Windows Azure Sessions auf der TechEd North America 2012 zum Download

Die TechEd North America ist nun schon eine Woche vorbei, und ich möchte die Gelegenheit nutzen, die Azure-Sessions, die dort gehalten wurden, und die mittlerweile auf Channel 9 verfügbar sind, hier mal tabellarisch aufzulisten. Alle Sessions sind sowohl im Live Streaming als auch on-demand zum Download verfügbar.

Viel Spaß beim Schauen!

ID Titel Sprecher Level
AZR201 Windows Azure IaaS and How It Works Corey Sanders 200
AZR202 An Overview of Managing Applications, Services, and Virtual Machines in Windows Azure Karandeep Anand 200
AZR203 Business Continuity in the Windows Azure Cloud Yousef Khalidi 200
AZR204 Hybrid Will Rule: Options to Connect, Extend and Integrate Applications in Your Data Center and... Yousef Khalidi 200
AZR205 App Deployment Options for Windows Azure Vishal Joshi 200
AZR206 Making Crazy Money with Games and the Cloud Brian Prince 200
AZR207 Application Integration Futures: The Road Map and What's Next on Windows Azure Balasubramanian Sriram, Javed Sikander 200
AZR208 Cloud-Ready Data Services Quentin Clark 200
AZR209 Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks Mark Russinovich 200
AZR210 Web Sites on Windows Azure Bill Staples 200
AZR211 Building Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk On-Premises and on Windows Azure Javed Sikander, Rajesh Ramamirtham (Ramabathiran) 200
AZR301 Windows Azure Insights for the Enterprise IT Pro John Craddock 300
AZR302 Windows Azure Internals Mark Russinovich 300
AZR303 Developing High Performing Parallel Application Services on Windows Azure Wenming Ye 300
AZR304 Overview of Windows Azure Networking Features Ganesh Srinivasan 300
AZR305 Windows Azure Web Sites: Under the Hood Yochay Kiriaty, Craig Kitterman 300
AZR306 Windows Azure Storage: How It Works, Best Practices, and Future Directions Jai Haridas 300
AZR307 Linux on Windows Azure IaaS with Partner Demos Tad Brockway 300
AZR308 Overview and Roadmap of Windows Azure Service Bus Clemens Vasters 300
AZR309 Windows Azure Caching: New Capabilities in the Next Release Shyam Seshadri 300
AZR310 Building Connected Windows 8 Apps with Windows Azure Nick Harris 300
AZR312 How to Move and Enhance Existing Apps for Windows Azure Tom Fuller, Greg Varveris, Purush Vankireddy 300
AZR313 Deep Dive into Windows Azure Virtual Machines: From the Cloud Vendor and Enterprise Perspective Vijay Rajagopalan 300
AZR314 Migrating Applications to Windows Azure Virtual Machines Michael Washam, Corey Sanders 300
AZR315 Mobile + Cloud: Building Mobile Applications with Windows Azure Wade Wegner 300
AZR316 Deep Dive: Extending Enterprise Networks to Windows Azure - Project "Brooklyn" Ganesh Srinivasan 300
AZR317 Achieving Enterprise Integration Patterns with Windows Azure Service Bus Clemens Vasters, Abhishek Lal 300
AZR318 Building Software-as-a-Service Solutions on Windows Azure Steve Marx 300
AZR319 Monitoring and Managing Your Windows Azure Applications and Services Shankarnarayan Chandrika 300
AZR320 Operating and Optimizing Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications in Windows Azure: An IT Pro Perspective Rainer Stropek 300
AZR321 Building, Running, and Managing Workflows on Windows Azure Jürgen Willis 300
AZR322 Preparing to Support Enterprise Applications on Windows Azure Eric Mattingly 300
AZR323 Experiences Running OSS Applications at Scale from Real-Life Customer Deployments Zoiner Tejada,Rama Ramani 300
AZR325 Learn Big Data Application Development on Windows Azure Wenming Ye 300
AZR326 Node.js and Windows Azure Nathan Totten 300
AZR327 Deploying SharePoint Farms on Windows Azure Virtual Machines Paul Stubbs 300
FND05 Scott Guthrie: Windows Azure Today and Tomorrow Scott Guthrie 200
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