Free copies of the released versions of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 (if you’re in the UK, plus some other caveats)

UPDATE: Just to correct a few misquotes I've seen, I'm not predicting release dates, just saying that if you take part in the online launch and are one of the lucky 1000 we'll send a copy when the products are available. I'm not saying whether these products will or won't be available on Jan 19th - we'll ship them to you when we have them. The key phrase from my original post below is " soon as they're available".

We currently planning on giving away 1000 free copies of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 - the final, released versions - as soon as they're available. However, before you bite my arm off, there are a few caveats:

1) These are for UK people only, so you need to have a UK address for us to ship to

2) You need to be a developer. We love developers 🙂

3) And this is the big caveat: You need to take part in our UK developer online launch event on January 19th and 20th (yes, I know the 20th is a Saturday).

At the moment I just want readers of this blog to be aware that we're planning to do this, I'll have more details once we've thrashed them out. But there's no catch, if you take part in the online launch event (and we're working out exactly what we mean by "take part") you'll have a chance to get one of those 1000 copies. Or at least, that's the plan.

Just by the way, we're having a physical launch event too at the same time ie 19th and 20th Jan. And we've already lined up a big-gun keynote speaker from the US. As soon as registrations open I'll post the details here.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Michael Walsh says:

    That’s pretty cool. I just wish Microsoft Ireland would announce and do the same.

  2. The developer launch for Vista and Office is scheduled to happen at the Microsoft Campus in Reading on…

  3. Tim Owers says:


    Is there somewhere that we can pre-register for on-line attendance or should we just wait for you to post further details?

  4. Ianm says:

    Hi Tim,

    We’re building a registration site at the moment, I believe it should be ready to go before end of November. I’ll make sure I post something here once it’s available, but also keep an eye on where all of our UK developer events are listed as soon as they’re available.


  5. go says:

    are you planning on giving away copies to people who attend the physical lauch too?

  6. ianm says:

    We’re only announcing that we’re giving away 1000 copies of Windows Vista and 1000 copies of Office 2007 at the *online* event


  7. Max Shanly says:

    I am looking forward to this event, I am going to book the day off college to come to the Friday launch event.  Once sign ups are available I will sign up to go to the -physical- event. 🙂

    Thanks Ian.

    — Max Shanly

  8. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Max, it should be good, we have a corporate vice-president from Redmond delivering the keynote, with an introduction by the MD of Microsoft UK. And plenty of really great information to impart too.

    We expect the physical event to fill up pretty quickly, but the online event will have no limit and we’re expecting thousands to join us via this route. The online event will be almost identical to the physical event, the keynote will be broadcast live and we’re pre-recording all of the sessions so that you’ll get to see them exactly as if you were here.

    More details on a blog post coming up real soon.


  9. Max Shanly says:

    Hi Ian, thanks.  I am going to book the day off school to come, I’ll be 17 then and I only have one lesson a day on Fridays.  So I will take the day off.

    Is it possible to take photos at the event?

    — Max Shanly

  10. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Max – I’d hate to think we’re encouraging you to take time off school 🙂 but hopefully it will be a worthwhile learning alternative. Great to hear you’re enthusiastic about taking part, we’re really fired up about this stuff too.

    Re photos, it should be fine, I’ll double check, if you hear nothing assume it’s ok.

  11. Max Shanly says:

    Hi Ian, doesn’t really matter about taking a day off school I’m a month ahead on my work. 😀

    Also, I will be coming officially as a repesentative of Patchou, the creator of Messenger Plus! Live.  Since I am one of his official software testers. 🙂

    — Max

  12. Well, all I seem to talk about these days is that I am going away on holiday for a granduoso 3 weeks

  13. Larry says:

    Microsoft is giving away free copies to US residents too based on this article:

  14. what do you mean by "take part"? Anyway, In the link you send today there is not a registration for the "Online event"

  15. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Alberto. We’re still working out what "take part" means, but will probably involve a question based on you viewing the session recordings. Believe me, as soon as we have a definitive answer I’ll let people know.

    As for registering for the online event: We don’t need you to pre-register (we didn’t want to make life difficult). So just visit the site on the day – same link as I posted – and follow the directions. You’ll need to "register" at that time, which will involve entering some details about yourself, but it shouldn’t be too onerous. We’re not planning on limiting the number of people who take part online.

    Thanks for the questions, all good.

  16. Free copies of Vista and Office 2007

  17. Buckie says:

    I’ll be at the launch and would certanily love a copy of Vista to take back to the Office…I’m sure I could then get them to up-grade to Vista & Office



  18. A while ago, I posted a blog entry about a free software giveaway we were planning for the UK online

  19. gabriel.georgescu says:

    Free copies of Vista and Office 2007

    Looking forward to more great technology innovation in 2007.

    See all in 07!:).

    With the best regards.


  20. Jon says:

    Have i missed this, its after 5.40 and no link!!

    I watched all the videos and have been clicking refresh for the last 15 minutes to get in first.

  21. md.ahasan says:

    i love the whole features of windows vista. i have a compatible computer too. so i want these software. long live WINDOWS.

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