Channel 9 Demo is live!

The video demo of our profiler that I blogged about earlier has been posted to Microsoft’s Channel 9 community web site.


Check it out on the Channel 9 front page or link to the specific video post. There should also be an interview portion coming up soon, I’ll post here when it goes live.

Comments (3)

  1. Timbits says:

    Very nice job showing off the software bling you guys have over there. Watching the demo makes me long for the day when I can return to a man’s IDE again for my coding at work.

    One thing that never got touched on in the interview is exactly how big those perf files got. Obviously it’s gonna depend a lot on the app and the particular run, but what sizes are you typically seeing on those?

    Can’t wait to see the interview to see the man who is the huffster.

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