Cool new designer event in London on May 10th

We're running a really cool event in association with Computer Arts magazine in London on May 10th. It will be the first event worldwide focused on User Experience (UX) and Expression Tools. It has a great venue too:

The Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.


The day will be hosted by Paul Newman, Senior Editor of Computer Arts magazine and will include speakers from Agencies: Flow Interactive will speak about how investing in UX is bringing business benefit to their customers while AKQA, recently voted revolution magazine’s “agency of the year” and designers of the XBOX 360 UX will lay out the designer landscape talking about what tools and platforms they choose for various client projects and why.


In the afternoon we have the latest eye-candy demos showing off what’s possible with Expression, Atlas and WPF followed by sessions on Expression Interactive Designer and Expression Web Designer. We round off the day with a panel Q&A.


Oh, and if you need a further piece of incentive we're giving away two XBox 360s...and a free lunch 🙂


To register, visit the Computer Arts homeage:

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  1. hi ian,

    this is craig kelly-soens, we have not e-chatted before

    and i’m sorry to have made contact firstly with a moan !!

    I just got your excellent newsletter within the hour,

    i read in excitement about reading 10th may, I thought

    ‘great next year everything will be released, I’ll have

    my vista consulting wing setup properly, etc, etc."

    but no, its Tomorrow ! and its impossible for me to attend now at this late stage, wife away babies to feed !

    also 2 events on the same day ?

    the Reading WinFx and the Covent Garden ?

    and you only blogged it within a few days.

    Since WPF i would like to attend both of these events,

    traditionally i am C#, but feel I can get involved as WPF

    has made it so easy for me. In short its great.

    Its not about the info, im sure it will be e-cast soon,

    it meeting the people involved and other like me who

    are really pushing the technology hard in the UK,

    i have spent oodles of time on my website dedicated to

    Vista/WinFx with 20 pages to read, etc.

    I’m really dissapointed and dont mean to be at all off with you, but I must say how serious do MicroSoft take the UK market, as this seems to be very low key and late notice.

    yours, very dissapointed,


    craig kelly-soens – Windows Vista WinFx XAML .Net Technical Evangelist – customised "super-easy to use" Windows Vista based .Net software & consultancy

    and the Xtensions Customer Xperience Manager database

  2. Ian Moulster says:

    Hi Craig,

    Really sorry to hear you’re disappointed about this. A few points to make:

    1) We will be running plenty of other WPF-focused events over the coming months. Keep your eye on and/or sign up to MSDN connection for personalised information re all activities. There really will be plenty of other activities.

    I would recommend for example the Technical Roadshow (see which will have WPF content in context of a real application build.

    2) We publicised both of these events really widely – not just on our website and across a number of newsletters, but also in Computer Arts, other sites, user groups, etc. And we emailed a wide range of people too. So it’s a real shame that you didn’t get any of these! However I take your point that I should have blogged the London event earlier, and apologies for not doing so. The Beta Experience newsletter was delayed which is why it came out so close to the event date – not ideal I realise.

    3) The reason there were two events on one day was that they had different audiences: The London event with Computer Arts magazine was targeted at designers, and the WinFX event in the evening in Reading was targeted at developers. We did not expect people to attend both.

    Having said all that….it’s still disappointing to me if you’re unhappy, and I’ll make sure I blog about events in a more timely fashion in the future.

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