Software for launch event attendees (physical event)

A number of people have been asking the following quite reasonable question: We know that we're giving away 1000 copies of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office for the online launch event, but what about people who are attending the physical event at Thames Valley Park? Are they getting the software too?

Originally we weren't going to say anything about this because if we said "come to our event and we'll give you free software" it would fill with people who were not developers, and were just coming along for the software. However, as the event filled very quickly we can't see any harm now in telling people that yes, if you come to the physical event, we plan to give you a choice of Windows Vista or the 2007 Microsoft Office system - but not both.

Also note that you won't get the software on the day, instead we'll ship it to you at a later date. This is because we won't actually have the software by then rather than for any other (more nefarious) reason.

So hopefully this is good news for you whether you're attending physically or virtually 🙂

And to all of those people who emailed me with this question: Thanks for asking the question and I'm pleased that I'm now able to tell you openly.

Comments (8)

  1. Jon says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂

    Don’t suppose you know what version’s we will be offered, as I was already planning on buying office 2007 Pro.

  2. Ian Moulster says:


    Much as I’d hate to put you off buying a copy….it will be Office 2007 Pro. Note though that we’re not able to absolutely guarantee your first choice so you *could* end up getting Windows Vista even if you ask for Office. It’s unlikely to be the case, but there is a possibility.

    Also note that it will be a while until you get it, so if you need it quickly this option won’t be ideal for you.

  3. Jon says:

    Ah ok, does that mean it will be Vista Ultimate offered to us? As I can’t wait to get these two running together especially after some of the stuff showed in Bill G’s CES keynote.

  4. Ian Moulster says:

    Yes it will be Windows Vista Ultimate

  5. Can’t wait to get down there! 🙂

  6. Leon Jollans says:

    You rock! we get both from MSDN at work, but it’ll be nice to have my own boxed copy 🙂

  7. BenN says:

    How about those attending the coding day, but not the first launch day, do they get copies as well?

  8. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Ben, yes if you’re only attending day 2 you get the same option ie copy of either Windows Vista or Microsoft Office. If you attend both days you only get one copy however 🙂 seems only fair.

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