Shakeups in Visual Studio

Sorry for the lack of posts for a while, we’ve had a few moderate changes in our development teams here in Visual Studio after shipping Visual Studio 2010. As it all shakes out, I’ve been moved from an IntelliTrace specific team to a Diagnostics UX team tasked with the user experience for the debugger, IntelliTrace,…


Depends.exe and working with assembly dependencies

So in my last blog article I talked about using the fuslogvw.exe tool to figure out .NET assembly binding issues. In this article I’m going to look at another tool that I find myself using daily in the debugging world, depends.exe. In a nutshell, depends looks at your binary files and creates a tree of…


Using the new Connect community feedback system for Visual Studio Team System

For my team I’m the point man on tracking all of the customer feedback bugs that we get submitted from external users. This is one of the best parts of my job as I really enjoy interacting with customers and getting to keep my finger on the pulse of what issues are bugging our users…


VSTS Team Suite Edition boxed up and ready to roll

           Just yesterday I moseyed down to our team admin’s office and picked up my boxed copy of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite edition. While we did officially ship some time before this it was still a pretty fun occasion for me to pick up the first “box” of software that I helped to create….


Impressed by Static Analysis

For the last two days we had a chance as a team to pick up a pre-release version of Team System and give it a through user scenario test to see if we could sign off on it being a quality product. I actually quite enjoyed this as it gave me a change to try…


Extensions for MSN desktop search

One of my favorite new tools to come out of Microsoft is the new desktop search tool. I keep this tool running over basically all of my computers directories and it can be a real lifesaver at times. When I need to find what source file an interface that another team uses is in, I…


Getting version and company information in an interop DLL created with tlbimp

Recently at work I was called on to fix a bug regarding primary interop assemblies created with tlbimp. Our issue was in finding out how to get the correct company name and version info into the interop assemblies, since tlbimp does not let you specify those. Since it was an interesting problem and an interesting…


Ian’s top eight things about working at Microsoft

            One year ago today, I started my full-time (I was also a former summer intern) employment here at Microsoft. It seems like as good a chance as any to reflect on the things that I enjoy about working here. So since June 8th is the date, here are the top eight things that I love…


Reviewing Data Display Websites and Programs:’s NCAA Tournament Challenge

This is the third entry in my series of reviews of websites and programs that have to display a large amount of data to the user. By examining what sites do right and wrong, I can come up with good idea for how to make the data display better for the profiler that I’m working…