Disabling User Account Control in Windows 8

Disabling User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 8

With the new User Interface of Windows 8, accessing simple panels and doing easy tasks can be a pain. This blog post is for one such simple task, which has changed from the previous versions.


User Account Control (UAC) is a security component that enables users to perform common tasks as non-administrators (called standard users in Windows Vista), and as administrators without having to switch users, log off, or use Run As. But sometimes it becomes a hassle to keep waiting for the prompt at times for an elevation of the user rights to be able to proceed ahead.


Some companies go ahead and manage these by disabling it. Doing this in Windows 7 was simple enough. Go to Run, or the Start Menu and start searching for “Change User Account Settings”. In Windows 8 as well, the idea is the same, which takes just 2 simple steps:


1. Go to the Search Charm and type “Change User Account Settings”:



2. In the console, change the settings as per your requirement. If you want to disable it, you can keep it at “Never notify”:



Hit OK and you are OK to go.


You can even change the following registry key to disable UAC:

Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

Key: EbableLUA

Value data: 0


Hope this helps. Until next time about a new feature of Windows 8.


Happy reading!

Comments (49)

  1. this setting NO longer DISABLES UAC. UAC is STILL activated. To completely disable UAC you have to change the values in the registry. This was done becasue Metro apps on work with UAC being enabled.

  2. Yash Tolia says:

    Hi Andre,

    Thanks for the input. I was able to update this using the GUI as well. But if you came across that says it otherwise, please let me know about it.

    Also, as you have mentioned the Registry changes, editing that into the blog as well.



  3. no, the GUI doesn't change it. I told you why ๐Ÿ˜‰ Metro apps don't work with UAC off. Put the slider to the button and run a normal desktop app. Now run ProcExp and look at the tokens you see that the apps stil has medium IL with filtered token and no full admin token. So UAC is still working …

  4. Yash Tolia says:

    That is great information Andre. Thanks

  5. Chad Allard says:

    I can confirm that the GUI does not disable the UAC entirely, and that for many programs you will still need to click "run as administrator". There apparently is a way to disable it through a different GUI dialog, but I can't seem to find it… with that said, the registry is the best option.

  6. Windows8StoreAppsFail says:

    UAC is such garbage to any power user. Something as simple as copying a file over to the system drive from a network drive becomes IMPOSSIBLE because Windows thinks the mounted drive directory doesn't exist!

  7. @Windows8StoreAppsFail says:

    no, Powerusers love to work with limited rights only trolls argue like you.

    Enable the setting "EnableLinkedConnections" and your issue is gone ๐Ÿ˜›


  8. Mike Crowley says:

    You spelled "enable" wrong in your registry example.  EbableLUA should be EnableLUA.

  9. Andrew says:

    Actually power users do prefer to keep UAC disabled. It becomes nothing but a headache when trying to troubleshoot various hardware/software issues. Only end user/client computers should have UAC disabled.

    Sys Admins along with Microsoft encourage disabling UAC in various scenarios.

  10. James says:

    Windows 8 automatically move my .ktt file (keytext file) from C:Progam FilesKeytext – the folde where Keytex is installed – to ..MyNameAppDataLocalVirtualStore. When keytex start, it cannot found keytext.ktt files with all my keys!! Windows 8, another s..t!

    Now I will try disabling UAC  on registry key.


  11. Carmen says:

    Windows 8 metro apps not opening

    Metro apps not working even though UAC is enabled. I've even checked in  registry and is set on 1 (enable)  I tried to set it on disable (registry 0) and then enable again and still metro apps not working. Anyone? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  12. Carmen says:

    Problem solved, first time I shut down computer and metro apps didn't work …then I tried restarting and voila…metro apps works ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. lol says:

    Did you try turning it off and on again???

  14. I  made the same changes (EnableLUA=0) then re-boot, I get all the rights but I cannot run metro apps.

    For info, when I have EnableLUA=1, I was not abel to move down the UAC slide (Ok button was inactive).

    So, that still seems a bit boring. We have to use the Admin account to work normally and use another account to run metro apps.

  15. Dan says:

    Ok so hi, I am not techy at all so please refrain from taunts after reading the following.

    Basically, I want to install java and Skype. But every time I get this message about it "making changes to my computer" I click yes and absolutely nothing happens. I cant download anything. This is absolutely ridiculous and if anyone can help me asap will be much appreciated

  16. Vivi says:

    Hello to everybody, found this page as I was trying to find a solution because recently I bought a laptop thas uses windows 8 but everytime I open it/start, it appears to do "control/check/calibration of parameters posibilities of windows" something like that, don't know how to translate the message because it comes to me in greek. The point is that the whole "checking" takes about 20minutes as it goes gradualy from 1% to 100% when I finally can use the computer but it is very frustrating as each time I need to wait long before I can use it. Do you thing is this the same problem as the one you discribe? Can I fix this in the same way? Any advice will be much appreciated.

  17. Ruth says:

    Can you tell me how you disable the uac using a registry?

    As someone has said changing the uac setting to do not notify does not work (in security setings it shows the uac is still on).

    I am trying to install my mobile broadband but the uac won't let me and the instructions it gives to turn it off don't work on the last point so its no use to me!

    Please help as I am dying without internet! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Ian says:

    You need to run secpol.msc -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options ->

    User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode -> Disabled.

    To turn off UAC completely. Upon doing this it will prompt you to reboot your computer to turn off UAC.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks it works simly lower down the leveler..to last..

  20. TP says:

    What kind of idiot actually likes this UAC garbage?

  21. Wired Nerve says:

    While UAC can be a pain at times, as a developer I have to be sure and develop with it in mind and ensure our QA department test for such restrictions.  While as a developer I would love to disable it all together I really need to make sure I am not violating any of its restrictions while developing a desktop application or Desktop javascript programs (MVVM).  The programs I use for development… I simple ensure their Advanced Properties are set to run as Admin., but I still have to test as a regular user.  A quick way to change the settings for your task bar programs is to go to the folder they reside in and right click each program you want to run as ADMIN and set its properties to run as Admin…  Or create a shortcut on the desktop – change it to run as admin and then move it to the taskbar or start menu.

    Folder location:(Windows 7 and 8 )

    C:UsersYourUserAccountNameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick LaunchUser PinnedTaskBar

  22. andreal says:

    "Never notify" doesn't disable UAC in Windows 8:


  23. Sam says:

    Metro apps are a waste of time. Make this setting change in all your builds.

  24. Dave says:

    5 days ago I picked up a new Lenovo laptop. It's running Windows 8.1 .For the last 4 days I've been trying to get Auto-CAD and my USB Modem to install. It downloaded the setup.exe, but every time I run it, I get this Permission Error that reads Access denied:'C:\VTRoot\Harddisk Volume 5\user\appData\local\** When I Googled it, I found that it's been put into the programing. Microsoft gives you a fix, but you have to pay for it through places like PC DOC. I, for one, am not happy with this new operating system. The only things that I seem to be able to install on this thing are what ever is in the Microsoft Store, nothing, and I mean nothing, else will install, even after shutting off all Antivirus programs and turning off firewalls. I'm about ready to wipe the OS and put on Windows 7.

  25. Fazilio says:

    I have a software installed on my windows 8.1 64 bit sony vaio laptop. But then I try to connect using my Twitter account I'm getting the following error message:

    Error During Login: Access to the path

    'C:UsersFazilioAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.IE5' is


    Anyone know I can solve this problem?

    Many Thanks

  26. Cynthia says:

    I use GoToMeeting with remote clients and need to take control of their keyboard and mouse. I was always able to do this with W7, by setting "Never Notify" up in the account settings. I dod so with a new client with W8 and it didn't work. I can use the keyboard and mouse on all Windows things, but when I attempt to use them in a particular – non Windows software, they stop working (yes, rebooted, but still no luck). Anyone have any experience with this?

    Thanks –

  27. D says:

    Is there a way to allow a standard user account to authorize a UAC breach instead of the administrator?

  28. eudardo says:

    pues nose aun ya que hasta ahora no lo puedo instalar

  29. matt says:

    Check with whoever made your computer to start with if you upgraded from win 7 to win 8 or 8.1.  Dell, HP whoever like to add a admin account and hide it.  Then when you upgrade if you didnt go through your computer maker it will not play right.

    Additional info to help can be found at


  30. sarrah says:

    i got a new laptop dell with windows 8.

    need to install autocad and max.

    system requirements say only 2014 version can be installed.

    after installation is complete it keeps giving error that installation complete. some products failed to install. and i again i keep trying. what should i do please urgent help needed!

  31. Paul says:

    This is being made far too complicated

    When the UAC prompt appears, click on "Change when this message appears"

    this brings up the classic UAC dialog, turn down to zero and restart

  32. Pablo says:

    This process just turns off the notifications … it doesn't stop windows from interrupting software updates etc … system and security>admin tools > local security policy – security options …UAC ….. click to disable …but switch it back when you've done whatever you need to

  33. dima says:

    I have windows surface 8.1 ,is there any way to download inventor auto desk on my tablet?

  34. Bud says:

    why would we want to do this? its a security problem if you disable UAC. Its there to prevent apps from installing themselves as adminstrator without your knowledge.  Namely malware spyware and viruses.  Usually it is only required once to give permission via the UAC elevation dialog, then after that the installer will continue normally.  Am I mistaken here?  Would having UAC ENABLED cause installation problems or installer to fail?  I have been having problems installation AutoCAD INVENTOR Professional Education edition.  I have UAC enabled still on my PC.

  35. Paul T says:

    I use special professional software. Updates will not install on my laptop running W8Pro because of the UAC issue. The company is working on re-writing to get around this, but I need it working now! So UAC has to go.

  36. America Espinoza says:

    what if I want to turn the user account on?

  37. Me says:

    Umm what if I am trying to turn it on and its not working? and its not working when I try to turn it off either.. in fact it wont even bring it up….

  38. Alfredo says:

    This windows 8 will kill me, I got it.

    Just get  into regedit and change the exagesimal 0 per decimal 0.

    thats all

  39. aloha says:

    tried last post(alfredo)08/13/14-get messages that says cannot edit EnableLUA-error writing the value's content

  40. cherry says:

    Yep disabling UAC doesn't do anything. Changing the registry key to 0 works. Had trouble trying to find it. Win + r for the run prompt box.

  41. Shawn Zernik says:

    The following are the different options for disabling UAC:


  42. W8r says:

    Bud –

    The only reason I needed to disable UAC is that some software I use requires elevated privileges. So, I can run as admin, which lets me at least run it, but then there are other problems like windows explorer running NOT elevated, so I can't drag files from explorer into the program. This might not seem like a big deal, but having to navigate through the file menu would be a nightmare for the work I do, so I need to be able to drag/drop files from explorer.

  43. Fergus McInerny says:

    Metro blows. Microsoft needs to stop cramming garbage like Metro down our throats and concentrate on making us happy!

  44. bharath says:

    i totally confused acutely I restored my PC n apps r not opening wat should I doo

  45. tlmills says:

    PLEASE HELP.  I have turned off UAC and restarted several times – it is still on.  I am trying to install a program that I use to transcribe court hearings, etc. and it keeps telling me to turn off the UAC.  I have a project starting Wednesday and need this program installed before then.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  I am not that computer literate so please use laymen's terms.  Thanks again.

  46. R.J. says:

    windows 8 is a disaster (i could describe how exactly — would be an unnecessary waste of web space & why the obvious should be especially prompted) ((as this is a msdn v. of how to switch off UAC – then now i'm shure to move to another OS . . . nice post btw. XD))

  47. m.$. says:

    All of you who are not happy with M$, use Linux!

    Try Fedora, Mandriva, heck even Ubuntu gives better results than Micro$hit.

    There is only one way to receive a better Windows: stop using it !

  48. RB says:

    This doesn't work because the UAC comes up and the YES option is disabled.  Any other suggestions?

  49. Clarance Javed says:

    I am using windows 10 for 6 to 8 months now the problem occurs here, my desktop doesn't show icons.

    Kindly suggest!

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