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  1. wtf says:

    None of those customers appeared!

  2. Richard says:

    I’m a bit disappointed. I thought we were going to see some developer friendly questions for the competition but instead it was just memory work for company names and I could only remember one name from the list of availables (although most names look like almost-but-not-quite big name companies so that may have helped with my guess …here’s hoping).

    That said, the presentations were very interesting so it wasn’t a complete loss 🙂



  3. Wow – I have never hit the refresh button so many times – I reckon the link appeared at 5:37 …….  and then I made answer box at 5:40 …. now I notice that there are 2 questions !!

    whatever the answers I believe I should receive the prize for sheer effort !

    great fun – success to all – many thanks..

  4. Darren Eggerton says:

    again, since i cant watch the videos i’m a bit screwed. I just guessed, so i have a 1/5 chance i suppose.

  5. A says:

    Cool thanks, took part in the competition. Any idea when results will be announced?

  6. Chaz says:

    Its a good set of questions…

  7. jonathan barnham says:

    I watched all the online video feeds today and then eagerly waited on the web site home page. 5.30 arrived and i then started to refresh the screen to update the home page . the is were details of the competition will be posted it said. after 30 mins or so i started looking on Google and found a link to the competition here and entered via the Microsoft site at about 6.10pm. what happened to the update on the home page. Even the FAQ pointed you to this!!!. why did i have to search Google for a random link to the competition.

    If Microsoft struggle to get this right what hope is there for Vista and Office 2007

  8. preyingrazor says:

    Thanks! Got it, but you know what would be really helpful: the text ‘Remember that from 5.30 p.m. today we are making available 1,000 copies of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system’ on the main page or some part thereof should be hyperlinked to the competition page.

    Everyone, I’m sure is mainly concentrating on that part of the page.


    p.s. I answered the questions 🙂 hope i got them right.

    How soon will we actually get to know if we had right answers?

  9. Thomastwice says:

    The competition on line is impossible to enter as it requires an entry in County but the drop-down box is empty and no manual entry is possible.

  10. Chris Mossom says:

    Thanks Ian, what’s the timescale on winning emails?


  11. Omega Point says:

    When will the winners recieve e-mails?

  12. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi all, I can’t give you a definitive answer on when you’ll receive the email if you’re a winner but we’ll obviously make it as quick as possible so you aren’t hanging around not knowing what’s going on.

    We do need to wait until we have 1000 correct answers of course for each question, not sure at what point that will happen but the whistle blows at that point and the process kicks off

  13. Mat says:


    I watched 3 whole videos (3 hours), which had two guests (London Underground and Conchango) but non from the questions! So you had to guess which videos to watch? or watch them all (8 hours?) Plus the competition took half an hour to appear. What a complete waste of time and an utter shambles.

    Very disapointed. I’ll stick to XP and Office 2003…

  14. Peter-Baker says:

    If your in a freenzy to enter the competition, like I was, here is a clue. Look 3/4’s of the way into the video’s.

    Good luck everyone

    *has fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed*

  15. Adam says:


    You need to select a country first from the country drop down list, then the page reloads with the county drop down list populated.  

  16. Mike Ditum says:

    Yeah I must admit I don’t remember seeing any of those companies in the presentation. Only London Underground people…

  17. Stephen says:

    Not confident I got through, I didn’t see any CUSTOMERS making programs for Vista.

    Ah well 🙁

  18. Jon Baldwin says:

    How does the alternative method (entry by email) work? I sent in an entry for each competition by this method when I first read the terms and conditions earlier today. Apparently the game period was from midnight to midnight today so these should count?

  19. Nick Clarke says:

    What a busy day!

    I have not left my desk and I feel shattered watching all of the streams and listing out for possible answers to questions I didn’t know yet.

    Great event even if this time I could not make it.

    Can’t wait to start now 🙂


  20. sntwhy says:

    umm Just felt like the questions would be a little more technical-ahhhh nevermind!

  21. Jon says:

    Just wondering, I already answered the Vista question as I watched the webcasts for those earlier, but would like to give the Office question a go now if it’s not too late – is this possible, or will it invalidate my previous Vista-only entry?

    Would I be better off e-mailing the address listed in the TOCs (although that way doesn’t even mention having to answer a question?)


  22. Mat says:

    Hi Ian

    So what’s the story behind the guests that never appeared?

    I watched three videos, one of them twice, and none of ‘those’ guests turned up.

    Yes, Microsoft got me to watch 4 hours of videos I ‘may’ have never watched otherwise, but has generated a lot of bad feeling towards them. I presume with others too.

  23. Ian – just read your posting … correct answers ??   good point to remind us of course, that a correct answer to a question is important !  

    my point is that speed should be considered !!!!!  and more points for beating a system ………

    excellent fun ……. best regards Richard

  24. David Duris says:

    5.30 came and went and no change to the front screen -5.45 still no sign, 5.55 and I had to go out…….

    what a disappointment…. now I find it on this blog but it is 7.54pm and the prizes have all gone no doubt

    Shame I wasted the day watching the event.

    Lets hope the rest of the launch is better

  25. Michael says:


    I was only able to spot 3 company names during the presentations. Between both the office and vista competition, were there actually 3 boxes to be checked or did I miss some and have time to go back and check?

  26. Matt Sharpe says:

    Well, I went and chose to only apply for Vista, because all along it had been said that you could win Vista OR Office.

    So I assumed that choosing "both" would still only land you with one or the other – so I went for just Vista because that’s what I really wanted.

    It seems most people chose Both, so i guess we’ll see what happens!

    The question really confused me to begin with because the company that sprung to mind that had talked "on-stage" was London Underground, but I soon noticed that wasn’t an option! 😉

  27. Steve says:

    If we haven’t been luck to win will we also be notified?  I see the competition link is still open so are they still waiting for the 1000 entries?

  28. Will J says:

    The comapnies were there, if you didn’t see them you didn’t watch the right videos – or didn’t watch enough, they were towards the end.

    I watched all the vista videos and a couple of the office videos and saw both companies. (yes i did spend the entire day there, oops)

    However, I’m glad they did this as the US giveaway required you to open a video, so many people opened them, minimized the window turned off the sound and got free stuff. It also clogged the servers for those that were really interested.

    For £600-£800 of free software I don’t think anyone can complain about having to watch some interesting videos, even if there were about 10 hours of them.

    Nice one Ian & Microsoft 😀

    (I hope I’ve won otherwise I retract all previous statements :p haha)

  29. Mike says:

    I have now seen all 5. Even if you don’t watch them all the Vista one is particularly hard to miss.

  30. I dont think that any serious developer will complain about having to have watched the videos. I watched all the office webcasts and enjoyed them all.

    What I didnt expect was that the questions would be based on companies that I was not going to remember – I only know of London Underground and Easyjet (who got a mention) I also remember that roxio and NHS were on slides but not as guests.

    The reality is this – anyone could have entered this competition wihtout watching the videos, just by watching as soon as they could (server was really busy at 5.30) and jumping through the chapters!!!

    That was really unfair – even though it was actually meant to be fair….

    The vista quetion was so easy in comparision! You should have made the office question as name one of the companies that would have been fairer – I still wouldnt have got any I was more interested in the products and technologies!!!!!!

    Tut Tut Tut

  31. Daniel says:

    I find it interesting that people are complaining about "wasting their time watching videos" – did nobody actually enjoy the videos?

    In my opinion they were very informative from a developers point of view, i get the feeling half of the people commenting here arent even developers and were just here to try and get a bit of free software…

    Anyway, will be nice if i win, but if i dont then nothing lost, enjoyed the videos and learnt a few nice bits of info regarding development for Vista, which will be of great use in the future.

  32. Paul Smith says:

    Day at work, followed by looking after the kids. At 8.00pm I finally turned on the PC. I decinded to read the questions first, in order to prioritize my viewing. Well by 8:05 I had both questions. 10 minutes of Google got me the possible answers. Having read what my two possible companies interests were I chose the approriate Vista and office presentations to watch. Well, since there was a scroll bar of screen shots actually containing the names, I confirmed my answers by 08:10. Probably too late though…

    I won XP pro during its UK laucnch! Actually that competetion was far superior. They asked a technical question, which then took a bit of research of the abilities of XP.

    Now I am watching the presentations at my leisure! Rather good!  Thanks.

  33. William says:

    I was hoping up and down going balistic when i saw them – indeed, i had watched the Keynote of Vista TWICE and hadnt a clue. IN the end i resorted to downloading the powerpoints, and reading through them . I Cant rememebr, but i think i got an Office one..

    I have to be honest- didnt learn much really because all the way through (before the competition opened) i was like trying to remember micro-facts, like the fact that in at least two presentations the presenters said "it’s an interesting day, it’s an interesting morning" !!ROFL – Total joke memorising that, which distracted me from more meaningful facts.

  34. gl says:

    Same here William, I actually thought the keynote’s ‘from strings to software’ was the clue to remember.  Made sense if you think about it.

  35. crazydave says:

    so, I haven’t heard anything yet.  does that mean you haven’t received 1000 correct entries yet…?  If so can you answer the earlier question about entering again for the office if you only entered for the vista the first time round…?

  36. Ian Moulster says:

    Crazydave, some answers here:

    Re the competition, you can enter both competitions either in one go, or one at a time.

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