Software as a Service(SaaS) is a trend

Software as a Service(SaaS) is getting popular in Software industry.Who will have an initiative of SaaS? is providing on-demand customer relationship management.KT provides on-demand ERP service in Korea.Hosting company, or ISV can drive SaaS, too.Let’s assume that an ISV has a fabulous CRM solution.How do they deliver on-demand CRM solution to their customers?Absolutely, they need a platform to…


What is Windows Live?

Windows Live base sets are totally 18. Most interesting services are Live Search, Office Live, Windows Live ID.1. Live Search? Updated version of MSN Search2. Office Live? Office Live has nothing to do with pushing Microsoft Office productivity suite     to the Web. Allow users to host their own domain using Microsoft’s hosting servers and     …


Windows Based Hosting Fail-Over implementation

>> The question is, “WBH solution guarantees Fail-Over implementation?”Of course, under the condition that they configure two web servers, two DB servers. Example)There are SQL01, SQL01_Failover, WEB01, WEB01_Failover servers in shared hosting environment. (active – active) If WEB01 server fails, WEB01_Failover server provides the service. (It could occurs performance issue, but there is no service…


Good site about .NET Framework 3.0

Here’s an update on the .NET FX 3.0 community site (which includes WPF). As you can see, there’s even more content on the WPF site – many more cool code samples and decks. Also new is the Windows CardSpace (“Infocard”) sandbox. You can find many things about .NET Framework 3.0