What’s special with the BULK provider when loading LOB character columns using OPENROWSET?

This is another problem I’ve been working on recently, whose resolution I felt could be interesting to share here. Let’s first reproduce the errors, before trying to explain anything. So, please, connect to your instance of SQL Server 2005 and run this: CREATE DATABASE TestDatabase GO USE TestDatabase GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TestTable] ([TestColumn] nvarchar(max) NULL)…


SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 failing to install due to an error in Do_sqlGroupMember custom action

One colleague reported to me that one of his customers was getting the following error message when trying to install SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2: Func Name=’RestoreSetupParams’> Failed to find installation media path due to datastore exception in FindSetupFolder() MSI (s) (C0!C0) [12:50:39:060]: Note: 1: 2203 2: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Setup\SqlRun.msi 3: -2147287038 Loaded DLL: C:\Program Files\Microsoft…


Is there any way you can execute an SSIS package whose TransactionOption property is set to Required, without having the MSDTC service running?

That was the question one develepment consultant asked me. My initial answer, was what I typically answer when I’m asked any of these questions: “I dunno, but let me check it for you.” 🙂 After reviewing the source code of SSIS runtime in SQL Server 2005, the answer is: “No, it isn’t possible.” Even in…


Msg 1013: The object "%s" and "%s" in the FROM clause have the same exposed names. Use correlation names to distinguish them.

Have you ever experienced this error in SQL Server 2005 and under the same circumstances, but using SQL Server 2000 instead, you never “suffered” this problem? This issue was recently raised to my attention. And its resolution I found it of general interest, so I’ve just decided to publicly explain it in this forum. I’ll…


Why my SQL Server performance counters are showing zeroes when current values are higher?

A colleague reported to me what she considered a weird behavior, she was experiencing while trying to monitor her SQL Server 2005 instances’ performance counters. Her main concern was this: Why do my SQL Server 2005 counters do not report actual values, if I have started PerfMon and added some counters while SQL wasn’t running,…


SQL Server Import and Export Wizard blowing up due to an unexpected error

  Somebody was trying to run the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard (DTSWizard.exe) in one of his machines, but when he clicked Next on the first (welcome) dialog, it showed the following error:     =================================== This wizard will close because it encountered the following error: (Microsoft SQL Server) —————————— For help, click: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ProdName=Microsoft+SQL+Server&ProdVer=9.00.3042.00&EvtSrc=Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.WizardFrameworkErrorSR&EvtID=UncaughtException&LinkId=20476…


Be careful with using RegEx on x64 bit boxes

I have been working on a case where a customer reported that, once he plugged in his custom assembly which implemented a set of SqlFunctions and he invoked those functions from T-SQL, SQL Server started eagerly eating all memory and performance dropped significantly. We collected perfmon memory counters and the output from DBCC MEMORYSTATUS which…


Would you like to be part of what is coming next with Connect?

Then go and participate in the Connect Beta program. Be among the pioneers to discover and enjoy this new release, featuring many improvements and new experiences which have been build out based on your inestimable feedback.   Thanks in advance for participating!


SQL Server Agent failing to start because "The EventLog service has not been started" (Second Part)

First part of this post is available at SQL Server Agent failing to start because "The EventLog service has not been started". I’ve just confirmed an improvement has been already checked-in into SQL Server 2008’s code which keeps up calling EnumServiceStatus when it returns FALSE and GLE returns ERROR_MORE_DATA. It retries up to 10 times…


Raw device support and trying to move the data files of a database to a local disk in failover clustered environments

Even though the documentation doesn’t explicitly explain the existence of this limitation, a failover clustered instance of SQL Server (whether it is 2000 or 2005) doesn’t support loading data or log files of any database from disks other than those which are part of the SQL Server cluster group and which have a dependency on…