IntelliTrace links

IntelliTrace Links

Currently our team is deep in the throes of MQ (Milestone Quality, essentially a chance to catch up on improving our own tooling, automation and build scenarios after a big release) so I’ve been a little short on time to post new blog articles. However I did have a few quick links to share out. First up is Chris Koenig’s how-to video for using IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2010. This video provides a solid introduction to the basics of IntelliTrace debugging.

I also wanted to link in some of the excellent walkthroughs created by our MSDN team.

Debugging a card game in IntelliTrace Part 1

Debugging a card game in IntelliTrace Part 2

Debugging a Web Site with IntelliTrace Part 1

Debugging a Web Site with IntelliTrace Part 2

~Ian Huff

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  1. Greg says:

    Came across your site when googling Intellitrace.exe – did you ever get around to writing the blog about using it ? I've found a number of references on the web but they seem to be hit or miss.

    I'm trying to use this on my testers machine who does not have VS installed. With both a debug and release build intellitrace runs and appears to collect data but the resulting log file simply has a bunch of <No Name> threads listed and doubling clicking on them results in a page with the title No Source Available.

    Getting this to run will decide the go/no go on VS Ultimate – any hints or tips ?

    Tx for the articles.

  2. Hey Greg,

    Sorry about the slow reply, we've had some network issues here and I've not had a chance to get around to your comment until now.

    So if your question is around basic usage of the command line IntelliTrace.exe tool then I am currently working on that article and will have that up by next week. However that article is based on running the command line on a machine with VS installed. As for running IntelliTrace.exe to collect data without VS installed I'd like to do a topic on that, but that will be a little longer coming. The "no-VS" IntelliTrace is not an officially supported scenario and the licensing around this scenario is a little complex. So I want to make sure I've crossed everything with my bosses before I publish anything on that. I will say that I've seen at least one external site working with "no-VS" IntelliTrace, so you could try looking at that site for a start.…/useintellitracewithoutvsnet

    If you tell me more how you are deploying IntelliTrace.exe, what application you are collecting on and what command lines your are currenly running I can do what I can to help debug.



  3. Also, if you want to contact me by e-mail you can use the "Email Blog Author" feature on this blog. I try to keep up to date on my comments, but that might be the fastest way to get my attention.

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