Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in Madrid

A recurring question I receive from colleagues at work, or from friends I know from elsewhere is, where to go in Madrid to enjoy a vegan/vegetarian meal either for themselves or to take someone who is paying them a visit. Following is a compiled list of the places I visit every now and then here…


Next week (Tue 26th/Wed 27th), you cannot miss it! See you at Microsoft TechDays {The Evolution Show} in Madrid

I’ll be there, morning to evening, both days (26th and 27th) responsible for an area we have called "Rincón técnico de SQL Server" (SQL Server Technical Corner) where "Ask The Expert" sessions will be running virtually non-stop. I’ll also be participating in a few sessions. One of them (26th @ 12:30 AM in the Expo…


Would you like to be part of what is coming next with Connect?

Then go and participate in the Connect Beta program. Be among the pioneers to discover and enjoy this new release, featuring many improvements and new experiences which have been build out based on your inestimable feedback.   Thanks in advance for participating!


Were you aware of the existence of Microsoft Connect portal?

Have you ever wished you could get closer to Microsoft products’ development teams? Would you like to submit any issue you have found while using our products, whether it is a bug, a product limitation, a given feature you would like us to add, or a certain behavior you would see changed in future releases…

Por acaso voçê nao esta a lêr o meu blog so porque nao esta traduzido ao português?

Se for assim, so tem que me deixar um comentário para eu saber. Desde o início do blog, eu já pensei na posibilidade de fornecer o conteúdo tudo nao só em inglês mais também em português. Mas só estou com vontade de traduzir, se isso vai ajudar alguem da comunidade lusófona que na verdade tiver…


¿Hay alguien que esté dejando de leer este blog porque no está traducido al español?

Si es así, por favor, házmelo saber mediante un comentario. Desde el principio he barajado la posibilidad de proporcionar el mismo contenido en inglés y español, pero sólo si esto va a ser de ayuda a la comunidad hispanoparlante que realmente estuvieran interesados en seguir este blog de cerca.   ¡Gracias por vuestro apoyo!


I’m logging it!

Yeap! Believe or not, I started blogging here. 🙂