Rico Mariani has a perf wiki up on Channel 9

Interested in writing application that perform well? If you’re not just messing around in your parent’s basement, then you should be. It can be too tempting at times to not optimize your code for performance and just continue to up the minimum system requirements. But PC are reaching market saturation and users are growing less and less accommodating to having to buy a new PC every three or four years; especially if they aren’t working with CPU or RAM intensive applications like games or graphics. So now that you know that you need to write better performing code, how exactly do you do that?


The new profiler in Visual Studio 2005 Team System can help you find performance problems in already existing code. But the fastest way to better performing code is to be aware of performance issues from day one of development. In that vein, I’m providing a link to Rico Mariani's new Perf Wiki hosted on Microsoft’s Channel 9 community web site. Check there for some great articles about how to write performance code for both large scale and small scale applications.

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  1. Timbits says:

    Thanks for the link. There’s definitely some good reading in there…

    now if I actually get to a point with my job where memory usage and performance matters. (fast procs and gigs of memory make for lazy coding)

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