capture your handwriting signature and finger prints

how many authentication IDs can we provide to systems now:

1- UserNames/Passwords

2- Signatures

3- Finger Prints

4- Cards Space cards

5- certificates

there is an initiative worldwide to standardize security mechanisms. users are afraid of buying anything through internet. and as the worldwide analysis says: if hackers keep growing with the current rate no one will use the internet in 5 years. and here comes the identity metabase framework which i will talk about it later in another post. it is an initiative from almost all software vendors. either all of them collaborate (but not unify) or none of them have a future. this initiative has three roles in which card space is one of them.

forget about card space now.

can i represent my identity in a non immutable way ? yes finger prints.

here is one of the solutions : . it is an epad where you can have handwriting signature captured automatically in supported applications like word, excel , adobe, etc...

or you can use their activex control to get binaries (from signature or fingerprints) where you save it anywhere like in DB. the SDK has full sample apps.

i wonder if it works with infopath forms . in this case we can have signed forms by hand.

and even more we can digitally sign the handwriting signature. so we can get best of both worlds. a digitally signed handwriting signature. at the end all translate to a large peice of binary data.

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  1. Joe Bradshaw says:

    I’m trying to use their stupid SDK right now and it’s really frustrating.  I want to save out my the signature to a file.  All I have access to is some insanely long BSTR.  I’m creating my own activex now so that I can have the simple and useful interface that they don’t give you out of the box.  Topaz Systems is way easier to use and also has a fingerprint device.  I’ve had a horrible, horrible experience with Interlink Electronics and their infernal ePadInk.  Their tech support is lame and mostly on vacation.  I called up Topaz and within an hour or so I have the 5 or 10 lines of code I need to get their stuff to work.  The software that Interlink sends you relies on VB6.  It’s 2008 now so this is almost 10 year old software.

    Surviving by Chewing Off My Arm,


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