The X05 event & Xbox360 co-op games

If you will permit me to back away from profiler talk for just a minute, I saw a lot to excite me at Microsoft’s Xbox X05 event in Amsterdam. I’m not a fanboy enough to think that Microsoft will dominate the PS3 (especially in Japan), but I do think that they are setting themselves up…


Ian’s NFL Season Picks

            The NFL season opens up tonight with the New England Patriots playing the Oakland Raiders and I figured it was about time for a non-profiler blog post (for any bosses reading, please note that I cooked this up on my own time and not at the officeJ). I’m geeked about the season starting back…


John Carmack on the Next Generation of Gaming

           I’ve never been one to join in the cult worshiping of the various ID programmers, especially since I’ve never been a big fan of the Doom and Quake series. But in a recent QuakeWorld talk, John Carmack had a lot of interesting things to say. First, I was happy to see that he was…


Reviewing Data Display Websites and Programs: Harmony Central

             It’s been a little while since my last entry about reviewing data display websites (Football Outsiders was the topic last time). I thought that I would jump back into the game with a review of a website that has great content and information but major issues with look-and-feel and with getting access to said…


Xbox 360 info

A week or two ago I got to attend a pretty nifty internal presentation on the Xbox 360. Now, almost all of the information from that presentation has been made public, check it out in the interview with Paul Thurrott here. The upcoming 360 release has me as geeked about gaming as I have been…


Ars Technica on the XBox 360

         Ars Technica has some of the best hardware coverage online. Here is part one of what looks to be an excellent series on the XBox 360. As I’m not a hardcore architecture / hardware guy some Ars articles can be a little dense for me, but they always do a great job of explaining things.


Buying an LCD Monitor / HDTV

            Over the last week I’ve shopped for and purchased an LCD TV to use as both a computer monitor and as a HD gaming TV. Since I had a bad buying experience involved in this, I figured that I would share my two cents about the process.               The first TV that I…


Reviewing Data Display Websites and Programs: Football Outsiders

            This is my second entry in my series of reviews of websites (and a few programs) that are good or bad examples of how to display a large amount of data. This topic is of particular interest to me, as my job involves how to take large amounts of profiling data and present it to…