Navigating your source code with IntelliTrace debugging

If you’ve looked at previous articles on IntelliTrace you’ll have noticed that IntelliTrace has two main modes that it can run under. In the default mode IntelliTrace will just be collecting debugging data at the predefined IntelliTrace event points. While in the “methods and calls” mode IntelliTrace will be collecting debugging data (including method parameters…


IntelliTrace and CollectionPlan.xml

Even if you’ve already spent some time getting familiar with IntelliTrace (our new debugger logging feature in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate) and playing around with some of the advanced options you might not be aware of the CollectionPlan.xml file and how important it is to controlling IntelliTrace. This is by design, as the collection plan…


A Quick Tour of IntelliTrace Options

I’m the type of guy that when I fire up a new PC game my first stop before I even start playing is the options menu. I like to tweak things to my liking and even if I leave everything at default I like to know what options are there. If you have the same…


IntelliTrace and Microsoft Test Manager

One of our main goals with IntelliTrace was to help close down the “no repro” gap between developers and testers. It’s frustrating and a waste of time and resources to have testers and developers going back and forth with testers reporting issues and developers unable to repro and investigate those issues in their development environment….


IntelliTrace iTrace Files

If you are not familiar with the new IntelliTrace feature in Visual Studio Team System 2010 than you might want to first check out either my or John Robbins’ introductions to this feature as a general overview of IntelliTrace would be helpful before digging into this article. What is an iTrace file? In my introduction…


IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate What is IntelliTrace in a nutshell? If you’ve been in the development world for any length of time you’ve probably ended up in a situation like one of the following more than a few times. ·         You’ve received reports of a crash from a tester, but on your local box you…