Premier TechTracks SQL Server just released

And I’ve created and produced the first video on the SQL Server track. It is called SQL Server Connectivity Deep Dive and is currently available from this link for Premier customers subscribed to this new offering.

Misconceptions around connection pooling

With this post I want to explain certain details about the way connection pooling works with SQL Server based applications. In the last months. it has been a recurrent topic I’ve had to discuss with some customers because of their misconceptions on the topic. For the purpose of illustrating my explanations here, I’ve built a…


Programmatically enabling/disabling SQL Native Client Protocols

SQL Server Configuration Manager uses the WMI provider for Configuration Management. More specifically, it uses the SetEnable/SetDisable methods of the ClientNetworkProtocol class. The following PowerShell script will leverage that class to enumerate the client protocols and whether they are enabled or not (ProtocolOrder == 0 means disabled): Get-WmiObject -namespace root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ComputerManagement -class ClientNetworkProtocol | Select-Object ProtocolName,…

A tale about solving "Cannot generate SSPI context" and later "[DBNETLIB][ConnectionRead(recv()).] General network error. Check your network documentation" in a shot

I had a customer who was receiving the "Cannot generate SSPI context error" when one, and only one, of his users with a specific domain account tried to log into a SQL Server 2005 using TCP network library and Windows Authentication. It ended up being caused by the fact that the default MaxTokenSize of 12,000…