Linx 12V – Incredibly low price for a whole lot of 2 in 1

I’ve been given a Linx 12V to try out and I agreed to write this short review as a result. This is a personal review rather than anything official from Microsoft, and indeed I have attempted to make sure that I don’t allow my association with Microsoft affect my views. With that done, let’s get…


Sharing your Xbox Music playlists with friends…or anyone else

If you have created a great playlist on Xbox Music and want to share it with someone else you can do so…with the great news that they can stream the tracks for free in their browser (ad supported). They don’t even have to have the Xbox Music app. To do this, create your playlist as…


List of tips across Microsoft technologies

Recently I started posting a daily tip on twitter (see covering a range of Microsoft technologies, although mainly consumer focused. I will be back-posting them on here so that it’s easy to see them all in one place, although this page will lag the twitter account. Typically I’ll update this post on a Friday…


Live tiles for pinned websites in Windows 8.1

Among the many benefits Windows 8.1 brings, one of the features that I haven’t seen mentioned much is the ability for websites to have live tiles, continuing to blur the lines between local apps and web apps. In fact, pinned tiles can now also send notifications just like local apps. As an example take a…


The SkyDrive app in Windows 8.1: Two apps in one

Most of the blog entries I write are based on a number of people seeming not to know something that I find useful. And this one is no exception. Windows 8.1 brings a whole host of new features but also brings a number of great updates to some of the core apps that come preinstalled….


Protecting yourself with 2-Step Verification

Not many people seem to use 2-step verification, probably because it generally requires you to…well…do something. I don’t want to imply everyone is lazy (heaven forbid) but I guess we all have busy lives and frankly something called “2-step verification” sounds like it’s going to be painful. Or maybe a dance. Actually, it’s really, really…


Round-up of my favourite Windows 8 apps

I haven’t done a wrap up of my favourite Windows 8 apps for a while so I thought it worth sharing the list of apps I use the most as a consumer. That is, in a non-work environment. As always this list is personal to my tastes – you may find that it doesn’t match…


3 Windows 8.1 tips

There are already plenty of tips about Windows 8.1 on the web, just do a quick search to see what I mean. Here are 3 that I particularly like and I’m always showing people. Tip 1: Find an app on your Start Screen Don’t you just hate it when you know the app you want…


Beautiful Cornwall with the Nokia Lumia 920’s Camera

On a recent short holiday to Cornwall I used my Nokia Lumia 920 as my only camera. Two things impressed me about this: Cornwall is really beautiful The Nokia Lumia 920 has an amazing camera 🙂 Here’s a selection. What do you reckon?