Expressions associated to the connection manager used by ASExecuteDDLTask (Analysis Services Execute DDL Task) are not evaluated as one would expect

When using the Analysis Services Execute DDL Task within an SSIS package, any expressions defined for the MSOLAP100 connection manager pointed by the ConnectionName property of the instance of ASExecuteDDLTask are not evaluated after the evaluation that occurs on package load (when ComputeAllExpressions is called from CPackage::LoadFromXML), because AcquireConnection is not being called for that…


Good News!

I’ve just discovered that Cumulative Update 6 (due in mid Feb 08) for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 will include a fix for the Analysis Services Redirector reliability issue I explained in my previous post.


Are you suffering from random AdomdConnectionException thrown when trying to connect to a named instance?

This is fixed starting with CU6. More info in this post. I recently analyzed an issue reported by one customer who had an SSIS package which was repeatedly opening connections against an existing and working named instance of Analysis Services 2005, and from time to time, the Open method of the AdomdConnection class was throwing…


Unable to connect to the registry on the Server (MyOLAPServer) or you are not a member of OLAP Administrators group

This is the story of a case which took me some time to diagnose, and which I considered worth sharing, not because it’s potential to become a common problem in many customer scenarios, but more because how interesting the troubleshooting steps could be. Problem Description: Analysis Manager fails with the following error “Unable to connect…