VSTS Team Suite Edition boxed up and ready to roll

           Just yesterday I moseyed down to our team admin’s office and picked up my boxed copy of Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite edition. While we did officially ship some time before this it was still a pretty fun occasion for me to pick up the first “box” of software that I helped to create….


Performance Profiling Parse vs. TryParse vs. ConvertTo

When programming in .Net you are presented with several different ways to extract a numerical value (I’m using an Int32 for my example) from a string. Recently I was looking at the differences between Parse, TryParse and ConvertTo. So I figured that I would use the new performance profiler included with Visual Studio Team System…


Visual Studio Team System TechNotes

Looking for some good information on the Visual Studio Team System profiler or just on Team System topics in general? The kind folks at MSDN have opened up a new section of TechNotes to aggregate lots of quick-hitting articles on various Team System components. TechNotes are a little less polished and shorter then a typical…