Two years in the software performance world

This past summer marked my second year (plus one summer internship) of working at Microsoft and on the Visual Studio Team System profiler. As a fresh out of college hire I had no experience working with large applications or working with application performance in particular. For me, as for many other college students I would…


Team System MSDN Chat tomorrow at 10:00am

Tomorrow there will be one of the first MSDN Team System chats in a while at 10:00am Pacific time. Below is the official announcement. ~Ian Come and join members from the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Architect, Developer and Tester editions and Team Foundation Server. There will be…


Process Explorer

   Sorry about the lack of updates here recently. Currently we are in a rather difficult stage to write interesting articles. By now I’ve covered most of what I want to about the RTM version of the profiler and it’s too early to talk about many of the features that we are adding to the next…


Depends.exe and working with assembly dependencies

So in my last blog article I talked about using the fuslogvw.exe tool to figure out .NET assembly binding issues. In this article I’m going to look at another tool that I find myself using daily in the debugging world, depends.exe. In a nutshell, depends looks at your binary files and creates a tree of…


Fuslogvw.exe and diagnosing .NET assembly binding issues

So let’s say that you are working with a large managed project and for some reason, one of your binary files just refuses to load. Perhaps you get some esoteric error message and perhaps not.  If so then you may very well be in the world of managed assembly binding issues.                 For me, Microsoft…


Profiling IO Bound applications with Visual Studio Team System – Part One

It just so happens (and I know that I’ve mentioned it here before) that the Visual Studio Team System Profiler has both sampling and instrumentation modes available for you to use. However, in most of my samples so far I’ve been using the sampling mode of the profiler to profile some small applications. And for…


Using the new Connect community feedback system for Visual Studio Team System

For my team I’m the point man on tracking all of the customer feedback bugs that we get submitted from external users. This is one of the best parts of my job as I really enjoy interacting with customers and getting to keep my finger on the pulse of what issues are bugging our users…


Working with the Data Collection API in sampling mode

In previous blogs we’ve talked about using the Data Collection API to limit the amount of data that you collect in instrumentation mode. I’ve been asked recently if the Data Collection API can work with sampling mode as well as instrumentation mode.   The answer is yes, but in a limited fashion. Normally with the…


In Visual Studio Team System can you profile and debug at the same time?

A customer recently asked me if the profiler included with Visual Studio Team System would allow you to profile an application while the debugger was attached. While I knew that it would (from talking with other team members) I had never actually tried this, so I set out to give it a go.   To…


Web and Load Testing FAQ

The web and load testing teams here have also put together an FAQ to address the most common issues seen on their forums. Check it out below:   ~Ian