UK developer roadshow coming to a town near you in May and June

Microsoft UK will be running a series of developer focused events at 5 locations in the UK, starting 3rd of May. These events are free of charge.

This time we've decided to take a scenario approach to the content, so instead of just showing you a bunch of new features we're going to build a working application during the event sessions. We'll be bringing in a number of technologies to do this, including WinFX, Windows Vista, 2007 Microsoft Office System as well as the new Expression products and of course Visual Studio 2005.

You'll be able to take the source for the application and develop it further yourself after the event.

Hopefully you'll be able to make it, the dates and locations are as follows: 

Date Location
3 May 2006 Birmingham
23 May 2006 Edinburgh
7 June 2006 Manchester
14 June 2006 London
20 June 2006 Bristol

There will be a TechNet day either before or after each of these dates, use this link for more details: (use "roadshow" as a search term).

And if you're wondering what a "TechNet" day's an event for people we call "IT Pros". My unofficial definition of an IT Pro is a technical person who generally doesn't write code. Of course, technical people who do write code are called developers...

Anyhow, hope to see you at one of these events, the content is shaping up to be a bit special and with so much happening technology-wise at the moment it's a great way to get an update in a short space of time.


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