What events and columns are analyzed by SQL Server Upgrade Advisor from a SQL Trace .trc file?


Went to a customer this week to assist them with the risk assessment and work planning to accomplish the upgrade of several business applications’ databases. Question was, what events and what columns should a .trc trace file include that will be analyzed by the Upgrade Advisor?

Couldn't find the answer to that question documented, so went to see the source code of Upgrade Advisor to find the authoritative answer I was aiming for, and this is what I found in there.

The interesting events to collect are SQL:StmtStarting, SQL:BatchCompleted, SQL:BatchStarting, SP:Starting, RPC:Starting, RPC:Completed, and SP:StmtStarting, and the only columns which are relevant to UA are DatabaseName, SPID, and TextData.

Thought it could be worth documenting so that others in search of this piece of information could benefit from it as well.

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