Free trial of 2007 Microsoft Office system (UK and Ireland)

If you want to get your hands on a fully-working trial of Office 2007, you can download it here:

 UPDATED: And download a trial of Sharepoint Server 2007 from here: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 x86 English Evaluation

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  1. J F Troughton says:


    I have been using Office since 97 first came out and I would like to try out 2007 before I buy it.


    Frank Troughton.

  2. J F Troughton says:

    Hi.,I have used Office 97,2000 and 2003 they were first class and I would to try 2007.


    Frank Troughton

  3. me says:

    the trial doesn’t work it tells me i have put the wrong postcode in and i no it is right

  4. me says:

    soz everything is fine now the postcode works

  5. me says:

    it is great thanks for the link does any1 no where u can buy a non trial product key

  6. Stephen Millar says:

    Want To see what all the hype is about before i buy

  7. LEE PESTAINA says:


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