IronPython 1.0 beta 1 is out

I'm at least the third blogger to announce the release of IronPython 1.0 beta 1 after Martin LaMonica and Jeremy Jones.  Still, it's nice to be working on a piece of software that can be covered on onlamp, cnet and msdn.  The original announcement was sent just before the end of 2005.

This release marks a major milestone in that we think we have workable answers to all the major design issues for a 1.0 final.  Of course, we suspect that you'll have suggestions and issues we didn't anticipate, so we expect to see these "final" decisions change as we get feedback on the beta releases.  Since IronPython ships every 2-3 weeks, the differences between beta 1 and the last 0.9.x release aren't huge.  However, we did close on some fairly major design issues to finally reach 1.0beta.

  • We have a good solution for referencing .NET/CLI libraries and no longer modify the standard sys module
  • There's a new exception system for better Python compatibility and better .NET/CLI interoperability
  • We now take full advantage of the new DynamicMethods added in .NET 2.0 to dramatically improve exec and eval
  • We've made major strides in Python compatibility running a huge set of the standard regression test suite and no longer exposing any .NET/CLI methods to "pure Python" code that never references the CLI.

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