Visualizing Common DirectX Performance Problems with GPU Usage in Visual Studio 2015

With the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 we’ve been hard at work adding some new features and fixes to the GPU Usage tool. For those not familiar, the GPU Usage tool is used as a lightweight capture tool that gives information about the relative workload on our CPU and GPU while running…


IntelliTrace Web Requests

IntelliTrace Web Requests Moving forward the Visual Studio team is committed to bringing new updates to Visual Studio on a much faster cadence than the usual release and service pack cycle. As part of our run up to this commitment we’ve used the Visual Studio 11 Beta period to add some new features to IntelliTrace…


IntelliTrace on 64-bit apps using Microsoft Test Manager

From lots (and I do mean lots) of customer tweets and comments we know that folks are unhappy with IntelliTrace not working with 64-bit applications. We knew that this was going to be an issue for many customers, but due to time constraints we just weren’t able to get all the kinks in 64-bit F5…


IntelliTrace Tales #1

Currently here at Microsoft (on the diagnostics team in particular 😉 ) many of us are using IntelliTrace in our own day to day debugging work. This dogfooding process is a big part of Microsoft culture and something that we really need to keep growing IntelliTrace in the years ahead. As a way of showing…


Navigating your source code with IntelliTrace debugging

If you’ve looked at previous articles on IntelliTrace you’ll have noticed that IntelliTrace has two main modes that it can run under. In the default mode IntelliTrace will just be collecting debugging data at the predefined IntelliTrace event points. While in the “methods and calls” mode IntelliTrace will be collecting debugging data (including method parameters…


IntelliTrace and CollectionPlan.xml

Even if you’ve already spent some time getting familiar with IntelliTrace (our new debugger logging feature in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate) and playing around with some of the advanced options you might not be aware of the CollectionPlan.xml file and how important it is to controlling IntelliTrace. This is by design, as the collection plan…


IntelliTrace and Microsoft Test Manager

One of our main goals with IntelliTrace was to help close down the “no repro” gap between developers and testers. It’s frustrating and a waste of time and resources to have testers and developers going back and forth with testers reporting issues and developers unable to repro and investigate those issues in their development environment….


Adios Historical Debugging. Hello IntelliTrace.

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten a post up here due in part to two main reasons. First off, we’ve been pushing really hard as a dev team in getting Beta 2 polished up and out the door. And secondly, the actual name of our feature has been in flux for a little…


IntelliTrace Events

IntelliTrace Events (edited 1/27/2010 to update branding from Diagnostic Event to IntelliTrace Event)  If this post is the first time that you have heard about the IntelliTrace feature in Visual Studio Team System 2010, then you might want to first take a look at my little overview of this nifty new feature before diving into the info below…