

  31. Dave O says:

    Although I appreciate Ian keeping everyone up to date, providing a list of winners to anyone who asks seems like a poorly thought through rushed solution. It probably goes against the DP act and certainly Microsoft’s privacy policy.

  32. manakovich says:

    I’ve requested winners list for vista but never got it can someone forward it to me on


  33. Ian Moulster says:

    All I’ll say on the provision of the winners is that our communications team worked with the legal team to ensure what we’re doing is above board before going ahead with it.

    I think it’s one of those "you can’t please everyone" situations to be honest. But as always I appreciate the feedback and views and I’ll make sure that they are shared with my colleagues.

  34. anon says:

    "Well, I just got the email with the list, and I didn’t win. Oh great. You have no idea how good I feel right now. Well, I won’t be here anymore. Goodbye."

    Bye bye! This wasn’t something you deserved to win, it is a competition after all!

    You win some, you lose some. I personally think this is one of the most efficient and well run competitions I have entered!

  35. Mike says:


    Perhaps you could send Blue Peter badges, as consolation prizes, to those people who think they should have won, but didn’t.

  36. Adam D says:

    Hello everyone. I sent the email around 5pm yesterday and i still have not recieved a reply. Is there any idea how long they take to send them?

  37. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Adam, I believe a "snapshot" was taken yesterday afternoon, I suspect there will be another one later today. But I’ll ask.

  38. Gem says:

    This whole experience is turning a bit sour. It’s unforgivable that MS should release people’s personal info without their consent. Apart from anything, it’s a genuine security concern – privacy issues aside. I don’t think you guys realise how serious this is, and there is no way it does not conflict with privacy policy, and possibly laws. Either way, it’s unethical.

  39. Jon Hibbins says:

    I too have not recived a list yet, if someone could forward it to i’d appriciate it

  40. Paul Smith says:

    I don’t see any problem with the published lists. They follow the norm of all other competition winners lists that I have seen.

    I requested the lists yesterday at 11:52 and they arived at 17:34. My only real comment is that my name is not on the Vista list. Office will do me nicely (and I wont have to upgrade my desktop / or replace my laptop (yet) since they both are Aero incompatible).

    Next milestone is posting of the prizes! Will this be done at MS Reading, or is it out-sourced to a distribution company?

  41. Paul says:

    ALesser is the entrant who’s "child" "supposedly" "entered" "again" and had raised the point on previous comments and asked for Iain to correct; I think this is what s/he is angry about.

  42. bob says:

    from heathers comment above. Will these be sent special or recorded delivery because and im being honest royal mail isnt a very reliable company to send these good out with (1st & 2nd Class)? thanks

  43. Ian Moulster says:

    I’m told another batch of emails with winners has just been sent

  44. paul cummings says:

    woohoo! just found my name on the list for vista. first time i’ve one anything since a pub raffle in bishopsteignton in 1980. A big thankyou to ian and everyone else for this and for the developer day itself.

  45. Jon says:

    Ian, I feel really sorry for you, talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t!!!!

    So many people here are throwing their dummies out because they haven’t won a competition!!!!!

    I have been reading your blog since the launch (not just for news of the competition either).

    On the subject of the winners list, as it does not actually identify any individuals there is technically no breach of the DPA, but I’m sure your legal people already mentioned that.

    Well done to yourself and MS for running this milestone competition and hopefully the bad experiences from people whinging about not winning etc will not put paid to any more.

  46. anon says:

    Just a quick question – on the emails that were sent out, there was a link (in the very bottom, very small) which said "Update your profile".

    I’ve just updated my shipping address using that. Will this be picked up ok when you’re posting the prizes?

  47. alex says:

    has any got one of these emails?

  48. Damien Bailey says:

    Could people please realise that it is a legal requirement for anyone running a competition in the UK to supply a list of winners on request. Microsoft have done nothing wrong.

  49. Adam says:


    Privacy doesn’t factor into it, if someone asks MS for a list of competition winners, they have to comply.

    It’s a legal requirement for anyone that runs a competition.

  50. Huw says:

    Indeed, after sending 3 emails (sorry I thought it was automated and I was putting the wrong string in the subject  πŸ™‚ ) I recieved the email with the good news!

    Is there any way of confirming the postal address that it will be sent to?

  51. dr del says:

    Ah Nertz!! I didn’t win vista πŸ™

    On the up side I did win office πŸ˜‰ so thank you for this competition sn especially thank you Ian for battling your way through this.


  52. maria says:

    must say im suprised that some are complaining about their name on the winners list, you could always email microsoft and ask them to take your name off the list, and then maybe il get a copy of vista as well as office πŸ™‚  Its normal for competitions to have name and town, you can easily get someones name and town from lots of places

    makes me laugh that people are so sensitive to this kind of thing but will happily send a cheque to someone with their name, account details and a sample of their signature too.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Iann and to microsoft for a great competition πŸ™‚

  53. Ian Moulster says:

    On the shipping address question: To be on the safe side, email your new address to me and I’ll make sure the team update their records accordingly.

  54. Jon Hibbins says:

    Yay I got the list and I won a copy of Vista πŸ™‚

    A bit of a painfull ride, thanks for your work on this Ianm is good I now have some closure.


  55. LaceyWare says:

    I feel really bad for making even more checking work for you Ian, but could I ask if the city/town field in the list of winners has been updated at all to take into account changes of address, or whether it’s just the list as it was at the time the competition closed.

    I just want to check that my copy of Vista is going to end up at the right place. Sorry!

  56. Ian Moulster says:

    LaceyWare: it’s a fair question, and the answer is that the address changes are not reflected in the list we have emailed to people. They’ll be updated on the mailing list however.

  57. Tim says:

    Ian, thank you very much for your positive attitude despite all the noise made about this competition – it’s been really good of you to supply updates so regularly.  (compared to other companies’ competitions it’s a breath of fresh air!) I hope that you continue to be (as you say) the more-approachable side of Microsoft.

    Thank you also to Microsoft for being kind enough to supply this software as prizes – hopefully a sign of good things to come :o) (if they have not yet been disillusioned by this competition hehe!)

  58. TEQ says:

    Just another confirmation, it is a legal requirement for anyone running a competition in the UK to provide a list of winners on request. If you don’t like it, don’t enter any competitions in the UK – Simple really. Personally, I don’t see what the fuss is all about – My name and my town is listed – there’s not a lot anyone could do with only that information.

    The point about Royal Fail is a very good one – would be at least nice to see the software going out ‘signed for’ which wouldn’t cost MS any more but would at least give some piece of mind over delivery.

  59. Luna says:

    I’ve already said this, but I just wanted to thank Ian and everyone at MS UK again for this fantastic launch and competition. It’s really appreciated how much you’ve put into it, and kudos for running it in the first place. I hope the fuss doesn’t put MS off from doing this kind of thing in the future, it was a great experience.

  60. W00t W00t I won a copy of Office, its a shame I missed out on Vista but i have a copy of Home Premium any how πŸ˜€

    Only thing is now I need to remember which Passport i used for the competition, my work one, personal one or my old personal one :S EEK!

  61. Nick says:

    haha, something definitely went wrong somewhere for me. My girlfriends won a copy and I was sitting next to her when she submitted, I’d submitted the exact same answers literally 30 seconds before via my laptop!

  62. Jeremy says:

    I just want to say, that the behaviour of some people lately has been rather distasteful.  Guys, this was a competition.  You don’t enter competitions to win, you enter for a *chance* to win.  If you don’t then it’s unfortunate but it’s just the way it goes.  

    Quit spitting your dummies because it’s disrespectful to Ian and the other unsung people who have worked hard to organise all this for us (like the poor people who spent all the last 3 days emailing PDF files, for example – not a job I envy).

    Providing a winners list to those who request it is not a breach of the DPA, it’s a legal requirement of all well-run competitions, which is meant to help ensure that they’re fair and expose wrongdoing if it occurs, like during TV phone-ins for instance πŸ˜‰

    Sorry to sound grumpy but I feel like I need to wave my arm and say "Hey, some of us appreciate all this, regardless of whether or not we won."

  63. michael_appleby says:

    Yippie, a copy of Vista for me πŸ˜€

    Congratulations to all other winners of Vista and Office, I certainly hope that I enjoy my product and I hope you enjoy your copies as well!

    -Michael Appleby

  64. Leom says:

    I completely agree with Jeremy – you are supposed to be respectable adults!  I entered both at the same time and got both questions right but only won vista – good enough for me.  I dont see any wrongdoing at all here.  In fact for the first time in a long time i actually praise Microsoft for the way the competition has been run and tip my hat to Ian who has been fantastic in keeping everyone informed.

    Now we all have access to the lists can we finally close the discussion and get on with our lives – if you really want office 2007 GO AND BUY IT – besides whats in 2007 that is not in 2003 except a prettier interface and some new cosmetic features – it handles your email and calendar so whats the problem!!??!!

  65. snorth20 says:

    Hi Ian

    I need to change the shipping address of my prize as I am moving house.  I emailed the volaunch email address but they havent responded. Please can you advise?


  66. JamesE says:

    Well I didn’t get a reply to my previous enquiry and I’m not on the winners list.  Frankly feeling quite let down by Microsoft right now. Is this another competition scandal?  I’d have thought you guys would be a bit more careful given what’s been in the press lately.

    Ian who would it be appropriate to address an official complaint to?

  67. JamesE says:

    Jeremy, I understand your point about this being a competition "for a chance to win", but MS specifically chose to run this one as the "first 1000 correct entries", and not on a random draw.  I know for a fact that I was in the first 1000 correct entries for at least one prize, but have won nothing.  That is why I, and so many others on this forum, are so disappointed with the way MS have handled this.

  68. Ant says:

    Hey Ian thanks for the latest update.

    I already know i’ve won as i recieved an Email because i want info from MS. For all the moaners


  69. Ant says:

    ‘I know for a fact that I was in the first 1000 correct entries for at least one prize’

    How do you know for a fact James?

  70. Ian Moulster says:

    snorth: if you emailed the volaunch address they’ll action your address change, but feel free to drop me an email with your details if you want to.

    JamesE: To be honest I’m not sure who you address an official complaint to, feel free to email me via this blog and I’ll find out and pass it through to an appropriate person. I will say two things though:

    1) In every single case we have investigated where a person believes they have won, but are not on the winner list, we have found that either they gave the wrong answer, or contravened the T&Cs in a way that invalidated their entry, or were outside the first 1000 entries. We have found absolutely no exceptions to this

    2) I cannot get into a discussion about every query we have which is why the T&Cs say "no correspondence will be entered into". So I can’t start corresponding with people about why they didn’t win.

    However obviously I want to ensure that we’re being fair to people and I also don’t want you – or anyone else – thinking that they have been unfairly treated. So feel free to drop me a line. If you still want to go ahead with the complaint then of course I’ll help you to do that.

  71. Paul says:

    So – have they arrived yet in the office? What do they look like? Spill the beans…. πŸ˜€

  72. JamesE says:

    Ant:  I know because I did it just after the comp opened and about a day later Ian said they had not had 1000 entries yet.

    Ian:  I think you are going to have to explain to people how you have interpreted the T&C.

  73. JackieF says:

    JamesE: All 1000 winning vista entries were in within an hour of the competition starting and the office entries were about a week if i recall correctly. What did you enter for and when?

    I’m sorry, but it seems to me like you are just angry about not winning.

  74. Ian Moulster says:

    Paul – I’m told they arrived yesterday but we don’t get to see them in the office, they’re whisked off to our distribution centre. I’ll get a couple of samples in a few days but hopefully you folks will get them at about the same time I do.

  75. Tristan says:

    Ah cool, that means the DC should have them and be processing them already.  Its a shame we don’t know if they are x32 and x64 or just just x32 versions. πŸ™

  76. JamesE says:

    Jackie, of course I’m angry about not winning.  I entered both correctly within an hour of the competition opening and I haven’t won either. Now, I wouldn’t get angry if this were a draw and I had been unlucky but it wasn’t.  It was a first past the post competition, I was and I feel like I’ve been cheated.

  77. George says:

    Hi Ian

    Are there any limitations with the Vista prizes such as:

    the software must be regsistered by a specific date otherwise the licence expires?



  78. manakovich says:

    I can’t understand why people complaining about not winning. It’s like getting National Lottery ticket and then telling them that they are out of order because they didn’t pull your numbers out. Some people were lucky some were not. Such as life, get on with it. You don’t do anyone any good by complaining, all you doing is putting Microsoft off from running any promotions and prise giveaways in the future.

    Anyway congrats to everyone who won and better luck next time for those who didn’t!

  79. IanC says:

    Ianm : As a matter of interest and to help put the competition into perspective, can you say how many entries there were for both?

  80. Matt says:

    so if i recieved a yes, you have won a copy of windows:vista e-mail a while ago then have i definatly won?

  81. martin says:

    Got mine!!!!!!

    Package arrived this morning. Thanks Microsoft.

  82. Jon says:

    Has anything been said about which courier is going to be used?  I know from personal experience that Royal Mail are pretty useless around here, I am always getting my neighbours post(and vice versa) and to make matters more confusing for them there are 5 streets in Wrexham with the same (or similar) names. Last thing anyone would want is to win a copy of Vista or Office only for it to be delivered to the wrong address never to be seen again!

  83. Jon says:

    One other query about the x86 / x64 question, no I’m not asking whether we get one or the other or both, I am asking if their are still issues regarding drivers for x64?  Whilst using the Beta versions I certainly noticed driver issues with x64 for devices such as scanners, web cams and certain graphics cards, I would prefer to use x64 but can’t really see it being  a viable option if my hardware won’t opperate properly.  ATI have drivers for x64 but try relaxing after a hard days toil with a game of Prey, works ok with x86 but no luck with x64.  <sob>

  84. michael_appleby says:

    Is it Windows Vista Ultimate that we’ve won?

  85. StanS says:

    Many thanks to Ian and Microsoft for the opportunity of winning Vista.

    The release of Name and Town is a legal requirement in the UK and doesn’t worry me at all or I wouldn’t have entered in the first place.

    Keep up your great blog Ian, we do appreciate it!

  86. JamesE says:

    Manakovich: It’s not like that at all.  The lottery is a random draw; this was a first past the post competition. Your analogy should have been you enter the Grand National; win; and then get told that you won’t be geting a prize because the organisers didn’t care enough to run the race properly. I think you’d be pretty annoyed if you had gone to the effort, only to be cheated this way.  

    It’s very easy for all you people that won to make jibes about "the moaners" but we have every right to expect MS to do what they say they will do.

  87. Ian Moulster says:

    Re when these will be posted: I’m speaking to the distribution centre, it’s in process but I don’t have a scheduled date of sending yet.

  88. clive says:

    ive seen from the posts that some people have recived there copys of vista friday so please can you tell me how they are being posted and when should i recive it im looking forward to using vista and really dont want it to get lost in the post

  89. Aliahmed says:

    So have the vista CD’s been sent?

  90. Ian Moulster says:

    As far as I know they haven’t been sent yet

  91. clive says:

    if as far as you know they havent been sent yet how come martin says he has recived his on friday

  92. Ian Moulster says:

    You’ll have to ask him to explain what he actually received but it wasn’t from the UK developer launch activities

  93. Mike says:

    We’ve had unlucky people who think that they should have won prizes but didn’t.

    Now we’ve got lucky people, like Martin, who think that they have received their prizes, before they have been dispatched.

    Perhaps the lucky ones could send their mystery bonus prizes to the unlucky ones.

  94. Beverley says:

    I can’t believe the amount of people with an entitlement complex. Do you really think that an organisation as large and with as much to lose as Microsoft have would, especially after the Richard and Judy et al. fiasco, would risk their integrity by not sticking to the rules of the competition?

    Ian’s already said a lot of entries had wrong answers or didn’t comply with the t&c’s. Do you think it’s possible, you people who are whining about not having won, that you entered a wrong answer, perhaps by mistake, or didn’t comply with the rules in some other way?

    As for the people who have won one but not the other – be grateful for what you have! I won Office, am extremely grateful for winning a free-to-enter competition and would not dream of whining that I didn’t scoop two prizes.

    Carry on like this and Microsoft won’t run any more competitions.

  95. Aliahmed says:

    So any current estimates as to when would it be sent from the distribution centre?

  96. Ian Moulster says:

    I asked the questions, it looks like they’re expecting them to be dispatched Wednesday but will try for tomorrow. Which would mean delivery to you probably Thursday or Friday. I am told that the package should fit through letter-boxes btw.

  97. Heather says:

    Are they still being sent 1st class? It is very risky to send something like this none recorded/special delivery.

  98. Ian Moulster says:

    I have received a sample of the package and it’s pretty good actually. It’s a DVD case (ie not a cardboard folder) containing a single DVD. It is 32 bit only. I’ll try to get some photos and post them up.

  99. JackieF says:

    32bit only is A-OK with me. Can’t wait to receive my coy now!

  100. LaceyWare says:

    I suppose the obvious follow-on question from that, Ian, is whether there is any way for us to order 64-bit media? Not that it matters much to me personally if we can’t…

  101. Will says:

    Ooh, bit of a shame about no 64Bit but you really can’t complain it’s free! Plus it saves me making a decision about which to install πŸ˜‰

    Good to hear they will fit through a letterbox, I don’t like getting woken up in the morning!

    Any more news on the Office ship date ?


  102. Jevon says:

    With regards to 32-bit only, my understanding is that retail Ultimate boxes contain both 32- and 64-bit DVDs and the license allows you to install one or other. Is the licence for this competition version similar, such that if you have legitimate access to a 64-bit version (i.e. via MSDN Subscription) you can use the competition licence to install the 64-bit edition? Or does this bend the MSDN licence (i.e. using MSDN Subscription media for a non-Subscription installation)?

    Thanks for your hard work in keeping everyone updated Ian, much appreciated.

  103. Ian Moulster says:

    I’ll see what I can find out about the 64 bit question.

    Office ship date: We have been told "first week of April" but we complained so they’re trying to bring that forward…

  104. Martin says:

    The package arrived from Microsoft in a DVD case as Ian described. Not sure how I got my copy early. Some kind of slip up at the distributors I guess. Any way I am very happy.


  105. Ian Moulster says:

    Glad you got that Martin, maybe it will be a mystery forever. I checked with the distributors, they confirm they haven’t sent anything yet. But given that Microsoft is a large and many-legged beast it’s possible it came from another part of the business due to some unrelated activity.

    Whatever the answer, I’m glad you’re happy!

  106. Martin says:

    Does that mean I might get another copy of Vista later this week??


  107. Ian Moulster says:

    Looks like that might happen. If so, maybe you’d consider donating it to a worthy cause. Not sure how you would define "worthy" but I’ll leave it to your conscience πŸ™‚

  108. mbrown says:


    Is it a retail copy of office and vista?  Just that I may sell my copy of office and buy vista.  Is that ok?



  109. Mike says:

    Martin: If you end up with an extra copy of Vista, I’m thinking you could run a web based competition for people to win it. I envisage a few videos to watch followed by a simple question to enter the competition.

    It wouldn’t take up much time or resources to do that would it?

  110. Ian Moulster says:

    Mark – these are "not for resale" copies so you are not allowed to sell them.

    Mike – thanks for that, I needed a smile this afternoon!

  111. the andyman says:

    As they are only 32 bit versions does that mean they are OEM copies (seeing as this is normally the only way to get only a 32 bit version isn’t it)?

    Also is the DVD case an old style one or a retail Vista style one (with the curved corner)?

    Thanks again for keeping us all informed Ian

  112. Ian Moulster says:

    Andyman: This is a NFR ("not for resale") version of Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. It is in a traditional DVD case ie of the type you might get with a film or xbox game. It has a custom-made insert with launch branding.

  113. Andy Betts says:

    Any news on what the replacement Office 2007 prize will be if you don’t start shipping by April 16th? Cheers for running the comp. so smoothly, it’s really appreciated by everyone (apart from the ignorant people who complain about not winning a free to enter competition).


  114. Mike says:

    Hi Ian

    As I already have a copy of Vista Ultimate and I cannot sell my prize due to being NFR, can I give it away without breaching any T&C’s?

  115. Ian Moulster says:

    Andy – thanks for your comments. We shouldn’t have a problem shipping them on time.

    Mike – I will get strangled (or worse) if I start offering legal advice on licensing. So at the risk of sounding like a chicken…I’ll check with someone in the legal dept and let you know.

  116. Mohammad says:

    Thanks for the video!

    Looks like (compared to the US Launch) the box is much better! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Is that all we are going to receive – not that i’m complaining or anything.  (IE, just opening the package to find the DVD case)

  117. Carl M says:

    Ian, you really didn’t have to make a video – or answer any more questions – when they’re going to hopefully be in our hands by the end of the week! Too bad I couldn’t quite make out the product key in that video! πŸ˜›

    I want to see some normal blog posts Ian, rather than you writing blog post worthy length comments here!

    I think this is the only place where I comment because I’m annoyed by other people.

  118. Neil Jones says:

    Can you zoom in a bit so I can read the licence key?


  119. Luna says:

    Ian: Can’t believe you went to that trouble (on top of everything) for something people will see in a day or two. What a great bloke. πŸ™‚

  120. Mike says:

    That video is great Ian but I’m still not satisfied.

    Would it be possible for you to produce a video of the postman walking up to my front door and delivering the package through my letter box?

  121. Ian Moulster says:

    Yeah yeah you folks are all spoiled. And yes, I’ll need to start blogging about normal stuff soon to see if I can attract people back to my blog πŸ™‚

  122. LaceyWare says:

    Looking good. And, of course, we can now use the high quality video of your hand to identify you in public and stalk you!

    Or maybe not. Many thanks for the video and for your continued patience with us (which seems to include replying to your blog late into the night…).

  123. dr del says:

    We aren’t people? **sniff** – I knew microsoft hated me **cry**

    Kidding dude – thanks for going the extra mile. Now make it a mile and a half and send me a free copy of vista ;-P

    I’m poor – poor i tellz ya ;-D

    dr del

  124. Tristan says:

    Do we know if this is an OEM or RETAIL licence?  The reason for asking is because if it is OEM, we will only be able to use it once as if we upgrade our machine, it then becomes unlicenced?


  125. Ian Moulster says:

    Update: I’ve just heard that we’re shipping the product today so you should receive it tomorrow or Thursday.

  126. mbrown says:

    Ian: Anymore news on Office, did you manage to speed things up? πŸ˜€

  127. IanC says:

    Ianm: you must have had enough of this comp by now! I reckon its time you said hasta la vista and got back to the office πŸ™‚

  128. Maddy says:

    My copy has arrived this morning. Thank you very much Ian for the HUGE amount of time and effort you’ve put into running this competition and keeping us up to date every step of the way, and obviously a big thank you to Microsoft for being so generous! πŸ™‚

  129. Dave says:

    I also recieved my copy this morning – very happy indeed.  Thanks for keeping us updated regularly Ian.  I hope your blog does not suffer as a result.  I certainly had never visited it before, and now plan to check it in the future.  We need these kinds of communication and on-line community.

  130. Matt Eason says:

    My Vista arrived this morning. Ditto Maddy, thanks for all the time and effort you and the team have put into this.

  131. Andy C says:

    My copy arrived today. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this blog. It is one of my bookmarks now!

  132. Chris Mossom says:

    My Vista just dropped trough the door!!

    Thanks again Ian, the team and Microsoft for your support of us UK developers.

  133. Dan Proctor says:

    My copy just came in through the letterbox. Thanks again Ian for your unending patience, and thank you Microsoft for running this awesome competition.

  134. LaceyWare says:

    As all the others have said, very many thanks. My copy arrived this morning!

  135. scoopex says:

    Can this version be upgraded to the 64 bit version at a later date ?

  136. James Rossiter says:

    I’ve emailed the address to get the list of winners already, mainly because I need to check if Vista has been sent to my old (wrong) address as I have recently moved house.

    If it has, and has been returned to sender my the current occupiers, can i request another copy?

    thanks a lot,


  137. alex says:

    thank you very much ian , packaged arrived this morning very very pleasesd πŸ˜€

  138. MNikoo says:

    I have got my copy too, thanks.

    Currently looking around the house to find a computer not running Windows Vista… Found: My wife’s MacBook!

  139. Andy J says:

    thanks very much, received my vista copy today =)

    cheers ian for keeping us all updated, and to microsoft as well!

  140. Parin says:

    I’ve also got my copy πŸ™‚ I would just like to thank you Ian for all the updates and info you have given us.


  141. Steve says:

    Thankyou Ian, you’ve put up with lot of flak that was completely out of order and you saved me buying home premium. now all i need is a new pc but thats something for the end of the month

  142. John says:

    I’ve also got my copy.

    Now all I’ve got to do is get through the rest of the work day.  Can’t wait to get home and install it.

    Thanks to all at Microsoft especially Ian for his updates and patience.


  143. jones says:

    Once someone has installed it, please can you tell us if its a retail license or oem?

  144. Jim says:

    Thanks Ian, great job of overseeing everything.

    Loading it up!


  145. Andy says:

    Got my copy this afternoon. Thanks Ian and Microsoft!

  146. Paul says:

    Many thanks for keeping us all up to date Ian, and a big thank you to Microsoft for my free software πŸ™‚

    I was just wondering though…

    Has there has been any more information regarding 64bit media?

    I entered in my product code on the webpage Microsoft has made available to order alternalte media:

    Unfortunately I can only presume that it was because it was a Vista Ultimate key I had entered, but the only choice given was to order the 32bit version on CD πŸ™


  147. Adam D says:

    jones – it is retail  edition.

    Hopefully get mine tommorow!

  148. Ainars says:

    I have not got my copy yet, hoping to receive it soon. From what I understood there is only 32 bit version. Since I have Athlon 64 x2 pc, I was looking forward for a 64 bit version. Just wondering if I get 64 bit instalation media elswhere and use my key from 32 bit version. If understood correctly retail versions contains 2 DVD’s 32 bit and 64 bit and only one key which works for both versions. Also is it full version or OEM?

  149. Luna says:

    Safe and sound. Thanks again Ian!

  150. Will says:

    Thanks Ian & Microsoft!

    The effort you’ve put in to this is much appreciated!

  151. Nameless says:


    I think it only gives a 32-bit CD option because it assumes you have the retail Vista which has the 32-bit and 64-bit versions on a single DVD. At it says the page lets you order 64-bit versions for versions other than Ultimate..

  152. Jonathan says:

    Got home to find my copy of Vista – many thanks Ian for all your efforts, as well as to anybody else involved in running the competition.

  153. sntwhy says:

    Got mine!! but only my lap top is not good enough to run Ultimate….  Anybody up for an exchange for office (which is more useful for me?)? πŸ˜›

    thanks Ian and everybody!

  154. Jon says:

    Hi Ian

    Got my copy of Vista today, thanks to you and everyone at MS.

    One quick question you might know the answer to:  I built a new system recently and installed an OEM copy of Home Premium, now I have a new copy of ultimate I would prefer this on my new system, can I uninstall Home Premium and replace it with Ultimate and install my OEM Home Premium on my laptop.

    Thanks again


  155. Anthony says:

    Yep got mine today, thanks so much Ian and MS

  156. Neil Jones says:

    Something about "not carrying out oral inspections of munificent equines" springs to mind…

  157. Luna says:

    jones: As far as I can tell it’s not an OEM but it’s not quite a retail disc either. "Not for retail promo" apparently. Works, though. πŸ˜‰

  158. Tristan says:

    Right the main question i can see at the moment are the following…

    1) Can we get a 64 bit version from MS or are we only licenced for the 32 bit version?

    2) As this is a "special" and we are not sure if its OEM or Retail, what effect will it have by upgrading the PC on which Vista is installed on (OEM can only be installed onto 1 set of hardware)


  159. Mark says:

    Thanks Ian (and MS)

    Got mine yesterday, now to build the machine worthy of it.

  160. Ascii Smoke says:

    Hi Ian

    Got my copy yesterday. I just wanted to drop by and add another thanks for sorting out the comp and keeping us all informed of it’s progress.



  161. Adam says:

    Got mine yesterday and spent most of the afternoon and evening playing with Vista, and I’m now writing this from Vista.  

    I said earlier I was surprised they could give out a winners list, but if it’s a legal requirement I completely understand.  Thanks for running a great competition Microsoft!

  162. Gareth Adams says:

    Got mine last night and it’s installed already!! Works wonderfully on my £300 tesco acer laptop!!! (Well, the aero interface doesn’t work but the rest is all there!)

    The only thing I needed to do was to download a new sound driver but, to be fair to vista, it worked with the old one, just complained about it.

    Visual C# express works with the DirectX SDK.

    Foxit PDF reader (adobe alternative – installed without a hitch.

    Thanks Ian for keeping us all so well informed and thanks to everyone else involved in the process.

    P.S. What other software have people got installed successfully?

  163. Ian Moulster says:

    On the two questions – and thanks Tristan for picking these out – about 32/64 bit and OEM vs Retail: To be honest I’m the middle man here so I don’t know the answer. But I’ve asked the people who do know and will update you when I have the answer.

    One other question re being allowed to give away these copies to someone else: yes you can do that as long as there is no charge. So you can’t sell it, but you can give it away.

  164. Habz says:

    Hi Ian,

    I thought i’d just say once more what a great job Microsoft have done running this competition. I cant say this enough but, thanks Ian for keeping us all in the know.

    I got my Vista yesterday.. just in time for my new powerhouse of a pc.

    Thanks once again, hope all the unhappy folks dont stop you running more of these events for us UK devs.

  165. Ian Moulster says:

    The answers I have aren’t all that conclusive but here goes:

    The retail version you buy in shops is what we call FPP: Full Packaged Product. This is a specific SKU (stock keeping unit – essentially a specific product or set of products bundled together) that contains both sets of media, 64 and 32 bit. The link that Paul referred to – – is aimed at this particular sku.

    However the sku you folks have is a special custom sku that we created for the competition, and there is no process set up for it as a result.

    What does this all mean? Feel free to try order the 64 bit version by entering your product key on the relevant screen by following the link. It may be fine, it may not, unfortunately we can’t guarantee it either way.

    As for the OEM vs Retail question: for the purposes of installing it on alternative hardware (ie removing it from one piece of hardware and installing it on another) you can consider this as the retail version ie it’s ok to do that.

    Hopefully that sheds some light on the situation. If/when I hear more I’ll let you know.

  166. Paul Smith says:

    All the talk about which version of Vista is being provided etc, makes me think that it would have been simpler for MS just to have provided the normal retail version. Has it not costed MS money to release this special version? Even custom packaging costs.

    Will the Office Pro be the retail version? Or is it subtly different? Is it still planned to arrive at your distributors on the 30th?

  167. Tristan says:

    Thanks for the update Ian and thanks to MS for giving me £300 worth of software for free!  Yey!

    Just need to figure out how to get the 64 bit version disc.

  168. TH says:

    I just tried the link for the 64-bit media. When entering my product ID, it only allows you to get a 32-bit CD, not a 64-bit DVD.

    I hope that a solution can be found to this, so we can get the x64 version.

    It is quite disappointing, I held off getting Vista for several months because I was waiting for the prize in the competition, which I assumed was equivalent to the retail product since it would be strange to offer OEM version as a prize, and now I get a version I can’t use because I can’t upgrade my existing Windows XP 64-bit edition with the disc I have received.

    So please try if you can find a solution. I know it is not your fault Ian, but it is quite a disappointment after waiting for so long and now not being able to use the prize.

  169. HuwM says:

    Thanks again Ian (and team), I have recieved my copy of Vista and have now got an activated version instead of a trial with 2 days left!!

    I do however have a friend who also entered and who is (like some above) not happy he didn’t win and he was wondering how long it took for the 1000 copies to be won, or if he violated the T&Cs. Is there any way he could find either of these out??

    Again from me, THANKS!!!

  170. Alastair says:

    Has anyone tried activating x64 with the key received ?

    Thanks again Ian πŸ™‚ Your a star for putting up with all the hassle πŸ˜‰ Your welcome to come in for tea and biccies if your ever passing LOL.

  171. William says:

    Thanks *SO* much for Windows Vista! I now look very very much forward to Office! For now i am running down the trial version!!

  172. Tyid says:

    Got my copy thank you very much, shame that some simpletons can’t read the not for sale part on the disk.

  173. Ian Moulster says:

    Thanks Tyid, I’ll get in touch with ebay to get it removed.

  174. Michael says:

    Can I just ask where are we officialy told that this prize is not for resale?

    The competition T&C’s did not say any prizes won couldn’t be sold on. And as I understand it, that is the legally binding part of the competition made with I (the entrant) made with you, Microsoft. That should have explicitly said that the prize is not for re-distribution if that was the case.

    The letter that came with the prize did not say the item was not for re-sale.

    The box itself does not say it isn’t for resale. The only thing that comes close is the Certificate of Authenticity which has some garble saying:-


    But how is anyone outside of Microsoft meant to understand what the means? I certainly don’t have a clue what it means.

    And to Tyid, it’s not your job to police eBay on Microsoft’s behalf. If you are going to, you could at least have pointed out the other Vista Ultimate’s that have been up on there from this competition. Not just single out a user who you describe as a "simpleton".

    And as you can see in that picture that person hasn’t even opened the wrapping of their copy. How are they supposed to know they cannot sell it on if it says it on the disc?!

  175. Mullooco says:

    "Office ship date: We have been told "first week of April" but we complained so they’re trying to bring that forward…"

    Any further update on the Office shipping date?


  176. Name Unprovided says:


    You are wrong regarding Ebay. It is reasonable for any user to police Ebay if they sense something should not be for auction.

    Someone who buys Vista from Ebay and received a NFR version, has all the rights to complain and warn Ebay and other people about this.

    When you sell something Ebay, you should do reasonable effort to make sure you comply with all terms and conditions. If the seller did not know the terms of the Vista NFR edition, the seller should have asked Microsoft and not blindly put it up. That’s how the world works, not the other way round.

  177. Dominic says:

    I don’t get why it’s unwanted! Why enter the competition? I could’ve had that! I think my Windows entry was ineligible, but I won Office, so I’m still happy. πŸ™‚

  178. Tyid says:

    Sorry Michael, I didn’t mean to cause offense to yourself, I hope it wasn’t you that was the seller and is why you are bitter. You’re right about policing on Microsofts behalf, and I wasn’t, I accidently stumbled across it looking for something else, that’s why I only posted the one link, like you say I could have posted more if I went out of my way looking. I also agree about the not for resale should be on the actual casing. Also if you’re going to quote me at least quote things I actually said, which was simpletons, which is plural.

  179. Michael says:

    I apologise for being so harsh in my previous post. I was a little hot-headed at the time.

    If it’s Not For Resale, it’s Not For Resale. πŸ™‚

  180. Beverley says:

    Whoever is selling it would be liable for fraud if the buyer decided to complain that it was a not for resale version. Having been "stung" like this more than once over promo console games, I fully applaud Tyid and the other person for reporting this to Microsoft.

  181. Tristan says:

    So has anyone got the 64 bit version registered using the 32 bit key?

    I still can’t find a way of getting a nice 64 bit DVD

  182. Bill says:

    Thanks Iain for your help and constant updates!

    It’s a shame the vista software is only 32 bit!

    I just bought my new x64 machine with the vista home x64 preinstalled – so the vista I just got has not as much use as I wished.

    So I was wondering if anyone of you "lucky office winners" wants a swap – otherwise I will need to give it away to some relative (ps. do not worry, it wont appear in ebay haha).


    if yes send me an email to: email(at)

    – hope Ianm allows this post πŸ™‚ haha

    Thanks again.    

  183. mbrown says:


    I have just sent you an email. πŸ˜€



  184. MrB says:

    Tryed twice to get the 64 bit & all i keep getting offered is the cd version of the 32 bit…

    Not that i’m gripeing but there must be a fair percentage of us out here who need the 64 bit version…

    Any help by the powers that be would (I’m sure) be welcomed & appreciated…


  185. Kevin Leeds says:

    Hi Has microsoft’s cd burner broke cause I can’t get Office 2007 on the HUP either……. If anyone would like to swap my Office 2007 (when it arrives) for Vista please leave details

  186. Adam says:

    Hello. Thanks for my copy. Although when i post things on here they dont allways show :(.

    Got mine and its ready to be installed when my pc is upgraded.

    I would like to order a copy on cd though but the link above shows i can order the cd’s but the button to order now doesnt seem to work.

    Also how would i email the team with reguards to a friend getting the email but not getting the item through the post?

    Thankyou for all your help ian.


  187. Colin says:

    The key i got from the competition installed and activated fine with a Vista Ultimate 64 bit Retail DVD.

  188. dagaci says:

    I have been able to order the 64bit DVD using the link ian supplied using the 32bit dvd key(

  189. Paul says:

    Colin said:

    "The key i got from the competition installed and activated fine with a Vista Ultimate 64 bit Retail DVD."

    That’s great news Colin πŸ™‚

    Now if only the rest of us could get hold of some legitimate x64 discs too…. πŸ˜‰

  190. mbrown says:

    Just download the RTM as it is legal.  As it allows you to run the vista as a 30 day trial (by not entering a product code).  Or instead enter your retail key.  I can’t see there being anything illegal about that.  You are entitled to Vista x64 as the key works on both x86 and x64.

    You have a valid product key – thats all that matters.

    So go get yourself the Vista RTM (Build 6000) iso and run it!

  191. mbrown says:


    Have you got an update on the Office?  Or will it still be the first week in April that it is shipped?



  192. Ian Moulster says:

    I’ve asked a couple of times, no news yet. If/when I hear I’ll let you know

  193. Yiannis says:

    Grrrr Royal Mail must be using a pigeon nowadays..I still haven’t received my Vista copy..

  194. TEQ says:

    Tried the key on the page as dagaci did, but all it offers me is a 32 bit cd.

  195. Ed Nieto says:


    U said u ordered the 64bit DVD from the link, but can you tell us how much they charged you in the end for it, as MS haven’t provided that information under that link or any other… they just say it’s a "nominal fee" ??


  196. Adam says:

    Anything from my above comment?

  197. Stephen Tordoff says:

    Ian: Any updates on if the 64-bit version is avaliable?


  198. Mr B says:

    Just tried the link again & I’m still only being offered the 32bit (cd) version πŸ™


  199. Ian Moulster says:

    Thanks re the ebay copies, I have passed these to the appropriate team who will follow up with ebay.

    Adam – as to your friend, get him/her to email me via this blog. Thanks.

  200. Ian says:

    Is anyone else still waiting for their delivery of Vista?  Mine has yet to arrive…!

  201. ABC says:


    Can you please show us where in the T&C it stated that these prizes were not for resale? Many of us already have Vista, either from MSDN or by having bought it, so we have no need for another copy.

    You said we can give it away free. What if I gave it away free to someone who decided to sell it?

  202. Anonymous says:

    So why am I not legally able to resell the software on eBay? I have no use for it, as my computer’s not powerful enough to run Vista, and I’ve never agreed to any Vista license agreement about "NFR" software, nor was there any such wording in the competition terms and conditions.

    This just smacks of heavy-handedness by Microsoft.

    Excuse the anonymity, it’s just that given the hostile nature of the comments here I’d prefer not to leave my name.

  203. mbrown says:

    @ABC & Anonymous:

    Why did you enter the competition then?  for the financial gain of selling your copy on ebay when you won it!  Do you not think that is a little unfair for those who do not have Vista and would maybe like to run it on their machine.

    I think you are being completely selfish and your product keys should be made inactive – this won’t happen however, but if you didn’t need it in the first place why did you enter!

  204. Alastair says:

    Anonymous if you don’t want your copy and are not happy with the NFR policy just send it back to Ian or give it to a friend! Why enter the competition if your PC was not capable of running Vista and you had intention of using it. It would appear that you just wanted this prize for financial gain.

    "heavy-handedness" ???? This was one hell of a competition with very generous prizes, Microsoft did not have to do this and I for one am very thankful to them for their generosity. I’m sure that most of the other winners are very happy with their win and are installing it on their own PC’s.

    I’m not getting funny with you or "hostile", it just annoys me a little, why not keep the copy until you get a PC that can run it?

  205. derek says:

    well if anyone has a "not for resale" version they have no use for I would be glad to recieve it as I didn’t win one apparently πŸ™

    satanswombat at gmail dot com

    Would that be allowed Ian? or does that still count as resale?


  206. Neil says:

    Not yet received vista, I suspect that as it was sent first class it will never arrive. Ian can you confirm if it was registered/recorded and if there are any ways to follow up non delivery issues. I imagine some posite is rubbing his/her hands in glee right now!

  207. FraserGJ says:

    Wouldn’t "Prizes are as stated and are non transferable" imply that reselling the software is not allowed?

    I won Office but I would’ve liked a copy of Vista if I’m honest. Some of those ebay items could’ve have gone to those who actually wanted them, the people who missed out. Its one thing to miss out on a prize but its quite another to find that those who *did* win, are selling it on for profit…

    Couldn’t Microsoft do some sort of half price deal on a retail copy for all those here who missed out? I’d take up any offer of that sort πŸ™‚

    I’d also be more than happy to give an unwanted copy of Vista a good home

  208. gl says:

    Same for me, that link only offered the 32bit media.  Ian, a definite answer on 64bit would be great.

    BTW, for anyone disappointed that Bitlocker requires a TPM-enabled mobo, turns out you can use it without one:,295582,sid45_gci1246548,00.html

  209. RichardS says:

    Hi Ian

    How many computers at my address will I be able to install the copy of Office 2007 on (that I won in the competition)?  Is it limited to a single machine or could I install it on both machines that I own?



  210. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just had a response back from the Microsoft team that deal with such eBay auctions, and the gist of their message is this: while there’s nothing technically wrong with selling the Vista DVD itself if you haven’t agreed to the license, the problem is that it’s being sold as a full version of Windows Vista, which it’s not; it’s for "demonstration, testing and evaluation only", and it’s inaccurate to sell it as a proper retail version. eBay’s policies, in turn, allow them to remove such items even if they are accurately described it as an evaluation product.

    To summarise what I believe to be the case:

    – no, eBay won’t let you sell this.

    – you can probably sell it elsewhere PROVIDED you let the buyer know that it’s not a retail copy and, once they agree to the license agreement, they will not be able to sell it on.

    I wish I’d been told about that beforehand, because I had no idea that there was any such restriction – and asking me to find and comprehend "NFR" (on the back, in small letters, amidst other codes and jumbles) is a bit much to ask.

    A couple of responses to questions:

    @Alastair: "Why enter the competition if your PC was not capable of running Vista and you had intention of using it. It would appear that you just wanted this prize for financial gain." Yep, not denying that. A hundred quid or so would come in very handy.

    @FraserGJ: "Wouldn’t ‘Prizes are as stated and are non transferable’ imply that reselling the software is not allowed?" I would have thought that applied to sending the prize to others directly from Microsoft, but perhaps. Certainly, if that’s what is meant, it could be a damn sight clearer.

  211. Paul says:

    mbrown said:

    "Just download the RTM as it is legal."

    From where exactly?

    If at all possible I would like to avoid the use of peer2peer software

    Just spotted this:

    "If you need a Windows Vista disc

    Additional license orders do not necessarily include a disc. If you lost your original disc or your product came preinstalled on your computer without a Windows Vista disc, you may order a replacement or backup disc online.;


    As far as I can tell, the only cost is for shipping, which is £2.48

    Would anybody happen to know if the Anytime Upgrade discs can be used for a fresh install?

    (without resorting to installing it twice)

  212. mbrown says:


    It is only Licensed for one machine.  As it is a retail serial number.

  213. mbrown says:


    If you like, email me your address to and I will send you a copy of the x64 DVD – I presume this is not illegal as it can be run as a 30 day trial.

    Please no one else email me requesting this disc as the answer is no.

  214. Paul Smith says:



    Office Pro 2003(retail) allows install on a desktop and laptop – provided they are not used at the same time. [My version cost me 50 euro from a MS employee in Germany who was making use of their discount facilities. If only my friend still worked for MS!!!]

    Any reason to suspect the new version of Office does not allow the same use?

  215. Mike says:

    It seems to me that a lot of the angst and confusion surrounding the licence resale restrictions, edition and platform type could have been avoided if the precise nature of the prizes had been set out in the T&Cs.

    The Office T&Cs specify Office Professional but the Vista T&Cs don’t even specify the edition. There is no mention of the 32-bit/64-bit platform variant or licence/sale restrictions. I believe that the sentence β€˜Prizes are as stated and are non transferable.’ means that you can’t elect to have the prize sent to someone else (or have a different prize). It doesn’t mean that the winner can’t receive the prize and subsequently sell it to someone else. I’m not saying that the prize shouldn’t have been not-for-resale (NFR). I’m saying that the NFR status of the prize should have been set out in the T&Cs.

    In the absence of any further information in the T&Cs, it was reasonable to assume that winners would receive a regular boxed retail version of the product.

    It is obviously too late now for this competition. I suggest that Microsoft be more rigorous in specifying the precise nature of the prize in the T&Cs, for any future competitions.

  216. Ian Moulster says:

    Mike – I agree we have work to do on future iterations of this kind of campaign. Thanks for your thoughts and I agree that it would be better to make things as clear as possible in the T&Cs moving forward.

  217. LaceyWare says:

    So does anybody know if a 64-bit Anytime Upgrade DVD can be used to install the 64-bit version of Vista?

  218. Ainars Dauksts says:

    Hello! Was all Vista prizes sent out at same time or some of them are still to be sent because i have not got mine yet. And I know I have won one because I got e-mail from Microsoft saying: "Yes, you have won a copy of Windows Vista"

  219. Kev says:

    Any news on office yet?


  220. Carl M says:

    I hope this is the last time I comment on this thread as it’s becoming very tiresome – if it’s tiresome for me, I suspect it’s worse for Ian.

    Those people who wish to sell or give away their prizes, I think are ungrateful sods. Sorry to be blunt but if your only reason to enter a competition is to then not use it but to sell it on or just give it away, you’ve taken away a copy that someone who deserves it should have received. People like you boil my blood.

    Even if the terms and conditions didn’t state it was a NFR version, you shouldn’t even be thinking about selling it on – it’s a prize worth £300. If you don’t want it, send it back to Microsoft.

  221. Julian says:

    Anonymous said:

    ‘I’ve just had a response back from the Microsoft team that deal with such eBay auctions, and the gist of their message is this: while there’s nothing technically wrong with selling the Vista DVD itself if you haven’t agreed to the license, the problem is that it’s being sold as a full version of Windows Vista, which it’s not; it’s for "demonstration, testing and evaluation only"’

    I don’t understand this – the licence contained within the software itself contains no such restriction (unlike the MSDN licence, for example). If there really is such a restriction (ie demo, test, eval only) I think we all deserve to have been told about it up front. This would make a huge difference as to how valuable the prize was, and how one can use it (legally, that is).

    Until definitively told otherwise I believe the prize is a not-for-resale full copy with no usage restrictions. And a better box πŸ˜‰ than retail. But no 64-bit disc πŸ™

  222. mark says:

    I’m sure you’ll probably find that in the original terms and conditions of the competition, Microsoft reserved the right to use winners names for publicity etc so producing a list of winners is the norm for a competition and probably within Microsofts rights.

  223. albar says:

    hi ian

    i emailed you about this.

    i received a winner email for vista.

    i also got the winners list and i am on the vista winners list,but havent received it yet.

    ive never trusted royal mail

    should i continue to wait?

    or is there something else i can do?

  224. dasunnman says:

    hey Ian

    I sent an email to request the list of winners for both vista and office..but was never replied..and also to make corrections on my delivery address..I just want to know if you could send it to my email man would really appreciate it…

    And yeah good work with this blog man..its lovely..


  225. David Hearn says:

    I think you’ll find it is illegal to email copies of the 64bit CD around, even if you have a Vista license.

    And I’ve not seen anything to say that anyone and everyone can install Vista for 30 days without purchasing a copy.  Yes, you can (physically – not necessarily legally or morally) install any edition of Vista for 30 days without needing a key.  But I haven’t seen it stated that this is intended as a ‘try before you buy’ mechanism.  The EULA still needs to be agreed to before installation, and that EULA states you need to have purchased/own a license.

    Sharing copies of DVD images between licensed users is a grey area.  Are you allowed to make copies of the DVD?  Usually, it’s limited to 1 ‘backup’ copy.  Making a number of copies and sending to other (licensed) users is in breach of this.  Personally, I doubt MS will worry about them – but MS are within their right to clamp down on it if they wanted to.

  226. David Hearn says:

    This one seems bizarre:

    "This version can be installed on three machines in your house." – not that I’ve heard of.

    "only 1000 of such have ever been produced" – well, the same edition was used for all attendees of the physical Office/Vista UK launch – so far more than 1,000 were produced.

    Just out of curiosity – you can’t install this edition of Vista on 3 machines – can you?

  227. Ainars Dauksts says:

    Anything abou tmy question above?

  228. Joe says:

    Hi Ian.

    Any news on Office shipping date?

    No pressure!! LOL


  229. Stan says:

    The Vista Anytime Upgrade DVD is an upgrade from one edition of Vista to another. It specifically states that it will not upgrade between 32 and 64 bit.

    Mike, shouldn’t there be a direct upgrade path between 32 bit and 64 bit Vista. As drivers improve and more memory is required this is an upgrade that all 32 bit users will eventually require. Even OEM owners have paid already paid a price within the purchase of their machine for a Vista licence therefore surely it shouldn’t cost full price to obtain this upgrade?

    In fact I was hoping to use the prize to install on a new machine but the build arrived before the proze therefore I have purchased an OEM licence and will use the prize on a second machine later. If more 64 bit drivers had been available I would have purchased a 64 bit OEM but much of my hardware would not work at present and I find I have no upgrade path. I cannot even legally purchase a future 64 bit OEM licence as this would no longer be used on a new machine and therefore it appears that it will cost me a full price retail licence to upgrade ignoring my current OEM Vista licence.

    Any chance of putting in a request to marketing to look at the situation?

  230. Paul Smith says:

    Today is the 30th.

    Any news when Office is going to be shipped?

  231. Damian says:

    Can someone provide me with the list of winners as i have been waiting near 4 days now for Microsoft to get back to me with this!


  232. Ian Moulster says:

    Folks – I’ve been out of the office and unable to read your comments for a few days, and will be out now until Monday. I am chasing the Office stuff hard but don’t have a date for you yet. I’m well aware time is ticking away.

    As for the winner lists, I’ll chase that up too, you should be getting these.

  233. Barry says:

    Ian, thanks for the Office update – even if there is no news πŸ™‚ I certainly appreciate the effort you guys have put into running this competition.  

  234. Neil says:

    Ian what should we do in the event the prize is not received? There are a few people asking the question now. I find it a bit worrying that the prizes were sent using basic first class considering the value of the gift is £300.

    Maybe your waiting on a second batch, either way can you confirm what we should do.

  235. Paul says:

    Ian, sorry to keep putting posts on the blog when you’re out of office (this is the 3rd I believe) but some time ago you posted a blog regarding some signed software by Bill Gates. Whilst looking for other Windows Software, I came across a signed edition of Vista on eBay. Just wondering if the giveaway had already happened or if this is unrelated. The link is:


  236. alex says:

    hi there ian

    thanks for all the work you have done for the competition. i recieved my copy and it installed ok. but when i try to install kaspersky internet security. it keeps coming back saying theres problems with windows installer package.

    i didnt know who else to contact. is there a problem with the dvd.

  237. Stephen says:

    Gah, my office trial ran out today :(. Bit of a rut because I need it but don’t really want to mess around installing my old 2003 copy for a week!

  238. Paul Smith says:


    One of my machines exhibited a similar problem (on Zone Alarm) but under XP. After following all the various on-line hints I followed the troubleshooting link and contacted MS support. Very quickly a knowledgeable and helpful engineer e-mailed me with a suite of suggestions. One of which provided me with a link to a "new" windows installer which cured my problem.

    Is Kapersky compatible with Vista? Many third party companies are still playing catch-up. I get my broadband from Tiscali, and they are advising that their modem is not yet Vista compatible. They have a workaround but they are advising customers to delay upgrades if possible.

    Alternatively, have you asked the appropriate newsgroup?

    2nd April!  Any news on he dispatch of Office???

  239. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi all, I’ve just received a further update re the Office shipment – not good. Some kind of logistical issue is causing further delay, I’m pushing for an estimated date of delivery.

    I’ll let you know as I hear more, I’m as keen as you are (well, probably) to see this done and out of the way.

  240. pwalmsley says:

    That’s a new one, Logistical issue. What I fail to understand is why PC World is selling Office 2007 pro and Microsoft haven’t got copies of their own software. Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s a free gift but any hints yet as to what we will recieve if the 60 days run out? The time looms closer…

  241. pwalmsley says:

    Sorry, just seen the time on your last post. Is that really 3.33am??? Don’t know how you can be up that early. Or is it just the blog putting random times up whenever it feels the urge? (tubular bells playing in the background)

  242. mbrown says:

    Not good news ian πŸ™

    Does that mean we get Vista too for the inconvenience? hehe

  243. Ian Moulster says:

    It’s the time at the server which is on the west coast of the US. Although of course I work 24 hours a day….

    "Logistical issue" wasn’t meant to be some kind of euphemism, instead it reflects the amount of information I have about the actual issue (ie not much at the moment).

    I’ll find out what I can, will post that information when I can, and will answer questions where practical, but I definitely don’t have all of the answers.

    Think of me as your unofficial source of information about the the competition rather than anything grander than that and you’ll be on the right track.

  244. Paul Smith says:

    Please don’t think that I am complaining; rather I am airing lots of what-if’s:

    – MS announced in the competition running Feb that they were going to give away 1000 copies of Office Pro

    – Office Pro is a current stock item, readily available everywhere

    – Now, 40 days into the 60 day (self imposed) deadline, MS seem unable to get their hands on 1000 copies

    – The get out clause in the T&Cs is to provide an equivalent prize

    – What have MS got β€œlying around in large quantities” that they can alternatively provide, within the deadline? MS Works!

    – Microsoft reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Is this the value to the prize-winner (i.e. with respect to shop price); or the value to MS where the manufacture cost of discs is identical!

    Patience is a virtue …

  245. NJum says:

    Hi Ian ,

    Thanks for the update, I mean times running out now about 2 weeks left until 60 days is up!, will we get some compensation ( as in another gift) if it goes past the 16th April?

    Thanks again and I hope to get office soon as my trial running out soon!

  246. Ian Moulster says:

    At the risk of sounding nitpicking, it’s actually 20th April I believe. But I’m still hopeful they will be dispatched by this date.

  247. FraserGJ says:

    There is also Easter between now (2nd) and the 20th, how is that likely to affect things?

    There are 11 working days left between now and 20th (not including today and the 20th) after taking into account weekends and Easter… (assuming my maths are right)

    "Does that mean we get Vista too for the inconvenience? hehe"

    I don’t have a problem with that lol

  248. Jackie says:

    Is anyone else concerned that they might not receive their copy when it’s sent out as it isn’t sent recorded delivery?

    Is there anyway that Microsoft could ensure that only the genuine recipient can use the copy and if it goes ‘astray’ replace it?

    I personally would be happy to pay for my own recorded delivery

    (I posted this on the other thread,but without reply)

  249. Damian says:

    Well i understand that Microsoft may be a bit busy at the moment seen as though they cant get together 1000 copies of Office but i have still not recieved the List of winners and it has been near a week now. Any chance of getting this sometime soon either from Microsoft or from someone who has already got it?


  250. albar76 says:

    hi ian

    look,i dont want to hassle you,but im on the list of vista winners,but i havent received it yet.

    should i give up,or what can i do?

    thanks for your help

  251. Ian Moulster says:

    List of winner emails should be sent out later today (I’m told).

  252. pwalmsley says:

    Damian,ifyou post your email address on here, then I’ll forward it to you as a PDF file later today. Do you want the office/vista list or both?


  253. Damian says:


    Thanks Paul. If you could provide me with a list of both and send them to then i can pick them up without work blocking them or anything!

    Thanks Alot


  254. SHAWNG says:

    I am utterly amazed, dilluded and shocked at the range of opinions expressed on this blog. I thought it was supposed to be you Ian doing the posting???

    I appluad your professionalism when 99.9% of folk would have no other recourse but to tell the wingers to p*** off.

    I suspect if most complainers had spent as much energy ‘working’ as expressing their feelings, they might have been able to purcahse a copy.

    Even for you winners, just have faith (we are talking about one of the best companies in the entire world here!) and get on with your life, it’ll come in the post… you can be assured if MS have faltered then some winger will take it to the high court.

    I am dissapointed – I thought all developers were professional people!

    Well done Ian.

  255. pwalmsley says:

    There you go Damian, I’ve mailed through the winner lists. Hope you win.

  256. Ian Moulster says:

    I’m told that the backlog on the winner emails has been cleared ie if you requested the winner list you should have received it now.

  257. LittleL says:

    A big thanks must go out to Ian for keeping us continually up to date with the progress of shipping/winner lists…

    I must ask though what the process should be for those that are getting a little ‘worried’ over their prizes potentially being undelivered. The reason for asking is that a work colleage received his copy of Vista pretty early.

    I’ve received both the "you are a winner" email and seen my name in clear print in the winners list. I can agree with earlier posts that it’s a bit worrying sending out such a fantastic piece of software in un-recorded post.

    Shall I just hold fire a bit longer??

  258. Morgan says:

    hi all

    any news on when the office 2007 pro will be shipped ian?

    plz reply


  259. Paul says:

    Well Damian, seeing as though you already have Vista, and you can’t sell it to anybody, perhaps you’d consider donating the prize to a nice worthy cause… (Thought I’d try to be nice and cheeky, but I’m still stuck on XP) Not that there’s anything wrong with XP of course, but for my nice new home-built PC, I’d rather like Vista) Sorry did I say that???


  260. Ian Moulster says:

    Morgan – no update unfortunately but I’m still chasing.

  261. Steve says:

    Hi Ian,

    Here at our company we had 2 lucky winners for the vista price, plus from old uni mates I know 2 more winners. In total I know 4 people that have won the vista price.

    But by the look of it only 2 have received their prices… Its a shame microsoft decided to rely on first "unregister" royal mail post.

  262. Paul Smith says:

    I can’t belive that so many people are suggesting that Royal Mail is an unsafe service. They are regulated and they certainly do not make a habit of losing mail. They would be dumped on by various regulatory bodies if they did.

    Royal Mail will optionally insure items and provide a means of signature control etc, but niether of which changes the actual delivery mechanism.

    So what is the problem with MS using them?

  263. mbrown says:

    @Paul Smith:

    I think if the item has just been posted first class via royal mail and not via special delivery etc.  The item is only insured upto £30.  So as far as insurance goes there isn’t any really – unless microsoft have a deal with them.  However, there is no way to tell if the items have been shipped or delivered.


  264. Paul Smith says:


    I agree that order tacking is nice to have. From MS point of view, they know what they have posted, so if it fails to arrive and they have to send out a replacement, then what is the cost to them? The true manufacturing cost is probably negligible; and I don’t suppose the retail cost is important in this instance?

    I can’t believe that Royal Mail have lost all the orders that people are questioning. There must be another explanation.

    What is interesting, is that MS have [presumably] posted 1000 copies of Vista. A "handful" of people from these blogs are commenting about no delivery etc. What about the majority? Were they pleasantly surprised when a copy of Vista dropped in their mailbox? Conversely are there many people in blissful ignorance that they have won but nothing has turned up?

    This is probably the only competition where I have had any feedback. Generally, one enters a competition and then totally forget about it. If a prize arrives it is a total surprise.  Thank you Ian for (so far) forgetting the T&Cs about "no correspondence …"

  265. Ainars Dauksts says:

    I still have not received my copy of Windows Vista, and I am sure I won one because I received e-mail from microsoft. Should I wait a little longer or what would You recommend?

  266. Ian Moulster says:

    I have just heard that we expect to be able to ship the Office prizes by about Friday 13th April. Great date, what could possibly go wrong?

  267. mbrown says:

    Excellent ian.  will you be able to post a sample on soap box again.  Not too bothered as we will get it soon enough – but a little interested.

    Also I noticed soap box is only open to those who previously registered so some may not get it (i can though).

    Thanks again.

  268. siane says:

    Yippeeeeeeeee! Will be keeping a close eye on my letterbox πŸ™‚

  269. Mr B says:


    Excuse me for asking but Is anything going to be offered by Microsoft for all us 64bit system owners out here, who cannot update with a 32 bit OS. Has this question been put to Microsoft?

    Sorry to keep asking this…

    Thank you for your time & patience


  270. NickC says:

    Ian, thanx for the blog & your work on the comp.

    At risk of sounding greedy, I was wondering if anyone out there might consider donating me their copy of Vista they can’t use.  I just replaced the guts in my system after a "screwdriver incident" only to find that you can only do so much upgrading on XP OEM version…  Happy to pay postage etc. Don’t fancy asking the wife for yet more computa bitz –

  271. albar76 says:


    i understand what you’re saying,

    but i knew i won because i received the email from microsoft and i am on the vista winners list.

    i also posted on the previous blogs asking was it wise to post these prizes by royal mail.

    i only said this because i have ‘lost’ numerous items in transit with royal mail.i just thought it was amazing they were being sent this way.

    it is also very frustrating because anyone can say it didnt turn up.

    im more or less resigned to the fact its gone missing,unless anyone else has any ideas?

    and thanks ian,its very obviously not your fault and thanks for all the effort

  272. Jason says:

    I am also still awaiting my copy of Windows Vista.  If they were sent Royal Mail first class, we should of had these by now, what do we do??

  273. Paul says:

    Found another oneon eBay. I’m honestly not looking for them, but it really bugs me that people are eBaying their prizes. That prize could have gone to me, seeing as though I entered 50 minutes into the comp and didn’t win.

  274. Kevin Leeds says:

    Hi All

    Reading about all the Vista copies that have not arrived would it be possible to collect my prize of Office 2007 or pay Fedex or whoever to get me to sign for it?


  275. Kev says:

    Is there any way us office winners can pay a contribution towards royal mail special delivery as this prize is worth over £400 and I dont trust the postman πŸ˜€



  276. Jackie says:

    I would have thought the cost of recorded delivery for a disk without the promotional packaging as described on the Vista post-out would be negligible compared to the problems of lots of people complaining that they haven’t received them.I would be prepared to pay the extra.I belong to a group who regularly enter competitions and there many complaints about non recorded Royal Mail deliveries not arriving.

    It won’t be insured with 1st class post so will Microsoft replace any that are not delivered or will we have to do without our prizes.( There might even  be the scum who say tat they haven’t received them just to try and get another copy to sell on Ebay!)

    So please Microsoft nip it in the bud before it happens and give us the option of recorded delivery, this is such a wonderful promotion it wouldn’t be nice if it turned sour at the last minute.

    Thanks again Jackie.

  277. William Dowell says:

    Reqsted, but never got the email with the winner lists for both Office and Windows Vista… williamdowell(-*&REMOVE-ALL-INSIDE-BRAKET&!)  – Would be greatful if it could be sent as i see the backlog has been "cleared"…

  278. Paul says:

    Here you are William, I’ve emailed youthe winner lists. They’re in PDF Format, hope you win.

  279. David Hearn says:

    Despite what the media says, the Royal Mail is a pretty safe postal service, far better than in many countries.  Whilst post does get sometimes lost, it’s not that common – unlikely the number of people actually complaining on here.

    Judging by how often the ‘me too’ syndrome of complainants surface on the internet, it’s not surprising that many people are claiming to have lost their post with the Royal Mail.  There’s nothing to actually prove that those people claiming to have lost theirs actually won a copy!

    The replacement cost to Microsoft is not £400.  It’s probably in the £5-£10 range for this low-production, simple packaging, run.  Royal Mail will provide around £30 ‘insurance’ (100x price of 1st class stamp) as standard.  You really don’t need any proof of postage – I’ve claimed before with just my word that I posted something.  But in reality, MS are unlikely to bother with claiming insurance.  It’s not uncommon for businesses to send £10,000 *retail priced* items around the world with the lowest insurance, simply because of the cost of insurance compared to the cost of *replacement*.  Retail price != replacement price.

    Consider though, if they started using Special Delivery (Recorded is no different from 1st class, and I’ve had a Recorded delivery item lost before) then that’s around £4 per item for 1000 winners (2 competitions – ignoring the DVDs for physical launch attendees).  £8,000 extra, just on competition postage.  They cannot also handle individual items differently, it takes too much time and processing to do that.  So offering to pay UPS or Fedex or whatever to deliver isn’t going to happen, and MS cannot start charging for delivery as it wasn’t in the T&Cs.

    Maybe I’m just biased as mine arrived the next day. πŸ˜‰

  280. mark says:

    I agree, standard royal mail is a terrible service. I had a letter delivered today that was dated 30 November 2006! How can anyone trust a service like that? The letter had a cheque in, not sure whether it will still cash. And my dad had a letter at xmas dated 4 YEARS AGO. It had a note from the post office attatched to it apologising, apparently they had fired the postman in question because he had thousands of letters stored at home that he hadn’t deliviered. If same thing happens with Office prize we’ll be on Office 2010 by the time the postman gets round to delivering them. I’m sure Bill can afford the extr to send it special, it’s only a couple of pounds πŸ™‚

  281. William says:

    Thanks Paul for the email- greatfully recived. I now wait for my copy of Office to arrive! Re Royal Mail, whilst I agree it is perhaps no worse than other countries, it is still bad! May be i am just too demanding?!

  282. gl says:

    The right solution is to send Recorded, not Special.  Minimal extra charge (less than £1), and MS can verify if the item really was delivered or not.  Something for next time Ian?

    I’m sure there are Royal Mail hot spots, bad routes and/or bad posties – but the way to be sure is to send recorded.

    And as for claiming from RM, sounds like it’s luck of the draw.  I’ve had to fight RM long and hard about getting insurance from an International-signed for before, so I wouldn’t rely on just being able to say you lost something without at least proof-of-postage.

  283. TH says:

    YES! I ordered the Vista Anytime Upgrade 64-bit disc, from

    It arrived a couple of days later. And it installed without any issues on my PC. This was a clean install, I didn’t try to upgrade my XP 64 since I thought it was time for a fresh install anyway.

    And it *does* work with the CD key from the prize box. I also activated mine and there was no problem. So yes, go for it, this one will sort you out πŸ™‚ I am writing this from inside Vista of course.

  284. Kev says:

    TH, are you saying that the upgrade anytime disk is the same as the full version of Vista? because I thought it would only upgrade, I didnt think it would do a clean install.

    Did it boot or was it run through windows and then done as a clean install?



  285. mbrown says:

    Hi guys,

    The office prize will be shipping soon.  I was wondering if there is anyone who would like to swap their vista for my office?

    If so please email me on markbrown83(at)



  286. Andy C says:

    Will the 64bit disc work if the 32bit version has already been verified? I would have preferred 64bit if I had the choice.

  287. Frank says:

    Hello Ian,

    Could you please advise if the copies have yet been received and distributed.

    Thanks and regards,


  288. Ainars Dauksts says:

    So what do we do who won but have not received Vista prizes?

  289. Christopher Raven says:

    Oh no… Please dont say that Royal Mail really are delivering this by standard mail.

    Royal Mail really do suck – I receive only about 30% of my post and I have got bored of complaining to royal mail and postwatch – a body with no teeth.

    I doubt that mine will arrive. Ian what can we do if the product doesnt arrive? and how will we know if its actually been shipped (IE will you announce it on your blogg – or will we receive and email?)

  290. Paul Smith says:

    It’s gone too quiet.  Ian, is the 13th still looking good?

  291. tumbleweed44 says:

    Dear Ian, I have been waiting patiently for my prize of Office 2007. To date it has not arrived when can I expect it to arrive as March 30th has now passed and allowing for postal delay it is now the 11th April.

    Being in the over 60 bracket winning anything is a bonus being alive to collect it is another thing.

  292. Andrew Brown says:

    Hi Ian

    I’m another who hasn’t recieved my copy of Vista depite the winners e-mail. Do you know what’s happened ?

  293. alex says:

    sorry for very late reply, been really busy. i had the trail versions on 3 pc’s. Everything worked perfectly. Kaspersky worked really well. As i have a wireless network. Tiscali goes to the wireless router. it works perfectly. When i installed this vista copy on one pc, it wouldn’t install kaspersky and there were a few other bugs. But both were 32bit Editions. any help please.

  294. Chris Thornley says:

    March 30th 2007 has been and gone but alas I still have not recived my Office 2007 Disk?

    Have they been sent out?

    When is delivery expected?


  295. Ian Moulster says:

    Sorry folks I have been away for a while which is why things have been quiet. The Office prizes have arrived so should be distributed tomorrow, but I’m checking that all is ok.

    So to be clear: Copies of Office have not yet been sent, but will be very shortly. I’ll update you when I know for sure they have been posted.

    Oh and PS: If people have sent me emails in the last week, I’m some way behind. If I don’t respond it’s because I’m backlogged, nothing else….

  296. Andy Betts says:

    Friday 13th, and the distribution center goes up in flames… Sorry I’m a bit (a lot) sadistic. Shame there’s no post on Sundays, means I’ll have to wait until Monday for my copy of Office. This is of course assuming that thay’ve been shipped…


  297. Nathan H says:

    Hope they get set out today… would be great if they arrived tomorrow in time for to use it to fill in an application form πŸ™‚

    btw sent a email on the 5th Apr as instructed in the blog entry for the winners list of both vista & office, but havent recieved anything yet πŸ™

    Dunno if its you that sends them out but can u nag whoever does for me pls?? πŸ™‚

    Thanks for keeping us all informed btw… you’re a star!


  298. Alan Curtis says:

    Ian, please would you ask the people responsible for looking at emails sent to to request the list of winners to have a look for my email.

    I only recently came out of hospital and suspect the winners email(s) sent to me finished up in my ISP’s junk email folder and was deleted before I had a chance to retrieve it.

  299. Ian Moulster says:

    Unless something terrible goes wrong, the Office prizes will be posted on Monday. It just didn’t happen today, maybe expecting things to work out on Friday 13th was asking too much. Seriously though, this has been pushed pretty hard and it does look good for Monday.

    Alan – I’ll chase that up, you should be getting these in a timely manner.

  300. Nathan H says:

    Whooops…. forgot to mention my email.

    If u can ask them to check / resend the winners lists for me that would great thanks.

    tarquel {@} hotmail . com .

    Thanks πŸ™‚


  301. Christopher Raven says:

    Which Monday….? πŸ™‚

    Ian, I head (an imaginary) rumour that the person who is responsible for loading, processing and despatching, are on the top floor of a large bulding (without a lift) and have had to collect each box (1 at a time) from a lorry, walk them up 200 stairs, check each boxes serial number, walk back down get the next box and on and on…Then the poor bugger has had to stick each box in an envelope, address it and walk each one down the stairs, to a post box at least 500 yards away.

    Can you please confirm whether this is true or not? πŸ™‚

  302. David Hearn says:

    Ian, are you able to comment about what happens if things get lost in the post? A number of people have asked with regard to Vista DVDs, but I’ve not seen anything commented about how that would be dealt with.


  303. Nathan H says:

    If anyone has the winners lists, can they send them to me please? [the email addy is on my previous post above]



  304. originalraven says:

    Monday Monday Monday,

    What Will it bring,

    Will the posty deliver

    Or chuck it in the bin…….

  305. TH says:

    To Kev:

    Yes, the Anytime Upgrade disk is bootable. I don’t think it contains anything different from the "full" version, only it doesn’t come with a CD key, but I am not 100% sure since I haven’t tried a 64 bit retail version. Anyway, there was no problem booting from the disc and then installing a full, new 64-bit Vista Ultimate with the CD key from the competition.

  306. mbrown says:


    Email sent – good luck πŸ˜€

  307. Ian Moulster says:

    Let me know if you still aren’t getting the winner lists. I’ve been assured that the emails have been sent.

    As we head towards the end of the software giveaway saga, there are a couple of things I want to say:

    1) I will start a new blog post once the Office copies have shipped. We’re still on track for sending these today

    2) If you’ve asked a question that I haven’t answered, it either means I’ve missed it or I haven’t got the answer or can’t give you the answer for some reason. I’m not ignoring you or trying to duck issues…and I’ll do what I can to ensure we clear up issues that remain once the Office shipment is done.

    Final point: If you’ve emailed me and haven’t had a response I will do what I can to clear the backlog of responses over the next couple of weeks before I head off the the Mix conference in Las Vegas, so that we can all move on with the rest of our lives πŸ™‚

  308. mbrown says:

    Thanks for the update Ian,

    If I send you some money via paypal could you put a little bet on for me when you get to Vegas.

    Thanks again.

  309. dasunnyman says:

    Hey Ian

    Well i did send  an email to try and give my correct address so that I get my copy of office..I dont know if you got it though…So I would like it if you could check the emails that I sent to the VO email address to sort it out…thanks…

    One more thing..You are doing a really good job..handling all of us bothering you about our prizes…Good Job Man..Keep it up..!!:D



  310. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi DaSunnyman – emails sent to the VO address are less accessible to me so it’s best to contact me directly (via the link on this blog) otherwise I might not see the message. The VO address is for prize list requests only.

    The prizes are being dispatched right now so let’s hope your new address got picked up….

  311. dasunnyman says:


    It wasnt necessary a new was more like an edit to the one you posted up you know..It was written kind of wrong…but its ok..

    THanks though..!!

    Appreciate it..!!


  312. Nathan H says:

    Thx Mark, Paul & MS for the winners lists lol

    Alas, no luck on the Vista win but just wanted to check [too many ppl saw answers on forums – glad the office answers was wrong. Glad i watched the footage of the day though πŸ˜€ was educational :)]…

    Just eagarly anticipating Office coming through the letter box πŸ˜€

    Regards all


  313. Mr B says:

    My Question about 64bit computer owners has not really been tackled by the powers that be. Can Microsoft do something for us?

    Thanks for the great job you’re doing


  314. maria says:

    my office arrived this morning, many thanks ian for keeping us informed

  315. Parin says:

    I got my copy of office, thanks Ian for everything

  316. Stephen says:

    Got office this morning! cheers!

  317. Johm says:

    Got it!!!!!!

    One of the first to raise queries so I thought I’d like to say MANY THANKS! for your efforts.

    Enjoy Vegas.

  318. Paul Smith says:

    Office safely arrived (via Royal Mail).

    Thank you to Ian and Microsoft.

  319. Njum says:

    Hi Ian ,

    I got my copy of office this morning, Thanks for keeping us informed and putting up with the trouble i’m sure you have plenty of other things going on at the moment.

    Thanks again to MS to running a great comp.

  320. Rob E says:

    Got up this morning to see post,no office for me yet

  321. Tony A says:

    Thanks Ian for all your hard work ! My copy of Office 2007 arrived safely this morning.

    Keep up the good work !


  322. Ian Moulster says:

    Thanks John A, I have passed this on to the relevant people

  323. FraserGJ says:

    "I won this is the MSDN competition and have no use for it since I use a Mac."

    Umm… why enter then?

  324. SRC says:

    Recieved my copy of office this morning,

    Thanks Ian and Microsoft.

  325. FraserGJ says:


    Wrapping removed and seal broken on above copy too…

    Also saw this, its not one of the "Ready for a new day" branded ones but is quite shocking all the same:

    (note last line of the description)

  326. DeviateX says:

    Cheers Ian and MS, i got office

  327. Richard S says:

    Got my copy yesterday morning Ian – thanks for the assistance and, patience, over the last 2 months.

  328. LaceyWare says:

    I can second the fact that the Anytime Upgrade DVD appears to be usable for a clean install. I didn’t actually install the software (I don’t plan on doing so just yet), but it can be used to boot into the install process as with a standard Windows DVD.

  329. Victoria Riley says:


    My husband is on the winners list for a copy of Vista, but hasn’t received anything yet.

    Who should he contact ?

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