IntelliTrace Web Requests

IntelliTrace Web Requests Moving forward the Visual Studio team is committed to bringing new updates to Visual Studio on a much faster cadence than the usual release and service pack cycle. As part of our run up to this commitment we’ve used the Visual Studio 11 Beta period to add some new features to IntelliTrace…


SP1 Beta 1 out (64-bit and Sharepoint support for IntelliTrace)

Not much new stuff to write about, as our next version plans are still being kept pretty close to our chest. But I did want to mention that the Beta for Visual Studio 2010 is out now and includes support for both 64-bit IntelliTrace and IntelliTrace for Sharepoint applications. Both big items that I know…


My IntelliTrace Introduction for Visual Studio Magazine

I got a chance recently to write an article for Visual Studio Magazine providing an introduction to debugging with IntelliTrace. It just came out in the August print issue and the e-copy was just put up online here over the weekend. Check it out if you are looking for a basic introduction to IntelliTrace functionality…


IntelliTrace links

IntelliTrace Links Currently our team is deep in the throes of MQ (Milestone Quality, essentially a chance to catch up on improving our own tooling, automation and build scenarios after a big release) so I’ve been a little short on time to post new blog articles. However I did have a few quick links to…


IntelliTrace on 64-bit apps using Microsoft Test Manager

From lots (and I do mean lots) of customer tweets and comments we know that folks are unhappy with IntelliTrace not working with 64-bit applications. We knew that this was going to be an issue for many customers, but due to time constraints we just weren’t able to get all the kinks in 64-bit F5…


IntelliTrace – What we collect

When introducing a new feature like IntelliTrace you’re bound to get a lot of incorrect information floating around about exactly what the feature is and how it works. In particular with IntelliTrace I see lots of confusion about exactly what data is collected by IntelliTrace while running. While I’ve mentioned what data IntelliTrace collects on…


Creating custom IntelliTrace events

If you’ve read into IntelliTrace events at all you’ve probably seen the potential in writing your own customer events to log debugging data at specific trouble points in your own code, as opposed to just using the events that are predefined in the .NET Framework.   Sadly in the Visual Studio 2010 release of IntelliTrace…


IntelliTrace Tales #1

Currently here at Microsoft (on the diagnostics team in particular 😉 ) many of us are using IntelliTrace in our own day to day debugging work. This dogfooding process is a big part of Microsoft culture and something that we really need to keep growing IntelliTrace in the years ahead. As a way of showing…


Navigating your source code with IntelliTrace debugging

If you’ve looked at previous articles on IntelliTrace you’ll have noticed that IntelliTrace has two main modes that it can run under. In the default mode IntelliTrace will just be collecting debugging data at the predefined IntelliTrace event points. While in the “methods and calls” mode IntelliTrace will be collecting debugging data (including method parameters…


IntelliTrace in Visual Studio Magazine

Visual Studio Magazine just posted an article online providing a little introduction to IntelliTrace from Jeff Levinson. Seemed worth a link if you are looking for another take on IntelliTrace and exciting from my end to see external content starting to get out there for the release of 2010.  Ian Huff