Some issues with downloaded versions of videos

We've had some reports of people have "file corrupted" messages from some of the videos they download from We're looking into this, looks like the download is interrupted which causes the problem ie it doesn't download the whole file.

If you encounter this you can get around it in the short term by watching the streaming version, but we're working to fix it asap. I'll post something here when we have it fixed. Many apologies if this is causing you pain.

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  1. I too have suffered this, however what was very apparent was that the download rate was at an initial 22k and dropped down rapidly – before dropping to 0 and resulting in a corrupt file at between 1 and 2 megs.

    I think that you have too many simultaneous downloader’s…..

  2. Ian Moulster says:

    Steve – you can get either Windows Vista, or Microsoft Office, or both. If you want both you need to answer both questions.

  3. Ian Moulster says:

    The download issue should be fixed now.

  4. neonDragon says:

    There’s some definite artificial rate limiting going on here, I started downloading the video "Clarity – Presentation Advances in the .NET Framework Version 3.0" which seemed to be downloading at a rather giddy 8.5MB/sec, but a few seconds later after it had reached 130MB downloaded dropped down to an infinitely more sobering 20KB/sec and it has been hovering around 10-20KB/sec since, meaning I’ll be able to watch the video in about 3 and a half hours. I’ve tried downloading it a few times and tried other videos and they’re all doing this.

  5. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi neonDragon,

    You will be able to stream the videos ok, so I’d suggest watching them that way for now. We’re keeping a close watch on the download bandwidth and I have fed back the comments that people are finding it slow to download.

    But as I say, if you want to watch them, the streaming versions are ok and I’d suggest viewing via this method for now.

    These will be up until 19th Feb so you will have time to download them all.

  6. neonDragon says:

    Okay Ian, the broadband stream does seem to be working fine. Thanks!

  7. Lee Blandford says:

    I too have had problems. I have sucessfully downloaded several of the video’s but when I try to watch them I get a good way, maybe 20 minutes in and then it stops. No error message, nothing. Just stops. I can only go back to the start but it stops at the same place.

  8. Ian Moulster says:

    Lee – it will be because it didn’t download the whole video. I suggest trying the streaming option.

  9. Brian Robertson says:

    Downloaded all files, three times by 13.00 hours – same problem on all thirty copies – would play in all media players, but stopped after about a minute, reporting corrupt. Obviously problem is files as mis-configured.  Oops!

    The live streaming works – but not got much chance after fiasco above, to view everything in time for competition.

    Downloads problem appeared to be fixed by about 15.00 hours – but now restricted to one download stream at a time, and a slow crawl.

  10. Peter Baker says:

    I like many others are having trouble seeing the content.

    My connection has been up and down all day, meaning the stream ends up cutting out completely. So I thought I would download them using a download manager so I can resume if my connection drops. Which of course hasn’t helped at all as everything has gone south…

    I have only managed to catch the live keynote speech this morning, and luckily for me I had my HDD/DVD Recorder box wired to the TV output to save it down. That’s now edited to a DVD ready to add to the PC tonight.

    But none of this has helped me take part in the competition. I went onto the competition and ended up ticking all the boxes, then I read something in the T&C’s which I have also done, (won’t reveal it here, just incase a spammer is out and about)

    So have I still got a good chance to get a copy of Vista and Office?

  11. Ian Moulster says:

    Peter – I don’t have the info right now on how many correct answers we have. All I can say at the moment is very best of luck, and thanks for persevering through your connection problems.

  12. Peter Baker says:

    Ian I hope this won’t affect my entry, but I was in a bit of a frenzy to enter the competition and not knowing the correct answer I ticked all the boxes, as well as doing what’s said in the T&C’s.

    I have since scanned through the online streams, (just about) and found the correct 2 answers and sent that in. Will that affect the entry?

  13. Keith Hall says:

    Download managers won’t work as the server isn’t capable of resuming failed downloads…

    Oddly it seems to consistent in that it drops the connection about 90-ish seconds into the download… The other weird thing is although it is an HTTP download, the size isn’t reported by the server, so you have no %age complete visibility…

    Surely the downloads aren’t over the 2GB limitation are they?

    Hope this helps in any way.

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