Configuring FBA might generates "Unknown Error"

After configuring FBA for an extranet site. I always get “Unknownerror” when I try to sing in. the steps followed are described here :     solution : 1-    check for the application poolidentity that host the extranet site. 2-    Goto SQL Server to your FBAdatabase created 3-    Give put the app pool identityaccount in dbo role….


Microsoft Enterprise Search Server 2008

Search doesn’t have to be complicated. You can deliverSearch to your organization quickly and easily with Microsoft Search Server2008 smime.p7s

Guidance Explorer

Microsoft Patterns and Practices team has built a tool to check your system against coding best practices. The tool can be used when : 1-    designing systems 2-    tuning performance 3-    THREAT analysis 4-    Health check 5-    Guidance and How Tos


Offline SharePoint Client

I don’t commercialize for Partner solutions , but thissoftware directly address a lot of requirements that we challenge today formobile users. for remote/satellite resources that work offline , there wasalways a requirement to work on SharePoint offline. Now with these types ofoffline SharePoint clients like the above link, this requirement is achieved. another scenario…


pdf IFilter for windows 64 bit

Released (not by Microsoft or Adobe J , yes none of them) by FoxIt. It supports x64 only . they are developing a new one forIA64 . I am running Vita 64 bit, and I was really waiting for thatrelease . now I can index a whole new set of articles and documents


Last .NET Show

This is the Last .NET show L The show will end with Silverlight episode .


Host your WF inside BizTalk

I am very excited to see the next step of process modelingsystems. It is just a middle step till we get the next version of BizTalk wherewe will have Orchestrations built directly on top of WF. This is a video for how + Requirements to host your WF in BizTalk: And this is the…


How To Trim the extra data that CCF2.6 injects into the query string

        1- Writing a web adapter public override bool DoAction(Microsoft.Ccf.Csr.HostedWebApplication.WebAction action,ref string data) {   data = System.Web.HttpUtility.UrlEncode(data);   return base.DoAction (action, ref data); } 2- In the agent desktop config file : <addkey=”EmptyParamData” value=”true” /> If you want to know all the parameters of the Agent Desktop please have a look on app.config.localfor example

Transactional registry and Transactional NTFS

Yes we have TXs over file system and Registry starting windowsvista.  This is all doable now . thanks for Kernel TransactionManager I can now save images or log files on NTFS and put it in thesame TX with saving data in DB. The excellent part is , until the TX iscommitted the windows explorer cannot…

Transactions and SOA

There are 2 types of TXs (and they are not atomic and longrunning) 1-     Within my borders 2-     Across borders 1-    Within my borders means that simply I have control overall the resources and parties that take place in this TX. It is within myborders so I should be able to control it, but again THIS…