Cannot read configuration file because it exceeds the maximum file size (web.config)

I recently came across an interesting case, where the customer was in the process of migrating their content over to a new build of IIS 7.5. All was going well till they hit an issue when migrating their 1MB web.config file, where they received an error “cannot read configuration file because it exceeds the maximum…


Shared Session State in a IIS6 and IIS7 Web Farm

It is not an uncommon scenario to have a web farm of servers sitting behind a load balancer. In fact that is the only way you can achieve high availability so it is recommended.One issue that arises when this setup is used is when the user session needs to be persisted across all the servers. …


Using Web Farm Framework behind a Proxy

We have seen quite a few instances where users are setting up a web farm using Web Farm Framework (WFF) behind a proxy. As WFF relies on getting the products from the internet through Web Platform Installer, and provisioning will fail if it can’t reach the outside world, so your proxy settings need to be passed…


Configure IIS FTP User Isolation using an IIS Managed User Account

FTP 7.5 has a feature that allows you to create a managed user account without requiring you to add a domain user. This user can be used as part of FTP access and also allow user isolation among directories.The purpose of this blog is to show you the steps of how to achieve this with…


How to digitally sign a strong named assembly

The following blog post demonstrates how to use a self-signed digital certificate to sign a strong named assembly. Strong names guarantee name uniqueness by relying on unique keypairs. No one can generate the same assembly name that you can, because anassembly generated with one private key has a different name than an assemblygenerated with another…


FTP service gets deleted on server restart

If a registry DWORD “DeleteFlag” is set to 00000001 for the FTP service (or any service ) on IIS6 server at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MSFtpsvc] the service will be deleted on server restart. While this may be by design in cases when the service is uninstalled, but in such cases the service node has to be deleted from registry….


Issues when using delegation with client certificate mapping on IIS 7.0

Recently I came across an issue that I would like to share with everyone. We had a .net 3.5 web service hosted on IIS 7.0. We have configured it to accept a client certificate with a 1-to-1 mapping to a domain account. When presented with the cert the service appears to run as the account…


Troubleshooting client certificate authentication when calling web service from web application

Recently I came across issues where client certificate authentication was failing when calling a web service from web application.  Worked through the steps mentioned in the following articles but couldn’t identify the cause of issue.  How to call a Web service by using a client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application …


Sample Application for ASP Uploads

I thought it might be useful to post a modified sample application that allows a user to test their asp uploads. It also feedbacks to the user if the “AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed” property value is insufficient for the file upload needs. You may want to modify the file upload location to suit your needs. The default location…


Changes in WinHttp on Windows 7 and onwards wrto HTTP/1.0

I was working on an issue where an exe built based on connects to a site hosted on Linux server. It uses NTLM authentication to authenticate against the squid proxy and gets 407 Proxy authentication failed method. The exe runs on XP and vista systems but gives this issue on Win 7 systems. The same…